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RUSH: You know, if I didn’t know better, I would say, that based on listening to the president’s rally in New Hampshire last night that — if I didn’t know better, I would say that elements of this program were part of the rally last night. Would I be mistaken? Don’t misunderstand. I would be honored and proud. (interruption) No, I’m not accusing the president of stealing. What are you talking about? How can you dare ask me — accuse the president of stealing? No way. No way, Jose.

We’ve got the backup for it here on the EIB Network in the audio sound bites. It’s all in fun, folks, because we’re all here on the same page with the same objectives. And the more common sense gets used that is out there, the better.

Here’s the telephone number if you want to appear on the program today, 800-282-2882. The email address, elrushbo@eibnet.us.

There’s all kinds of stuff out there today. You probably have some idea of what’s coming, the president’s rally, some comments on it.


RUSH: So, let’s see, the day before yesterday, Fauxcahontas had a rally in New Hampshire. And the Drive-By Media described it as packed, a packed rally, 700 people. Last night Trump’s rally blew the record for the arena it was held in, a record set by Elton John. Trump beat it and there was no guitar and there was no piano during the Trump rally.

“New Hampshire Speech Broke Elton John’s Arena Attendance Record.” And, of course, Trump did the announcement of that. He doesn’t leave it to other people to tout his successes. He does it himself.

“President Donald Trump announced Thursday evening that his re-election campaign rally at the SNHU Arena broke the stadium’s previous attendance record, held by rock star Elton John. The SNHU Arena holds nearly 12,000 people, and was nearly filled to capacity when the U.S. Secret Service closed the doors. Thousands more people watched the president’s speech on giant television screens outside the arena. Trump tweeted news about the attendance record shortly after the event was over.”

And, by the way, Elton John’s fans, fine people that they are, did not have to run a gauntlet to get in into the place. Don’t have to go through Secret Service, don’t have to go through metal detectors, not back when Elton John set the record. All you had to do was show up stoned and that was about it. To get into a Trump rally, you have to get there early. You have to brave the elements. You have to beat the lottery process. Then you gotta go through Secret Service security checks.

(interruption) What was that? Of course we love Elton John! Does it sound like I don’t love Elton John? How in the world could anybody — Elton John performed at my wedding! How could you assume, just because I’m saying Trump broke the record, you’re making it sound like I don’t like Elton John? This is a hypersensitive reaction to what I’m saying. I think this is a great accomplishment.

There’s no piano there. There was not a guitar on stage or a piano, meaning it’s really hard to put 12,000 people in an arena when all somebody is going to do is talk. There are very few people that can do it.


RUSH: Now let’s go to the Trump rally in New Hampshire last night. They had 12,000 people inside and thousands upon thousands outside. In addition to the gauntlet Trump supporters have to run to get into that arena, they also have to work their way through a bunch of Trump protesters. It’s not like showing up to a rock concert.

It is a major undertaking to attend a Trump rally and to get in there, to beat the crowd, to be one of the 12,000 that gets inside, the gauntlet of security and Secret Service. You have to show up well in advance. You spend the whole day in line, regardless of the weather. Then you’ve got the Trump protesters out there trying to make life miserable. The point is that there are people willing to endure all of that and more just to show up. Then when they get in there, there’s nothing like a Trump rally — energy-wise, audience involvement, happiness to be there.

The Democrats have nothing like it. There isn’t a Democrat running that can put on a Trump-like personal appearance anywhere because they cannot manufacture the audience excitement. It just isn’t there. And your eyes don’t lie to you, folks. If there were all this enthusiasm on the left… There isn’t enthusiasm; there’s hatred on the left. There’s anger. There’s outrage. There’s hatred. But there isn’t any overwhelming love. And there certainly isn’t any overwhelming excitement and energy that is the result of a connection, a bond between the audience and whoever the candidate happens to be speaking that night.

The democrats do not have this. There isn’t a one of them. Go down the list. Andrew Yang? Sorry. Joe Biden? They’ve had to cancel his public appearances because nobody shows up — and when they do, Biden puts them to sleep. Fauxcahontas “packs” an arena or a hillside or whatever with 700 people. Kamala Harris? No, folks, there isn’t a single one of them. And it’s not just drawing the crowd. It’s what kind of crowd is it? And there’s nothing like a Trump crowd. People that are in a Trump rally are excited to be there. To them, it’s an event.

It’s historic but it’s fun. Everybody in a Trump rally is ecstatic to be there, happy to be there, having a great time. They’re enjoying every aspect of it. The president being there, the camaraderie of being in a room with so many other like-minded people. That in itself is confidence-inspiring. There’s a commonality in the effort that it takes to get into one of these events — and then the president shows up and makes all of it worthwhile. He never phones it in. Every Trump appearance, every Trump rally, it’s like the first one.

