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RUSH: On this program yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, your beloved host issued a prediction. The prediction was, quote, “You watch. Somebody’s gonna suggest Trump’s rallies not be allowed to happen anymore because that’s where all of this white supremacy is coming from. Never mind the fact that if you look at the manifesto of the shooter in Dayton, you find a total deranged leftist progressive.”

Even CNN is reporting this today, the derangement of this guy, and they’re not happy having to do it. This guy was in a “porno brand.” (interruption) You didn’t…? He’s just a total, total sicko, folks. The things that he believed have nothing to do with you and me. The things this guy believed and believes have nothing to do with conservatism or Donald Trump or you or me, and yet he’s been linked to Donald Trump anyway.

The prediction has come true because the headline from Breitbart: “Cory Booker Campaign Demands Trump Cancel All Campaign Rallies [Because They] ‘Inspire White Nationalist Attacks.'” So you might think that I’m clairvoyant. I’m not. I just know the left. I know who these people are and I know how they think. I know their strategies and their mechanisms and so forth, and they’re very, very easy to predict. “Two days before Cory Booker returns to New Hampshire, Donald Trump is planning to hold a rally in Manchester.” By the way, this is a statement from the Booker campaign I’m reading from.

“As we’ve seen repeatedly over the last few years, these rallies serve as a breeding ground for racism and bigotry that inspire white nationalist attacks like the one in El Paso on Saturday.” Notice there’s no mention of Dayton here. “They are despicable and have no place in New Hampshire, or anywhere in our country. That is why Trump must cancel this rally.” Now, my friends, I don’t know about you. I’m fed up with this white supremacy, white nationalist drivel. It doesn’t exist. It is completely made up.

I’ll tell you, I wish Trump had not even mentioned it yesterday in his speech because this was predicted too. Trump gave an excellent address in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House yesterday denouncing white supremacy. So what’s happening now? This… Do you know what this is akin to? This is akin to Comey going to the White House, telling Trump about the golden showers story in the Steele dossier simply for the purpose of being able to put that dossier in mainstream media.

So Comey tells Trump about the golden showers story, and then Comey tells Clapper. Clapper calls CNN. CNN runs with the story. BuzzFeed publishes the dossier. We’re off and running on a bunch of literal unverified, uncorroborated garbage as mainstream news. So Trump mentions white nationalism, and that’s the green flag to the media that starts the race. Every damn one of them now is talking about Trump as a white supremacist and saying, “He didn’t mean it! He’s just trying to cover up for his white supremacy.”

It was an excellent speech denouncing white supremacy. Now the Democrats are blasting him! The very same Democrats who demanded that Trump denouncing white supremacy are the ones now denouncing Trump for denouncing white supremacy. They’re now practically saying that Trump’s denunciation of white supremacy proves that he is a white supremacist! Any time they are asking for something, my instinct is deny them. Do not give them what they’re demanding, because their intentions are not honorable.

You think the Democrats care about solving this? They don’t care a whit! They’re fundraising off of this! They are attempting to manipulate and use this to advance their agenda. They don’t care about the true damage here! They just get the credit for it because they own the branding of compassionate. So when they sit out there and the media demands that Trump address white supremacy, I’m sure some advisers in the White House say, “You gotta mention it, Mr. President. You gotta mention it.”

I’ll bet you Trump’s instincts were not to, but he was overwhelmed by all the people in there. I’m guessing. I don’t know. I’m not in there. I haven’t talked to anybody. But I can also understand how these things happen. “You gotta do it Mr. President. You gotta denounce it. It’s killing us! It’s killing us out there! You gotta do it!” So Trump goes out there and does it. Bammo! “Trump said ‘white supremacist’!” It’s in the media. They’re off and running now.

“Trump doesn’t mean it. Trump is just saying it to cover up his white supremacy. You could tell he was insincere about it! It was nothing but BS.” I’ve read all of this in so-called coverage of Trump’s remarks, and what this proves is that the Democrats and the media only wanted Trump to condemn white supremacy so they can continue to talk about Trump’s racism and the rise of white supremacy, which is the latest media fantasy that we’re having to deal with here.

“White supremacy” has now replaced “racism,” folks, in the vernacular. White supremacy seems to be the left’s new word for racism because racism is pretty worn out now. When Cory Booker had to go out and say Trump is “worse than a racist,” well, guess what’s worse than a racist? White supremacist. Now we’re hearing about all these dark web internet sites where all of this white supremacy is. You couldn’t find it if you tried. It’s covered, it is so disguised, it’s so deep into various portals of the internet, you couldn’t find it if you wanted to.

It’s not prevalent. It is not defining. It is nowhere near a majority of thought in this country. And yet here comes the Drive-By Media now saying basically anybody who supports Trump and Trump himself, is a white supremacist, white nationalist. White supremacy also has the added advantage for the left of not being usable against anybody but white people! There aren’t gonna be any Hispanics who are white supremacists, are there? There aren’t gonna be any African-Americans who are white supremacists, are there?

