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RUSH: A couple things here. I got an email during the break (I’ve actually had quite a few), “Rush, you haven’t talked about Stand Up for Betsy Ross lately. Why?” Because of the shootings, folks. The status of Stand-up for Betsy Ross is we are still fulfilling. (chuckles) Folks, we’re approaching 300,000 T-shirts here. We’ve donated $3 million and counting to Tunnel to Towers, and we’re still fulfilling.

We actually needed some time for our fulfillment people to catch up, and we just had another print run of the Stand up for Betsy Ross T-shirts this morning. Well, the truck arrived today. We went to print yesterday of another multiple-thousand orders just to fulfill the orders that we have. But this has by no means been shelved or ended. It’s just that when the two shootings happened, I wanted to give the… Even though we have a charitable component here, Tunnel to Towers, and there’s a first responders aspect to Tunnel to Towers.

It’s basically a 9/11 victims and families and first responders — which make up the law enforcement first responders — which make up the charity. But no, no, no. There’s no end to this. In fact, stand by for some additional news about it as the days go by in the future. And, if you have an order in and haven’t received it yet, don’t be alarmed in any way, shape, manner or form. We’re working seven days a week fulfilling all these. I don’t know how to accurately describe it.

I mean, we were not prepared at all… Wait a minute. That’s the wrong way to say it. We were not prepared for the volume is true. Not that we can’t handle it. We have a system for fulfillment, and we have not farmed the fulfillment out. We don’t have a third party fulfilling this over which we have no control. We are doing this ourselves in-house at our own fulfillment center/warehouse, and we’re working. We’ve got crews there seven days a week making sure these things get out.

So, if your order has not yet been delivered, fear not. It is soon going to be on the way.

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