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RUSH: Also, have you…?  Mr. Snerdley, have you all seen the painting of Bill Clinton decked out in a blue dress wearing hot red high heels draped over an armchair that was supposedly in the home of Jeffrey Epstein?  I’ve had a number of people send that to me and say, “My gosh, Rush! I mean, who…? Who in the world would put a photo like this or hang a picture like this in their apartment?” Folks, you’re looking at this the wrong way if you think that.  There’s only way to look at this.

That photo is a tribute from Epstein to Clinton!  I mean, what was Clinton doing?  He was having an affair with an intern.  What did Epstein do?  Basically the same kind of stuff.  The age difference of the girls was somewhat different.  They were buds!  I’m telling you, that photo, that thing, that picture of Clinton? That’s an in-your-face to all of us.  That’s a private joke between them.  That’s not Epstein trying to humiliate Clinton.  That photo, that painting– whatever it is — is a tribute.  Do not doubt me on this.


RUSH:  Some people think it’s a creepy picture.  It looks like a painting, and we don’t know if it’s an actual painting or a copy.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s framed and so forth.  It’s been seen in Epstein’s so-called New York mansion, and it’s a picture of Bill Clinton sitting in a chair in the Oval Office and on the bookshelf behind him is a bust of JFK.  You have to zoom in tight to see the bust of JFK, but it’s clearly the Oval Orifice.  Clinton is wearing a blue dress, the kind that Lewinsky wore that had the stain on it.

There’s also an accompanying picture of Hillary Clinton wearing a similar-style blue dress.  Bill Clinton is sitting in the chair with both legs crossed over the arm of one of the chairs.  He’s wearing a pair of hot-red heels, spiked heels.  It’s a picture of Clinton as he appears today — like 85 years old or 90, whatever it is.  He’s looking right at you the way Uncle Sam does on the military recruitment posters, “We Want You!”  So people have sent me emails.  “My gosh, Rush! Who in the world would post such a creepy thing in their home?”

Somebody doing so as a tribute.

This is a tribute.

This is Epstein’s tribute to Clinton.

They are sexual partners, gang.  There’s no disconnect here.

All of these attempts Clinton is undergoing to distance himself from Epstein? It makes perfect sense to me.  I mean, I think this thing is a tribute to the (chuckles) similar behavior.  It’s a tip of the cap, and it’s also an in-your-face to everybody who was supposedly morally outraged by Bill Clinton.  I don’t think there’s any question about it.  It’s a way of honoring the unfairly victimized Bill Clinton by mocking the seriousness of the whole thing.  It’s another way of saying, “Screw you,” to the people who made a big deal out of the fact that the president was having an affair with an intern.

I think this portrait, whatever you want to call it, actually tells us a lot about how close Epstein and Clinton were.  But there are people who think that Epstein put this up here as some sort of a joke about Clinton. (chuckles) No way, folks.  As I say, it’s a tribute.  Now, the latest on Epstein is that he had broken bones in his neck after committing suicide with a bedsheet from the top bunk in his cell.  One of the bones broken was the hyoid bone.  We all know about the hyoid bone because we’ve heard about it on cop shows on TV.

It’s a bone right there in the throat that usually gets broken when somebody kills you by strangling you — and the older you get, the more vulnerable the hyoid bone gets.  It can be broken and damaged in a hanging, but it’s much more likely to be damaged in a homicide rather than a suicide.  The Washington Post and much of the Drive-By Media says that Epstein “sustained multiple breaks in his neck bones according to two people familiar with the findings.”  Now, this would indicate that Epstein was murdered.

Now we have accompanying stories that Epstein was in good spirits lately, that he was telling his lawyers he was confident he was going to win this on the basis of the double-jeopardy aspect of it.  I want to remind you. We had Andy McCarthy on here to talk about this.  When Epstein was charged by the feds, after basically having served all of the terms of the punishment meted out against him in the Florida case, Andy was running around saying, “Wait a minute! There’s a double jeopardy component to this.  I think Epstein might have a case.”

I had him on to talk about it and explain it, and basically, “How can he be tried for this when he’s already served time and served a sentence for the original charge?”  I said, “Well, there’s new charges here, there’s new women, there’s new this and that.”  But it wasn’t a slam dunk that he was going to be convicted.  There was a very real possibility he could win this double-jeopardy approach he was taking.  At least he thought so, according to news reports.  And his last words, according to the New York Post, were to his lawyers where he said, “I’ll see you on Sunday.”

Except he never made it to Sunday, because he was found dead at 6:30 in his cell on Saturday morning.  We now know the first time… Remember when we were told that Epstein was found unconscious, barely conscious on the floor of his cell? We now know why he was taken off suicide watch.  He had a cellmate — a Westchester County behemoth hulk-ster cop who’s in jail for all kinds of mayhem (including potential murder, maybe murder) — and this guy supposedly didn’t like perverts. He supposedly tried to kill Epstein.

The lawyer said, “We need him taken off suicide watch.”  Suicide watch means there’s a second person in the cell. If he’s taken off suicide watch, he would be alone in the cell.  That’s the story going around now.  The story going around now by the people who knew him, his lawyers and so forth, is it can’t possibly be suicide.  The guy was looking forward to the next day!  He thought he was going to beat the rap on double-jeopardy charges.  We had him taken off suicide watch because this Westchester cop was there, and the guy was apparently a gym rat, a hulk of a guy — and Epstein is not tiny.