So no, it’s a direct assault on the Democrat Party’s number one electoral opponent — white, working-class Americans — and that is what this means. Right on schedule, right on schedule, here comes Obama. Even Barack Hussein O has come out of hiding to blast Trump and to blame him and his rhetoric and his rallies for the recent mass shootings, which takes the cake. It’s chutzpah, because I don’t recall George W. Bush blasting Obama after Sandy Hook or after any of the 24 mass shootings that occurred while Obama was in the White House.

We had 24 mass shootings. We had all kinds of civil unrest in Ferguson. We had cops being gunned down under the name of Black Lives Matter, and there wasn’t anybody blaming Obama for this. Nobody had the guts to blame Obama! He was African-American. It would have been racist to blame him. Nobody did. Trump is. Trump is tweeting today, and John Kasich about lost his lunch on CNN complaining about Trump tweeting. It got so bad that the CNN infobabe had to tell Kasich to slow down; she had no idea what he was saying.

All Kasich was saying (impression), “There he goes! There he goes! My God, he’s tweeting again! Right after this great speech on white supremacy, he goes tweeting again!” As though the president tweeting is some kind of disqualifier, as though the president tweeting cancels the sincerity of what he ever said the day before or the hour before. So Trump points out that nobody ripped into Obama, and that’s considered beneath the presidency. “That’s typical Trump! That’s typical low-ball, scumbag-type behavior that Trump exhibits.

“It’s not necessary. It’s uncalled for. Trump needs to put together a unified, blue ribbon team in the White House to fix this.”


RUSH: Cookie grabbed me the John Kasich sound bite that I referenced on CNN. It was about, I don’t know, an hour ago, maybe a little less than that. The infobabe’s Kate Bolduan. She said, “You want to see the president go to Dayton? There’s so much mixed emotion, very, very vocal reaction of President Trump going to Dayton. Do you think there’s any help in Trump going to Dayton?”

KASICH: If he can go and try to be a healer and not (sputter) and just… You know what a lot of Republicans say to me? “I really like him if he would just shut up.” (snickers) So what he really needs to do is to go, if he’s there — and he is gonna go, and nobody’s gonna talk him out of it — go there and understand the depth of the sorrow. I gotta think he understands that and be a healer. But you can’t just now go back to the old way. You know, like this morning! He’s… he’s tweeting again saying, “Well, you know, why did George Bush not attack Obama after Sandy Hook?”


KASICH: Forget it! Knock it off! Just do your job!

RUSH: So we’re supposed to sit around and just let Obama rip Trump to shreds and he’s supposed to sit around and let it happen? This is not who Trump is. Trump is being normal. But these old Republican RINOs just want the old stand by to happen: They hit us and we take it, hoping it stops someday.


RUSH: We’re gonna go to Hubbard, Ohio. This is Bob who calling from the 13th Congressional District there. That’s Tim Ryan’s who’s running for the Democrat presidential nomination. How are you today, Bob? Great to have you here.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Mega dittos from Hubbard, Ohio. You’re right. Tim Ryan ran to Dayton and grandstanded in front of the camera. By the way, that’s the most dangerous place to be in Ohio: Between Tim Ryan and a camera. Anyway…

RUSH: (chuckling)

CALLER: That’s not even his congressional district, by the way. He suspended his presidential bid — of course, he’s 1% in the polls — to run to Dayton to grandstand and then he used all kinds of foul language yesterday on television directed at our president. I’m really tired of it. I’d like him to see… I’d like him to do something in my congressional district for the people that are paying him 00 $3,500 a week, I might add 00 to do that job. Really over the top. He really is., and I can’t understand. For 16-years plus he’s been in that seat and has done nothing in this district! He certainly no Jim Traficant. I’ll tell you what it happened. Traficant brought all kinds of money back to my district. This guy hasn’t brought back nickel one!

RUSH: Well, you know, these people… You mentioned the foul language. These people are obsessed over the top with Trump. Their hatred for Trump is boundless. And Trump’s a white guy. I think they’re white racists. I think they hate white people. You listen to these Democrats, and the scourge of this country is white people, is it not? And Tim Ryan’s joined that fracas. The scourge of this country… You know, Democrats admit… Obama in 2011… I constantly remind everybody of this.

It was Thomas B. Edsall — the approved Obama columnist at the New York Times, I believe — who writes this piece in November 2011 how the Obama administration is throwing away the white, working class vote in exchange for a gigantic new coalition of all the minorities they can find and lump ’em together. We now see the fruits of this! The Democrat Party needed to jettison open support for white, working-class people because the plan all along has been to blame everything in America on those people. “They are white nationalists!”

Believe me, folks, when these Democrats start talking about white supremacy, white nationalism and they include Trump rallies in it, they’re not talking about some of these oddball, weirdo websites that you couldn’t find if somebody paid you. They’re so obscure and so hidden, you couldn’t find ’em. It’s not prevalent. But the Democrat Party has made their choice, and they are running against the white people of this country. So now everybody’s not just a racist. Everybody’s a white supremacist and a white nationalist.