He pours everything into it he has. He doesn’t shortchange anybody. He doesn’t leave early. He hangs around, poses for pictures and signs pictures. And he shoots these people straight. He tells them the honest-to-God truth. He tells them, “Stop and think where we’d all be if I hadn’t been elected. What’s going to happen to your 401(k) if I’m not re-elected?” He just hits them with hard-cold reality and reminds them why they originally supported him and why they have hung on, why they continue to hang in. But the bottom line is the Democrats have nothing like it — and this is significant.

We’re talking politics here. We’re talking voter enthusiasm. They don’t have that. They’ve got people that are deranged and unhappy, miserable, outraged, angry. That’s what’s become of late-night comedy. It’s not comedy anymore. It’s a hate fest. Who can get the most applause with the most piercing, hateful comment about Trump. But it really matters. You’ve got the arguable frontrunner drawing 700 people, and they have to call it a “packed” event? And the people there have no personal connection with Elizabeth Warren. They have no bond with her.

There isn’t any of the trappings at any of these Democrats’ rallies — and I’m telling you, it matters. For the longest time, the Drive-Bys and the Washington establishment said, “You… You… You can’t judge how an election is going to go by judging crowd size or crowd enthusiasm! You can’t do it.” For the longest time, they were right about it. Right before the 2012 election, the last weekend, Mitt Romney… Remember this? He was drawing crowds in the mountains of Utah and Colorado, and we were sitting here thinking, “There’s something happening out there!

“Holy smokes, will you look at this?” And then the election came, and it was like they had never happened. He didn’t even get close. But with Trump rallies, what we saw did indeed translate to reality, and I think it continues to. Here’s another thing to keep in mind. We’ve had 2-1/2 years of literal hatred that is disguised as media reporting on Donald Trump without a day off. For 2-1/2 years, every media organization in this country except for Fox News (and, of course, us) has devoted its existence to ginning up hatred for Donald Trump.

How do you think they feel when they see 12,000 people inside, five or 6,000 more outside? When they watch a Trump rally and they look at the love and they look at the excitement and they look at the general great time everybody is having? Do you think they don’t have doubts? After 2-1/2 years of hate and there’s still people out there that love Trump? I guarantee you they’ll feel like failures. And they’ll never admit it to you but do not doubt me. And they’ll gut it up for next day’s broadcast, but I guarantee you.

Individually, take your favorite pick of any name at CNN, any name at MSNBC. Imagine them watching a Trump rally and I guarantee you they’re as depressed as they can be and feel like failures, because (impression), ‘There’s so many people that love Trump and they’re still showing up! And there are more people showing up at a Trump rally than any Democrat rally. And we love the Democrats, and we’re promoting the Democrats, and we’re trying to destroy Trump!” Yet they’re seeing the evidence of failure at every rally.

I’m here to tell you that they take it personally and it depresses them individually, and probably in some of their editorial meetings they’ll talk about this. They’ll do it in a way that mocks a Trump rally attendee. “Will you look at those hicks! Can you believe how stupid these people are? We’ve tried to tell them! We’ve tried to tell them what a reprobate this guy is. Now the guy wants to buy Greenland? Holy smokes! What a bunch of idiots.” But privately? Privately they think they are failing because by now everybody should hate Donald Trump.

Here’s a little sound bite of me from August 8th on my program. This is a bite of me describing how Trump should make attacks on him attacks on his supporters. You remember this, folks? I was talking about what Trump needs to… It was a little bit of unsolicited advice, and I said that I think Trump could even cement this relationship further if he acknowledges at his rallies that the people attacking him are also attacking his voters, and that he’s got your (or their )backs. Here is what I said.

RUSH ARCHIVE: [T]here’s a whole army of Trump voters out there that he can mobilize by simply recognizing and saying to all these people, “You know, it’s not just me you’re hitting. You’re hitting the people who are making this economy work. You are hitting and tarring and feathering the people who are making this country work right now. And it’s outrageous what you’re saying about the American people, not just me.” You want to watch him skyrocket the polls?


RUSH: And, so, let’s go to New Hampshire last night, Manchester, and a portion of the Trump rally…

THE PRESIDENT: They view everybody as fascists and Nazis. They use the term “Nazi.” This was a term, you couldn’t even use it. now they use it, like, on a regular basis.

CROWD: (grumbling)

THE PRESIDENT: “A Nazi! He’s a Nazi!” Think of that. “He’s a Nazi!”

