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RUSH: Now, my friends, I’m gonna tell you: I love what’s happening to the Democrat Party right now. I love all of the chaos. I love all of the panic. I love all of the fear that they’re blowing it. Don’t misunderstand. I’m the guy that realizes anything can happen. You can’t make a prediction 18 months from now based on things happening today. Anything can happen to turn this around. But, as we sit here today, this is just too much fun to ignore.

It’s just too much fun to point out. And the reason is that for 2-1/2 years or longer we’ve had to sit here essentially playing defense while a coalition of the Democrats and the Washington establishment and the media (which is all the same thing) has tried to run Donald Trump out of office with a very superiorist attitude. They are better people than we are. They are smarter and all of this. Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to have won, and so he shouldn’t — and they think they had the authority and power to overturn the election results.

They gave it everything they’ve got. It has blown up in their face. I’ve even got a story in The Stack today, somebody writing about the dismal failure of Robert Mueller, how he has blown his lifelong reputation. Everything is crashing down on these people. Right now. It may change, but I’m gonna have fun with it while it happens. Now, let me give you a flavor of what I’m talking about. I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story by Alexander Bolton in The Hill:

“Democrats Express Alarm Over Debate’s Negative Tone.” What they are really upset about is Tulsi Gabbard going after Kamala, but it extends beyond that, and there are Democrats across the spectrum who are starting to realize just how bad it looks, these debates and these candidates. Now, this story says, “Democratic lawmakers were left shaken and worried by Wednesday night’s bruising presidential debate, which left some fearing the fight will hurt the party and result in a damaged nominee.

“Senate Democrats are frustrated that candidates are spending too much time and effort attacking each other for relatively small policy differences…” They’re going after Obama because they have go after Biden. They are eating themselves. It’s a circular firing squad. These are supposedly the smartest people in the world and it’s wonderful to watch, and now these media people… Again, this is another bit of conventional wisdom that isn’t true!

Every primary features a party with multiple candidates shooting at each other. What do you think happened in 2016? I’ll bet you somebody wrote a story back then that the Republican primary is going to produce such a damaged nominee that the party will have very little chance of prevailing in November. They say this every primary season, and it’s hokum! What happens during the primaries ends, it gets set aside, and traditionally everybody unifies behind the nominee, and all this stuff is forgotten.

Which is why we spend time on it now because it’s so much fun. But the Democrats are strangers to this. They have been unified for three years in what they thought was universal disgust and hatred for Trump, and so they thought their primaries were gonna be nirvana. Can you imagine 20 people ripping Donald Trump to shreds every night? They couldn’t wait for these debates. Remember?

They were thrilled; they were excited; they couldn’t wait; they were selling the popcorn. This was gonna be an anti-Trump fest like we’ve never seen. They’re gonna be able to add on the Mueller report to it, they’re gonna be talk about Trump colluding — and now look what’s really happened. They’re tearing themselves apart. They’ve got nominees saying, “It’s too late on climate change” destroying all fundraising on it, by the way. “It’s too late. We gotta move our people to higher ground!”

We got Tulsi Gabbard destroying Kamala Harris and her whole reason for running, that she’s a brilliant prosecutor that knows how to put Trump in jail. We’ve got lunatics like Bill de Blasio and some of these other people that don’t stand a prayer of getting the nomination, yet they are being allowed to define this party as radically insane and extreme — and there’s no stopping it. This is the last thing they thought was gonna happen.

They thought it was gonna be one of the biggest unifying anti-Trump periods in the campaign, establishing again that they have no control over what is happening here. Yet these are the same people that want to control the economy. They can’t control the degradation of their own cities. They can’t control the hygiene, the cleanliness, the economic health of their own cities — and yet they’re out there making the case that you have no business running your life.

They need to, because you can’t be trusted to do the right things with your life. So Democrat “lawmakers were left shaken and worried by Wednesday night’s bruising presidential debate,” because they thought it was gonna be an anti-Trump festival. “Senator Chris Murphy (Democrat-Connecticut) blamed the debate moderators for much of the negativity. ‘I think these debates are really silly. Just the incessant focus on these relative minor divisions between candidates might make for good TV but I don’t think gives people an accurate portrayal of…'”

Hey! The Democrats agreed to this. The Democrats agreed to these rules where every one of their bumbling candidates only gets one minute. They agreed to rules which allows a moderator that thinks a jet flew through a black hole to interrogate them, and then tell them when their time’s up. The Democrats agreed to this. They agreed to the moderators. They agreed to the format. They made it happen so that you need two debates to get every candidate on stage ’cause you can’t do it all in one night.