They have decided that the Democrat coalition is every victim group they can find, every minority group they can find, including illegal immigrants. Lump ’em together, and hope to achieve a majority coalition on Election Day that is prepared to turn out as much of what they consider the white supremacist/nationalist power structure. That’s what your Democrat Party has become. So the truth of the matter is, if you hate white people, does that make you a racist? It sure as hell would seem like it to me, if you hate people based on their skin color — and the Democrats clearly do. They certainly make it look like they don’t like white people at all, and how that’s not its own form of racism, I don’t understand.


RUSH: Go to audio sound bite number 1. This is textbook. The left begs and begs you to do something. They beg you to tackle white supremacy. They beg Trump to mention it. They beg Trump to condemn it. They beg Trump to condemn racism. So Trump goes out, gives a 12-minute speech and does so. They beg and beg you to do something based on their premise. They demand you do this, they demand that, and then you do it. Their premise is a lie in the first place. Then when you do it they say it’s not good enough.

LUIS GUTIERREZ: (outdoor noise) I don’t believe any of what you said…

FREDO CUOMO: (outdoor noise) The president could only give them lip service…

FRANK FIGLIUZZI: He’s paying that lip service. He didn’t say, “I condemn it, I rebuke it, I reject it.” That’s what we need to hear from him.

ARI MELBER: What we know rings so hollow.

DON LEMON: We have also called on this president to say the words that he finally said today, but they ring hollow.

KIRSTEN POWERS: It’s the arsonist coming and saying they want to help put out the fire.

JOE BIDEN: It’s the first time I’ve ever heard him say he condemns white supremacy. Show me something then.

JULIAN CASTRO: This is just a coordinated, cheap denial. He mouths the words.

DAN RATHER: It’s about as authentic as a Times Square Rolex.

RUSH: That’s Dan Rather there still begging for relevance. “It’s about as authentic as a Times Square Rolex.” There are a lot of Times Square Rolexes that are the real deal. I can give you an example of this that you’ll probably remember when I mention it to you. It was during the first four-year term of George W. Bush. The Iraq war had started and some things. The Democrats opposed it, and the media opposed it, and there was…

I forget the specific instance, but many in the media thought that it was just another of Bush’s mistakes, and so they demanded that he admit that he had made some mistakes. It was in the Drive-By Media. It was constant on cable channels. But then Bush had a nationally scheduled press conference. Every question was, “So would you admit, Mr. President, you made some errors?” “Will you admit that you made some mistakes?” Every question, folks!

I mean, there may have been one or two exceptions, but the whole point of the press conference was, “Would you admit that you made a mistake?” Bush never did. He never — not once — gave ’em what they want. He never said that he had made a mistake. He talked all around it. Well, this, they wanted Trump to mention precisely so they could say, “He doesn’t mean it,” so that it rings hollow, so that it’s insincere — and Biden is classic.

Biden’s the one who said, “That’s the first time I’ve ever heard him say he condemns white supremacy, so show me something.” So saying it? “Not nearly enough. I need to see that you mean it.” This is what, folks… I cannot express how much this irritates me because this all comes from a standpoint of superiority by these people. They think they are so vastly superior to us, and it just irritates me. It just frustrates me to no end.

They sit there and they demand, and they claim that they have and hold the moral high ground, and that we have to accommodate their demands, that we have to show that we can get close to their moral high ground. They have to demonstrate that they hold the moral high ground. And then, they act as though they represent the vast majority of thinking in this country. And I’m telling you on this or anything else, they don’t.

The vast majority of this country do not believe Donald Trump or you or me are white supremacists. They don’t believe that we are in favor of white nationalism. But the Drive-By Media is trying to once again convince everybody that everybody thinks of Trump that way, that everybody thinks of Republicans and conservatives that way, and they don’t. They then act and behave as though everybody thinks this and that you conservatives and Trump, you have to show us that you are not — which is impossible.

It’s like proving a negative. He can’t do it. They know that. So they demand that we demonstrate it or that we say it — and then when we try, it’s never good enough. It just doesn’t get there, because there’s always something missing. It “rings hollow,” or, “Well, you can say the words, but we don’t think you really mean it.” It’s just a never-ending, ongoing trick. Now, some of you might think, “Okay. But, Rush, I understand you have to be tuned to the media, but most people aren’t, and so having Trump say that, that’s a good thing.

“There are a lot of people who say, ‘Okay, Trump has come out against it. That’s a good thing.’ That cannot possibly hurt.” Well, yeah, I agree with that within the context of news consumers or the body politic which is not obsessed with the media. (I don’t know how many that is.) But Trump saying it… It just proves you can’t give the media or the left what they want and make ’em go away. You can’t convert them. You cannot persuade them that you are not what they accuse you of being. The accusation is baseless anyway.

The accusation is purely political. It’s a setup. It’s designed to get you tricked into reacting to them so that that makes news and they have another excuse for reporting on white nationalism for yet another day or another two days. The insincerity and the superiority that is inherent in all of this — I don’t know, folks — drives me crazy, in a figurative, figurative sense.

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