CROWD: (booing)

THE PRESIDENT: They couldn’t use it. Now they use it.

CROWD: (booing)

THE PRESIDENT: They accuse our border agents of running concentration camps, and they look down upon the hardworking citizens who truly make our country run.

RUSH: Bingo! Right there it is — and we have another example of this coming up from a brilliant half hour excursion yesterday into a monologue on globalism and why so many in the worldwide, leftist establishment literally hate Donald Trump because of the apple cart he has upset with a simple slogan: Make America Great Again. Putting America first flies in the face of the effort by globalists to eliminate borders and eliminate the whole concept of nation states, to be replaced by a benevolent global governing body — and they were so close! All it would have taken was Hillary Clinton winning. Trump has come along and put the brakes on it and this is why he is so universally hated.

Well, he addressed that as well.


RUSH: Back to the Trump rally in Manchester last night. Here’s Trump riffing on globalism. Remember, practically the entire third hour yesterday was devoted to a discussion of what transnationalists are attempting to do by way of essentially eliminating borders, the concept of nation states. That’s what all of this caravan invasion, limitless illegal immigration is about. It’s about diminishing the United States democratically. It’s about diminishing the wealth of the United States to redistribute it to other parts of the world, to increase the idea that a globalist government will somehow be benevolent and so forth — when it’s, of course, impossible for that to be.

Trump touched on this as well in his rally last night. Here we go…

THE PRESIDENT: Our movement is built on love — and it is — and we love all families, we love our faith, we love our flag, and we love our freedom. And that’s what it’s about.

CROWD: (cheering)

THE PRESIDENT: And add to that the fact that we love our neighbors and we love our country.

CROWD: (cheering)

THE PRESIDENT: Together we are all united by one fundamental principle: A nation’s first duty must always be to its own citizens. Its own!

CROWD: (cheering)

THE PRESIDENT: We’re gonna take care of our own.

CROWD: (cheering)

THE PRESIDENT: You haven’t heard that from a politician or a political leader in a long time. It’s called, “America first.” America first.

CROWD: (cheering)

RUSH: It’s stunning. Folks, how many times have I sat here and said, “We love everybody! We want the best for everybody, speaking of us. We conservatives, we want everybody to do well. We want everybody to experience the opportunity — to maximize it — that living in this country presents people. We don’t have biases against people with this racism, sexism. We love everybody. We want a great nation. We want a great country. This means people need to be pursuing their own greatness, their own excellence — using their own ambition to whatever degree they have it.”

And the idea that we are somehow discriminatory and anti-this or anti-that? It’s just absurd. So I was ecstatic to hear the president say this last night. I was ecstatic to hear the riff that we love our faith, we love our flag, we love our freedom, we love our neighbors, we love our country — and the fact we don’t hear this from politicians. Here’s the riff on globalism. That’s next.

THE PRESIDENT: Global enriches foreign countries at our expense. Globalism!

CROWD: (grumbling)

THE PRESIDENT: I love our country. I’m the president of the United States of America.

CROWD: (cheering)

THE PRESIDENT: I’m not the president of the world!

CROWD: (cheering)

THE PRESIDENT: And as long as I’m president, America will never bow to a foreign nation like we were for so many years.

CROWD: (cheering)

RUSH: So, now I have an excellent opportunity to go back to one of the sources for my discussion yesterday. It’s this column by John Fonte at American Greatness: “Who Makes the ‘Rules’ in a ‘Rules-Based’ Liberal Global Order?” This is the piece that I read, and when I read it, lights went off. I’ve always known people hate Trump. I’ve always known the left hates Trump, the Washington establishment hates Trump. I’ve always known why. But the global elite, the hatred and opposition to Trump is so much greater than we even knew.

And it’s largely because of Make America Great Again. These people think they were really close! Folks, this is a serious thing that’s underway here, this business of eliminating the notion of national sovereignty. They’re on the way in Europe. They have so permitted the flooding of borders with people from other parts of the world that original cultures in many of these European nations are being diluted to the point that there may as well not even be borders. Well, there aren’t borders!

You don’t even need a passport to travel within the European Union now, and they sold that as, “Well, that’s just a bit of convenience, Mr. Limbaugh.” It’s not that. It was because of the desire to unite all these disparate, different nations into essentially one. The story admits the European Union is the model for the dream these people have of global governance. So let me read to you a couple of quotes again from this piece. “A top executive at Colgate-Palmolive,” which everybody thinks is a United States corporation, “declared, ‘There is no mindset that puts this country (the United States) first.’”

