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RUSH: Chris in Atlanta. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Let me get straight to it. The word isn’t even “despicable.” It is beyond despicable. I’m a 100% Trump supporter, and just to watch these horrific events happen, okay? They’re awful. And the first thing the Democrats do, as if anyone’s surprised, is go right away and blame it on Trump before any evidence… Okay? Before the bodies are even buried in the earth, it’s all Trump’s fault. As things start to develop, you find out the Dayton guy was a leftist Elizabeth Warren supporter. CNN won’t even mention that! No one mentioned that.

They just want to keep being blinded. This is what I say about Democrats. They are so blinded by their own ignorance and hate for Trump, they can’t see the truth. Everyone at this point now knows the Dayton guy was a left supporter, had nothing to do with Trump. And even the guy in El Paso, he wrote in his manifesto that he’s had these feelings way before Trump. The media’s gonna try to blame this on Trump, but that is not the case. So things like this are just making me more attracted to Trump in the sense that I see him constantly being sabotaged, and I just feel like I need to support him even more, and there’s one other thing.

RUSH: Exactly right.

CALLER: One other thing.

RUSH: I think you are a microcosm for a lot of people experiencing the same thing. Now, I can… Folks, I can hear your reactions out there when Chris says, “Everybody knows the Dayton shooter said that he was anti-Trump.” No, everybody doesn’t know it. The people watching mainstream media don’t know it. They “know” an entirely different thing — “know” in quotes. They are being lied to about the Dayton shooter, and they’re being lied to about the El Paso shooter, and they’re being lied to about Trump each and every day.

What percentage of people that watch the Drive-By Media fall for all of it and never question it? You know, the reaction the New York Times got the other day is fascinating to me in one sense, because the consumers of the New York Times do not consider it the truth. They don’t consider it the news of the day. The people that read the New York Times do not think of that paper the way the people that publish it do. I will guarantee you the people publish that paper think that they are the creme de la creme of journalism.

The people reading it think it’s nothing more than their propaganda sheet every day. That’s the role New York Times plays. The same people who hate Fox News and want to shut down Fox News look at the New York Times identically. They don’t look at it as citadel of journalism. They don’t read the New York Times to find out what’s really going on with the truth. They read the New York Times because to them, it’s their daily propaganda affirmation.

When the Times strays like it did yesterday with that headline that did not condemn Trump as a white supremacist or racist, they flooded the place with claims and threats to cancel subscriptions. What did the Times do? The Times didn’t stand up and say, “Screw you! We are the deans of journalism! We are in charge of our product each and every day. We determine what’s in our paper, not you.” No. They didn’t say that. They reached over and they grabbed the ankles as quickly as they could and they changed that headline, because the Times confirmed that they are the propaganda sheet for the insane radical left.

So where is journalism today? I don’t think there is much. I don’t think there is any journalism out there. I think there are simply people disguised as journalists who are active political activists moving the Democrat agenda forward under the guise of journalism. But that little episode with the New York Times illustrated that the readers of that paper don’t think they’re reading journalism. They don’t think they’re learning what happened somewhere where they weren’t. They’re getting their daily affirmation of propaganda, indoctrination, whatever, of what they believe. When the Times doesn’t provide it, the Times hears about it.

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