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RUSH: By the way, have you seen the latest lame attempt on this? You know what now, folks? Food crops are getting much harder to grow. Oh, yes! Climate change. Climate change has affected the pH of the soil. Climate change is causing soil to become more arid. Climate change is making it really, really, really tough on farmers to grow more food. We are on the verge of predictable starvation! They know no limits.

The dirty little secret about climate change, whether it’s man-made or not, is when it does happen, there’s gonna be a whole lot of the world that’s gonna be capable of growing food that now can’t, if they’re right. There’s no argument from here that the climate is not changing. Only a fool would say that is because the climate is constantly changing. We go ice age, we go dark age, we go sun age, we go oppressively hot; nobody can survive this. Earth has been around a long time.

The climate has been up and down how many different ways with ice ages, where North America used to be totally overrun by ice? The only debate is do advanced capitalist lifestyles cause this? That’s what these people want us to adopt, and that’s bull. The idea that’s expanding the life span, increasing the standard of living, this is what’s destroying the climate? It’s a crock. But nobody denies the climate’s constantly in flux, and nobody should deny there’s nothing we can do about it.

We can’t make it hotter; we can’t make it colder. Do you know at PBS they think that I am dangerous because I said that? They did a whole segment on how stupid and dumb Rush Limbaugh is and how dangerous it is that somebody like me is on the radio saying we can’t control the temperature. Can somebody give me an example where we have done that? Can you tell me of a day where it was oppressively hot and people were dying and we were able to cool it down outside, the weather? There’s not a soul. Never happened.

Conversely, can you tell me…? Can you cite for me a day when it was colder than a witch’s upper torso out there, and somebody came along and was able to make it warmer? Can anybody tell me when this has ever happened? And yet you point this out, and you are the idiot, and you are dangerous? I am dangerous? “Rush Limbaugh says we have no control over the temperature,” and they start debating this as though I’m the Looney Tune.


RUSH: There it is again. “U.N. Report: Climate Crisis Making It Harder for Food to Grow.” Harder for food to grow! Not harder to grow food, “harder for food to grow.” It’s really tough in those seeds out there. “Climate Crisis Making It Harder for Food…” The food is really working hard out there, folks. The food is really trying, but it’s having a problem overcoming climate change. This is one of the greatest challenges I have doing this program every day is the amount of stupidity that I’m surrounded by and making sure my IQ is not affected by it.

I’ll tell you, folks, some days it’s a challenge.

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