There isn’t? See, all of us think that there is. All of us think Make American Great Again is automatic, axiomatic, that it should be everybody’s objective. But it isn’t! There are people with grandiose designs of running the world, not just the United States. Donald Trump has gotten in the way. Donald Trump has upset so many different apple carts that we don’t even know how many there are.

“When she was a journalist writing for The Atlantic, current Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland was told by a U.S.-based CEO of one of the world’s largest hedge funds that he was not concerned about the ‘hollowing out of the American middle class.’” The fact that the American middle class might be losing ground doesn’t bother him! “He said that if the global economy [this CEO said] ‘lifts four people in China and India’ into the middle class and meanwhile ‘one American drops out of the middle class, that’s not such a bad trade.’”

What does that mean? That means that they look at this as a zero-sum game. (summarized) “If we can take some money away from America and transfer it to China or India to elevate their middle class to make them love us, then we’ll deal with that. We can deal with deal with America getting poorer,” and what, in fact, did Obama say? What was the Obama eight years? It was an attempt to get us used to a “new normal,” a steady decline from our expectations; economic growth no greater than 1.5%.

Constantly being told that the greatness of America was something of the past.

Economic prominence was something of the past.

“The days of you doing better than your parents? You can’t count on that anymore!”

This was all by design, and people were swallowing it. They were going for it. Obama and his regime tell us things like, “Well, our greatness in the past really wasn’t that great anyway. Look at what we plundered and look at what we stole! You know, we’re not a legitimate superpower. Our founding is immoral. Our founding is illegitimate.” Here comes Donald Trump saying, “To hell with all that! We’re going to Make America Great Again,” and it has upset the globalist plans (chuckles) of so many people. When you understand it in these terms, the hatred — I mean, the sheer, raw hatred for Donald Trump — begins to make a little bit more sense.


RUSH: And you just gotta love this, just laugh at it. CNN, talking about Trump’s rally last night, “President spreading fear and blame.” There’s not a single person that attended that rally or saw it who thought Trump was spreading fear or blame.

Trump is not about scaring people; it’s the exact opposite in fact. Just amazing. Of course, what they’re talking about, Trump saying, “If I don’t get re-elected, your 401(k) is gone.” And so see, you can’t say that; that’s scaring people. It’s better than Obama telling us that we get to keep our doctor and keep our health plan if we like it.


RUSH: Now, I want to wrap up, I’m glad this came up again because I didn’t really conclude this yesterday. This piece on — transnationalism is the word for it, as used by the proponents. They really don’t call it globalism because globalism causes red flags to raise. Transnationalism seems much less an affront. Transnational, why, who could argue with transnationalism? What it actually means is the joining together of every nation in the world under a single government. And the European Union serves as the model for this.

So here is a little history. The European Union “forced the removal of democratically elected leaders in Italy and Greece, and, led by Germany, facilitated mass migration from the developing world without the consent of the people,” in these countries.

Angela Merkel did it in Germany. It’s been going on in the UK for a long time. None of the people in these countries, France, none of these people voted for it. The leaders, they just unilaterally proclaimed open borders. Angela Merkel did it on the basis that the German birth rate was below replacement levels, if you remember.

So Angela Merkel said, we’re not going to have enough people to fill all the jobs this country has, this economy is going to need. So she was very proud when she announced a policy — this is just within the last three years — a new policy of allowing minimum 800,000 migrants from the Middle East into Germany. She did this as though it was a major achievement. And, again, she pegged it to Germany’s birth rate being below replacement levels.

It wasn’t just Germany. It was Greece and it was Italy and France. And it was done for a specific purpose. It was done to dilute or water down the identity of each one of these member states in the European Union.

Now, “It appears that the ‘rules’ have changed as the liberal global order envisioned by Reagan-Thatcher conservatives has morphed into the transnational progressive order of Barack Obama and Angela Merkel.”

This next pull quote is a salient part of this. “For decades conservative thinking has ignored the globalist challenge. The good news is that the Trump Administration is taking the conflict between democratic sovereignty and global governance seriously.” And it is.

By the way, I can confirm that elite conservative thinking has ignored this globalist challenge under various premises. One premise was it will never happen. Another premise was it could never succeed. B, or C now, it would be a gigantic conspiracy, and we don’t sign on to conspiracy theories.

So it was really downplayed as something that was happening. And if you wanted credibility in conservative circles you had to publicly disavow any belief in this. And it worked. I can’t tell you the number of conservatives, when this concept would come up, or when the discussion of globalism would come up, they would pooh-pooh it and say, “Don’t become a kook. Don’t become a conspiracy theorist.” And, yet, it’s happening.

