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RUSH: Tom Cotton, senator from Arkansas, said that the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates have truly lost their minds. He was on Fox & Friends today. And he was talking about these candidates out there denouncing the Trump administration public charge rule.

We’ve talked about this the past couple of days where we’re going to have merit-based immigration. You’ve got to be able to demonstrate that you can be self-reliant or you’re not going to get in. And the Democrat presidential candidates are besides themselves. This is white supremacy, this is racism, it’s bigotry.

And Tom Cotton says we should not be admitting immigrants who can’t support themselves. We shouldn’t be admitting immigrants that are going to be on welfare, taking taxpayer resources. That’s been the law for 100 years. He said, “The Democrats running for president, in my opinion, have truly lost their mind on some of these things. They are deranged by the president and they are rushing so far to the left that I can’t imagine they’re going to be successful next year.”

They’ve clearly rolled the dice. These Democrat candidates have rolled the dice that a majority of American voters want a welfare state and they want an increasing percentage of the population to be from outside the country that can’t take care of itself.


RUSH: So I came into work today.  I set myself up for show prep, logged on the computer, went to the Drudge Report, and I see a headline:  “Warren Packs Crowd in NH,” and the second headline is “‘Trumpgret’?” as in regret. “Trumpgret.” I said, “Elizabeth Warren packs crowd in New Hampshire?” So, of course, I had to click on that.  You know what I found? Seven hundred people. Seven hundred people is a packed crowd?

Fauxcahontas gets 700 people and that is a lead news item in the Drive-By Media?  I watched a little bit of it, and it was… (impression) “You know, this ‘The dirtiest words in government are: “Hi, I’m from the government; I’m here to help you”‘?  Well, those aren’t the dirtiest words of government.  I can think of a whole lot worse, dirtier from government,” she said.  And the crowd says, “What is she talking about?”  No applause whatsoever. And then there’s another story. They run around and find two people (two people!) that regret voting for Trump.

And you know why?  Because they don’t like his tweeting and they don’t like his attitude and all that. You know, the Drive-Bys come up with these narratives and they go out and find people to fit and then they write these stories. Seven hundred people is a packed crowd?  Now, admittedly, it’s about 600 people more than Hillary got, but it’s not packed.

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