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RUSH: The chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, New York Democrat Eliot Engel, sent out a staff memo that should raise eyebrows.

He instructed his staff to warn foreign officials that spending money at Trump-owned properties could violate the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

Congressman Engel told staff to urge foreign officials not to patronize Trump businesses without first getting approval from Congress. Meaning, from Democrats.

Democrats have already lost two big anti-Trump “emoluments” cases. Just last month, a federal appeals court ruled that the case didn’t even belong in the courts, which were “created to resolve real cases and controversies.” Not Democrat talking points.

Yet here’s a Democrat chairman using his position to unilaterally overturn a couple of court decisions. It’s “settled law,” right? But Engel is basically telling foreign leaders to boycott Trump properties.

The implication is clear. The Democrats are keeping track. And if foreign officials dare disobey their boycott orders, there will be hell to pay when the Democrats get back in power. Don’t think that’s not going on here.

You wanna talk about red flags? You’re looking at one. Democrats will stop at nothing to damage and destroy Donald Trump.

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