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RUSH: Last week, the Attorney General William Barr announced he would resume enforcing the death penalty at the federal level after 20 years of not doing so.

Now, naturally, the left wing is outraged because one of their core missions is to make sure the justice system doesn’t actually punish people who break the law.

So Newsweek ran an op-ed by Richard Sáenz of Lambda Legal fund — you know what that is? Don’t make me tell you. It was titled: “Bringing Back the Federal Death Penalty Will Hit LGBTQ and People of Color the Hardest.”

I bet some of you are shaking your heads. For years we’ve been warned that “minorities and women are hardest hit” by any Republican policy. But how will the LGBTQ crowd be hardest hit by the reinstated federal death penalty?

Well, I’m glad you asked because Mr. Sáenz cites a case in which a gay man was sentenced to death because the jury thought he’d get ”too much enjoyment” serving a life sentence in a men’s prison. This supposedly proves that anti-gay discrimination “pervades” America’s use of capital punishment.

Folks, we have to face the truth here head on. Today’s liberals, this is nuts, you’re probably asking yourself, “What did he just say?” and frankly I don’t know either. Just rely on the fact that it’s stupid!

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