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RUSH: One other quick thing. You know, I don’t notice food labels that much because I don’t see food labels that much. I don’t go to grocery stores because I’m too famous. I just can’t go in there. So the staff goes out there, does the shopping, and when I have mayonnaise, for example, it’s not in the bottle. It’s portioned out on a little bowl or a saucer as an accompaniment. I just tell ’em what I want. I don’t want the half light stuff. Give me the full boat mayonnaise.

Well, I had occasion to go to the refrigerator over the weekend. I normally don’t even open the door to my own refrigerator. I have a little fridge in the library bar which has my beverages in there. And I saw the label on a bottle of Hellmann’s mayonnaise. And I could not believe what I read. In fact, I’ll take a screenshot of this and I’ll send it to you, Brian. It says here “Made with Cage Free Eggs.”

Now, I assume you people have seen this label on Hellmann’s mayonnaise for probably years. “Made with Cage Free Eggs.” What does that mean? What literally does that mean? What does that mean to people? Why does that make people want to buy Hellmann’s mayonnaise? Is it because the chickens who are slaughtered after they laid the eggs weren’t in cages? Or the eggs themselves never saw the inside of a cage? And that somehow makes the eggs better?

Or is it the chickens were never in a cage? (interruption) The chickens were never in a cage. Okay. Does a chicken know it’s a chicken? Does a chicken know it is in a cage? Does a chicken know that it is doomed the moment it’s born? Does a chicken know that it even is on a farm? Does a fish realize it is in water, polluted or fresh, does it know it’s in water?

Does my Abyssinian cat know that it is an Abyssinian? Does a cat know that it’s a cat? “Cage-free eggs”? So I’m supposed to think that the mayonnaise I’m eating here is somehow healthier or better because the chicken which laid the egg which then got pummeled to make the mayonnaise was stress-free? So I’m eating stress-free mayonnaise, right? Which is going to clog my arteries no matter how the animal was treated, right?


RUSH: So the explanations now are pouring in. “Rush, mayonnaise made with cage-free eggs just means the chickens are free range. They’re not captivated there in a cage. They’re not fed chicken feed alone. They go all over the place eating bugs and dirt and fertilizer and other excrement from other animals which makes their eggs healthier.” Right. Okay. Cool. Somebody wants to weigh in on this. (chuckles) Let’s grab Zack in Los Angeles up there on line 1. Zack, great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: (chuckles) Thanks, Rush. I’ve been trying at this for 30 years. I think it’s funny that this is what I get to talk to you about. Yeah, so I’m a little bit connected with some friends that do organic farming and they have free-range chickens and basically the concept there, the thought process with that is it’s exactly what you were saying. They’re not caged, walking out on their own excrement. They’re not fed hormones or anything like that. They’re going around and they rotate with the grazing for fresh grass in the field.

And what that does is it allows them to have healthier eggs — and, of course, healthier chicken meat. There’s a gentleman named Joel Salatin in the Shenandoah Valley is kind of the godfather of this kind of farming, and he uses the example of if you look at yoke from the eggs of free-range chickens, you’ll see that they are bright yellow and that’s actually what you want to see with the yoke in your egg. And the unhealthy eggs are gonna have more of a pale yellow so it’s just like if you and I are sick —

RUSH: I’m really gonna notice that in mayonnaise.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: I happen to know it takes a hell of a lot of eggs to make mayonnaise. You gotta break a lot of eggs to make mayonnaise, and you don’t see the yoke in there. But, look, I know what this is. I was just having a little fun with it. Put the picture up. Put it in the switcher. This is what I saw. As I say, I’m sure this has been on this label for years, and I just happened to notice it yesterday. It says right there, “Made with Cage Free Eggs.” I’m sorry, that makes me bust a gut laughing. That just makes…

I imagine people in the store looking for cage-free eggs or not cage-free eggs and actually thinking it matters. Remember that sound bite we played last week of that socialist convention? All these people were concerned about too much noise and too “aggressive” a scent and all of the other things that bothered these people. “Stop the gender pronouns!” “Hi, I’m Jack from Sacramento, he/him.” I said, “Where do these people work?” They work in government. They make regulations for the rest of us to follow. These are people that are teaching school.

They’re all over the place, and these are the people that give us regulations which demand labels like this. But Hellmann’s, this is not even their main product. They’ve got a vegan mayonnaise with no eggs in it that is supposedly even better. I’m telling, if it’s mayonnaise, it cannot not have eggs in it. It’s gotta have eggs in it if it’s mayonnaise. So now the vegans are convinced they’re eating mayonnaise when they’re not! They’re eating something artificial ’cause there’s no eggs in it, right? And that’s supposedly gonna make ’em healthier.

Look, it’s fine. Capitalism meets all demands, doesn’t it? (interruption) Burger King? Yeah, meatless burgers. Yeah, they tried that in Berkeley and they got laughed out of the place. But, see? Now there are enough brain damaged liberals that you can make a profit selling meatless Whoppers, meatless hamburgers! There are enough damaged liberals who think that’s gonna keep them alive longer than global warming is gonna kill them to make a profit doing it. I think it’s a great country. No question about it!


RUSH: Look, this organic stuff, the cage-free eggs? (laughing) Come on, folks. Can we shake ourselves by the shoulders and come back to reality? Cage-free eggs? It’s all a marketing thing, and God bless marketing. I mean, it still proves advertising works. God bless capitalism, finding ways to reach people wherever they are mentally or emotionally.

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