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RUSH: Well, we have some bad news from across the pond.

Last year, Mickey D’s in the United Kingdom got rid of all their plastic straws. Management figured that by changing over to paper straws in 1,300 restaurants, they would prove to the environmentalist wackos they were serious about saving the earth.

But you see, there’s a problem. According to CNN, McDonald’s paper straws are too thick to be processed by recyclers in the U.K. That’s right. Even though the straws are paper, they can’t be recycled! Unlike the plastic straws that McDonald’s got rid of, which were recyclable.

This is a huge backfire, my friends. It’s unsustainable!

I sure hope the smartest creatures in the sea, the dolphins… I hope they take a good look at what just happened. Environmentalist wackos pressure every eeeeevil corporation to stop using plastic. McDonald’s surrendered, and now the dolphins and the whales and the sea turtles are in mortal danger! While hunting for their fishy fast food in the oceans, these beautiful creatures may end up swallowing soggy paper straws, which cannot be recycled. And you know how that would embarrass the dolphins!

They’ll just have to suck it up. What else can they do when dealing with environmentalist wackos?

The same thing we have to do: Suck it up!

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