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RUSH: So the economic numbers are in again today. You’ve heard about the 164,000 jobs added, the unemployment rate remains at 3.7%, but here’s what you may not have heard. The savings rate is up to 8.1%. You remember all of those times in the past where all of the pointy-headed intellectuals in Washington and related economists would wring their hands together and worry that we Americans were not saving enough.

And they would use this to indicate that the economy was really, really flat or stagnant or not producing enough disposable income for people to save, but basically it was used to attack the values of the American people, that we wanted everything and we wanted it now. We weren’t prepared to sock a little bit of it away and save. Now all of a sudden the savings rate is way up, and where are those same pointy-heads praising us? Why are they now not on TV and saying, “Good. You are good little people. Now you’re saving exactly like we’ve been telling you.”

You know why they’re not? Because you have the ability to save now, and that would mean crediting the economy, and that would mean crediting Trump. And so they’re not gonna go there. Saving rate up to 8.1% is phenomenal. And get this. Wages are up across the board to the point that Richard Trumka of the “AFL-CIO, United Bricklayers Association or We’ll Kneecap You Society” says the Democrats are in danger of losing the union vote.

It’s a bunch of reasons. The radical extremism, number one, but also who needs the Democrats working for you to get wages up when Trump’s economy is taking care of it? So Americans are enjoying plenty of jobs, higher wages, the opportunity to not only spend money, but to now save it, and the Democrats think they can win by painting a picture of misery and failure and dystopia all over America.

There are a lot of Democrats getting really, really concerned. These are Clinton-era Democrats, even some Obama-era Democrats are getting very, very worried over the language and the tone and the pictures being painted by Democrat presidential candidates.

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