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RUSH: Now, I want to just remind everybody that these are not people who can be negotiated with. President Trump, don’t start talking to ’em about guns. Don’t start negotiating with ’em about that. You cannot — never have been able to — tone them down. You can never persuade them that they’re wrong about us. You can never turn them into friends, never turn them into — if not friends — peaceful, accommodating relationships. Can’t do it. You cannot accomplish a thing here by even attempting to compromise or negotiate.

This requires full frontal, all-out political destruction of the candidates who represent these people. That is the only answer to this. There’s no persuading them. There’s no talking them out of it. There’s no grabbing ’em by the shoulders and shaking sense into them. There’s no pointing your finger in their face and telling ’em, “Good Lord! Wake up, man. What is happening?” None of that is ever gonna work. They have to continually be defeated, electorally and by massive majorities.


RUSH: I mentioned earlier that Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan just last week was warning Democrat candidates, “If you do this Medicare for All business, I guarantee you Trump’s gonna reelected. If you guys follow through on this promising everything to everybody, we can’t win that way.”

Well, he was savaged. The left-wing lunatics just intimidated the hell out of 18-year Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan. He must have gotten an earful. He must have been bullied and intimidated. Because now here’s Ryan on PMSNBC this afternoon, Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, “How did you feel about the way the president went after Senator Brown from Ohio and Mayor Whaley from Dayton in that press conference?”

RYAN: He’s just so vicious. I mean, it’s just — you know, I watched Nan Whaley for two days here hold this city together. Amazing leadership. And a heartbroken town and a heartbroken state and a heartbroken country. And she was phenomenal. And to just be so crude, it’s so beneath the office. To be expected from him. But it’s time for a change. And we need that change to happen in the United States and it starts with getting Mitch McConnell to pass this. We deserve a lot better than we’re getting right now. And Trump should make us feel better, not worse.

RUSH: Okay. Talking about Red Flag laws and some of this other stuff. Folks, I don’t care what legislation they do, I don’t care if they do Red Flag laws — whatever legislation that ends up being passed, it isn’t gonna stop these shootings. I’m not saying don’t do anything about it, but to expect action in Washington to have an impact is ridiculous. There’s not a thing they can pass that that’s going to result — speaking of which, where is David Hogg?

Anybody seen David? Is this not a circumstance made to order for David Hogg? You know David Camera Hogg from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school down in Parkland, Florida? Where is he? This guy became the poster boy for getting rid of guns after that shooting, got admitted to Harvard, all kinds of stuff. He was on television left and right. He alone was gonna lead the nation to salvation, getting rid of guns and making sure these events never happened again. They had a whole movement, CNN, the Drive-By Media, making the guy a big show.

Where is he?

I guess the better question is, has the media forgotten him? Wouldn’t you think he’s made to order for this? They want a face to the anti-gun movement, this guy from the high school, they made him a national figure. At any rate, there’s nothing they can do, Red Flag law, whatever it is, it isn’t gonna stop these events because the gun is not the culprit, folks.

No argument about that, although saying it will start one, but the gun is not the culprit. The gun is an inanimate object until somebody picks it up and decides to pull the trigger for whatever reason, and there’s nothing anybody in Washington can do — you read this guy’s manifesto? There’s no way this guy was gonna be stopped. Didn’t matter what laws there existed in Washington making guns harder to get, easier to get, whatever.

We live in this gigantic fallacy world where Washington can fix problems like this and everybody demands Washington “Do something, got to do something.” Tim Ryan said something: “Amazing leadership from Mayor Whaley. Two days she held this city together. Heartbroken town, heartbroken state, heartbroken country. She was phenomenal.”

I don’t doubt the country was heartbroken, but I don’t think these people understand the full nature of the heartbreak. They think the heartbreak is only one thing, and it is what they think it is. I don’t think they have any idea what makes up what is undeniably national heartbreak over this. It’s not just what they think it is, i.e., Trump and guns. That’s what they think. “The people are heart broken. My God, we elected this guy, and now people are shooting guns. Oh, my.” That’s not what the heartbreak is over.

The heartbreak is what the hell is happening to our culture, what the hell is happening to our education system, what the hell is happening to our family structure. Why are there so many fatherless kids out there? Well, we can answer that, can’t we? Fathers are predators. Men are predators! You ever stop to think what it might be like growing up a boy, a teenager, and then young man in this country when you are the focus of evil, you are the source of so many other people’s problems, and nobody’s out there speaking up for you.

Everybody’s just climbing aboard the train of criticism, you’ve got no male role model in your house, you’ve got no male influence to help you cope or to teach you the ways of the world. There’s a lot of things people in this country are heartbroken over. They think it’s all one thing. “We’re so heartbroken, there are so many guns.” And then they begin to extrapolate that and smother the country with that perspective and they miss the boat.

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