So when the medical examiner in New York comes out and says there were massive broken bones in the throat, there’s a new look being taken at it. Look, folks, there’s any number of people who would want Epstein rubbed out.  Practically everybody that ever visited him for the elicit purposes that were going on in his house or down in his island.  So it just adds to the intrigue.  Both Epstein guards fell asleep for three hours.  The camera system failed to work. Epstein had a bedsheet strong enough to hang himself. And a cellmate was transferred out.

People are being asked to believe quite a bit here.


RUSH: Fountain, Colorado, next. This is Steve.  Great to have you with us, sir, hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  I’d like to know if you’ve seen the article that was published by the New York Post of an oil painting that was found in Epstein’s townhouse of Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress and stiletto red heels?

RUSH:  I have and I in fact discussed it in the first hour.  Where were you?

CALLER:  I was sleeping.  I got off work in the —

RUSH:  Sleeping?

CALLER:  Yeah, well, I work nights.

RUSH:  Okay, so you didn’t hear what I said about it.  This is good.  What do you think about it?  Folks, this is the picture of Clinton.  I accurately described this. (sigh) It’s an oil on canvas, whatever the hell this thing is.  It’s a picture of Bill Clinton in the Oval Office sitting in a wing chair with both legs draped over the left arm of the chair — crossed like a woman crosses her legs — wearing a blue dress like Monica wore with the stain on it.  There’s a bookshelf behind Clinton, on which is a bust of JFK.  And Clinton is wearing hot red spiked heels and he’s pointing at the camera like Uncle Sam does in the “We Want You!” posters for the U.S. Army.  This hangs in Epstein’s New York townhouse/mansion.  So now Steve is asking me if I had seen it.  I’ve just demonstrated I have.  I’ve already told people what I think about it.  What is your opinion of this?

CALLER:  Birds of a feather fly together.

RUSH:  Yes.  Yes.  See, I got some emails from people last night. “My gosh, is Epstein crazy?  Why would he put up this despicable picture?”  You’re not seeing this the right way.  This is a tribute.  These are two guys… One was the other’s wingman!  Clinton flew on the guy’s plane, folks!  This was a tribute.  This was an in-your-face photo.  This is two guys who think that Clinton got railroaded, that there’s nothing wrong with having sex with an intern or an under-aged girl, either in the Oval Office or the private island.  Nothing wrong with it!  All these people that got so bent out of shape? This picture is for them.  It’s designed to be in your face, in my face, in anybody’s face.  This is Epstein’s tribute to Clinton as a trailblazer.  Do you think that’s right?

CALLER:  I think that’s pretty good.  You said it a lot better than whatever I could.

RUSH:  Well, I was struck by how many people… I don’t know. The people that sent notes to me. Some of them thought that Epstein was somehow behaving with no class by putting that on the wall. “Who would want this in their home?  It’s so despicable.” (laughing) Who are we talking about here?  We’re not talking about the Rockefeller Family Foundation.  We’re talking about Jeffrey Epstein, noted pedophile.  This guy, Bill Clinton is one of his heroes! So… (interruption) Yeah, look I can put the picture up. I suppose I could.

Yeah, grab a screen shot of it and put it in the switcher.  What was the question? (interruption) Mmm-hmm? (interruption) I’ll tell you right now: I’m sure Bill Clinton has seen that picture.  I’m sure Bill Clinton may have even posed for that picture.  And I think Bill Clinton would be proud of that picture and they’d have the biggest yuck and laugh about it, because Bill Clinton would assume nobody would ever see it besides Epstein or others who were already in on whatever was going on there.  Do you think Clinton would be offended by it? (interruption)   Now that it’s gotten out in public, yeah!

But I’m telling you in private? No, this is my point.  I don’t think anybody involved in this is embarrassed by that.  I think this picture is a gigantic FU, to everybody.  I think this picture is two comrades in arms joining forces and telling the rest of the world where to go.  However you want to phrase it.  I think this is these two guys saying, “We’re progressive; we’re hip, and you’re a bunch of sticks in the mud.” Now that it’s gotten public, and as crazy as things are today, Clinton… (interruption) Who said that?  Somebody said something? (interruption)

Oh, there it is.  We’ve got it on the Dittocam.  There’s the picture we’re talking about here.  Watching on the Dittocam.  We’ve now moved it there so you can see.  Now, we’ve cropped it.  You can’t see the bust of JFK.  It’s on the bookshelf right above Clinton’s head.  Note Clinton’s age is of today.  That’s not taken when Clinton was in the Oval Office.  That painting is of Bill Clinton as of today’s age, and it’s that pointing that is key. This is a variation on the wagging that finger. (impression) “I want to tell the American people what…

“I never had sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky, not a single time — and I never once I never told anybody a lie.  Now you shut up!  I’ve got to get back to work for the American people.”  Now this is that with Clinton in a dress.  You are saying, “Okay, is Hillary upset by this?”  As crazy as news cycles are today, there might be some people in the Clinton camp who are looking at this and saying, “No publicity is bad publicity.  It’s keepin’ our guy out there.”

But if it were you or me, we would be… Would I be incorrect in using the word “ashamed”? (interruption) Well, you’re assuming that Clinton was not a participant in this.  You’re assuming that this was done without Clinton’s knowledge, and so you’re thinking if you were Clinton you would be outraged.  But my contention is that Clinton knows it’s hanging in this guy’s house! My contention is that Clinton participated in whatever it took to make that picture come to life.

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