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RUSH: The Washington Post editorial board just slammed one of their own radical leftists. They hammered California governor Gavin Newsom for signing a bill to keep President Trump off the March 2020 primary ballot, unless he releases his tax returns by this November.

The Washington Post echoed what I told you last week: This California law is unconstitutional on its face. The Post cited a 1995 Supreme Court ruling that stops states from imposing their own qualifications on federal candidates.

But that’s not the only reason these lefty editors attacked Newsom and the Trump-hating loony tunes in California’s Democrat legislature. They’re also worried that the new law could unleash a “partisan” backlash beyond California.

They’re afraid that Republicans could play “tit-for-tat.” Other states might start demanding health records, high school report cards, college transcripts. They might even demand to see candidates’ birth certificates!

Oh no!

Democrats wouldn’t like that one bit. Yes, this current crop of Democrat presidential candidates is out-and-proud with their crazy-left policy positions. But there are still plenty of skeletons in their closets they want to keep hidden and that the Washington Post doesn’t want any of us to ever find out about.

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