The Democrats made this bed. But I love the Democrats blaming the media. I mean… Pfft! The Democrats have no idea what an adversarial media is. The Democrats have no idea what it is to have to have the media as an opponent in addition to your electoral opponent. The Democrats are used to a groveling, smarmy, sniveling, sycophantic bunch of accomplices helping smooth the waters and overcome their mistakes.

Now the media, because the rules they agreed to, is highlighting the incompetence, the lack of intelligence, the unpreparedness and the lack of qualifications for 95% of the people seeking the office. Try this story… Oh! Oh! Let me tell you where it’s leading, how bad it’s gotten — and this is just one story. I’ve got other stories here about the panic. “The Forehead,” Paul Begala, is in panic over what he’s seeing.

Rahm Emanuel is in panic over what he’s seeing. They’re all in panic over Tulsi Gabbard because they think she’s a Russian plant! I ain’t lying. I’m not making it up. They think that she is colluding with Russia like Trump still is and that she is actually angling for becoming a third-party candidate to split the Democrat vote. This is what they’re telling themselves.

So now I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers the latest column from David Brooks. David Brooks is the “conservative,” quote-unquote, columnist in the New York Times. David Brooks says that Marianne Williamson knows how to beat Trump. Never Trumper David Brooks! There’s a link on Drudge: Should Democrats Maybe “Take Marianne Williamson Seriously?”

Now, folks (chuckles), if you’ve got that idiot Michael Moore running around begging Michelle Obama to get in the race — and, by the way, she’s telling him to go pound sand. She doesn’t want any part of it. She doesn’t want to give up her lavish lifestyle. She doesn’t want to be part of this. (That’s what she says now.) So now they’re turning on Marianne Williamson.

They’ve got 20 people running for the presidency, one of them is a former vice president, a bunch of governors, some senators, and they’re now telling each other that Marianne Williamson holds the key? How bad must it be?

And when David Brooks chimes in (imitating Brooks), “If only, if only Donald Trump were not president, we could have an interesting debate over whether private health insurance should be illegal. If only Trump were not president, we could have an interesting debate over who was softest on crime in the 1990s. If only Trump were not president, we could have a nice argument about the pros and cons of NAFTA.”

This is delusional. If only Trump weren’t president we could have an interesting debate over private health insurance? What’s Trump got to do with it? The Democrats are proposing getting rid of that! What is happening to people? It’s the Democrat Party, as a party, that wants to get rid of private health insurance, health insurance provided by your employer.

Do you know how many Americans get insurance through their employer? Like 140 million, 160 million. The Democrat Party wants to wipe that out, replace it with Medicare for All, paid for by the middle class! People like their health care from their employer. That’s why so many people have it there. It’s something that’s evolved that people like. Democrats want to take it away.

Somehow now it’s Trump’s fault that we can’t have a debate about this? If only Trump were not president, we could have an interesting debate over who was softest on crime in the 19 — Trump is gumming up the works. Why is Trump gumming up the works? Why can’t we have a fair debate? We can’t have a fair debate because Trump doesn’t play by Washington’s rules. Trump calls out the liars. Trump points fingers at those genuinely, truly responsible.

The Washington way is to blame nobody and have a debate over nothing and make it sound like smart people are talking about it so that eminent, smart solutions are right around the corner. Trump gets in and upsets everything by simply refusing to do things the way Washington does them, which results in nothing getting done for the better!

And he goes on in his piece and eventually says that Marianne Williamson knows how to beat Trump. I’m telling you if it’s gotten to the point where Marianne Williamson is the only one who can beat Trump, as we sit here today, do you realize how much trouble these people are really in? And they know it.


RUSH: Hey, folks, guess what happened just a couple hours ago? This is kind of funny. Planned Parenthood… Planned Parenthood is not happy. They took to Twitter to scold CNN and the Democrats on the fact that abortion was not on the agenda during the Democrat Party debate Tuesday and Wednesday night. I wonder why! Why didn’t the Democrats bring that up, do you think? You know who did mention abortion?

Trump! Last night!

Of course the Democrats didn’t bring up abortion! Somebody had to tell ’em, “You will not advocate for abortion up to the moment of birth or after the baby’s born, not in this debate. Save it for a fundraiser, but don’t do it here.” The order had to go out. They know, folks. They know. That’s something they still want to camouflage! That’s something they still want to mask. But still! It’s more strife within the ranks of the Democrat Party.

Planned Parenthood is upset that abortion was not mentioned at the Democrat debate.

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