Now, don’t assume that the people in charge of this never make a mistake, that they are ten steps ahead of everyone. They’re just a bunch of bumbling idiots as any other organization of people are. They may be wealthier. And they may come from positions of more concentrated power than average people.

But they’re not the best and brightest among us. They’re simply those who think they’re better than everybody else. And they’re not satisfied in positions of power in one country. And they sit there and they look at the world and they really think that the United States is one of the major problems in the world because the United States has an unfair amount of the world’s resources. And thus, the United States has an unfair amount of the world’s wealth. And this is simply not right.

These people are not capitalists in the strict sense. They may run corporations and they may practice fealty to certain capitalistic business practices, but in terms of free this, free that, free markets, they’re not capitalists. They believe that there is a small percentage of people in the world who are imminently qualified to rule others. And they try to tell themselves that their desires are for utopia, for a benevolent leadership.

But then they’ll look around the world and they’ll see all of these things they think are the problem. The United States, in these people’s view, is the problem because it has way too much of everything. Too much military power, too much economic power, too much wealth, too much freedom. All of this has to change if global governance is to happen.

So how do you take down the United States? How do you make that happen? How do you bring down the most powerful economy in the world? How do you erode a place where freedom is constitutionally enshrined in the government’s charter? How do you do this? Well, you do it very slowly, and you do it psychologically. And the Obama Administration was classic in their attempts at moving this concept along.

And not to be repetitive or to beat a dead horse, but look at how close it came. Look at how many people bought into the idea that America’s best days were behind us. Look at how many people, look at the millennials, look at the young people who have, still to this day, bought it, that think that the chances of them doing better than their parents are over. Why? Because their parents screwed everything up, and their grandparents are destroying the planet with climate change.

Every complaint, every problem that leftists cite has a singular solution, and that is a larger and growing government to deal with the injustice of it all. So, Obama and his people tell us that America’s super power status is not really deserved because our founding is unjust because of slavery or some other thing. And our economic power is not really deserved because what did we do? We stole resources from other nations around the world and all these horrible things.

So we’ve got to pay that back. We’ve got to recognize that what we have, not all of it is legitimate. So you start raising people’s taxes and you come out with government healthcare. You do everything you can to slow down the engine of the US economy. And when it happens, you tell people this is the new normal. Get used to it. All that great economic activity in the past, it was artificial. We didn’t really deserve that. It was brought about by trickle-down Reagan this, Reagan that.

And the more they spoke about it, with the media on their side, the more people they were able to convince, “Yeah, maybe it’s unrealistic to think we can have six percent economic growth or even three percent.” Remember when Trump came along and promised a minimum three percent? Remember the reaction that got? Why, he’s insane, that’s unbelievable. That’s so unfair. He should not mislead people like this.

Well, when Trump came along with Make America Great Again, that’s when panic set in because that’s what they were in the process of having to defeat, the idea that America is for America. The idea that America is America first, not to the exclusion of other nations as Trump has pointed out.

Make America Great Again does not mean making other people, other countries lesser. They all ought to be doing the same thing. There’s no reason to stop growth. There’s no reason for prosperity to end. There’s no reason to think that America is some tarnished place.

So Trump comes along and actually talks about the sovereignty in speeches to the United Nations. I’ll tell you, folks: Without a doubt the American leadership class is crucial to the success of a global governance project, and it’s because of the power of the United States as a nation. For global governance to work, the United States has to be diminished — and it would be best if America diminished itself willingly. All that takes is a bunch of people like Barack Obama and others in his administration who will buy into the idea that America deserves to be cut down a peg or two.

“And that, indeed, is the dream of American transnational [leftists] (including our corporate elites) — America would provide what they would loudly hail as ‘leadership’ in first creating and then submitting to the ‘rules’ of a supranational legal regime. This is what the American Bar Association means when it advocates the ‘global rule of law.'” Remember all these Supreme Court justices who think that we need to consult foreign law in determining American constitutional outcomes? Remember that? Remember everybody said, “What the hell does foreign law have to do with it?”

Well, it’s very, very important! As citizens of the world, we must incorporate foreign law. “This is what Robert Kagan meant when he asserted that the United States ‘should not oppose but welcome a world of pooled and diminished national sovereignty.’ This is what President Bill Clinton meant when he told his [buddy] Strobe Talbott…” He went to school with him. Strobe Talbott was a TIME Magazine journalist. Clinton told him “that ‘we have to build a global social system’ for a world in the future in which America was no longer the leading power.”

You would hear this, and you would discount it, because you can’t imagine any American actively, willingly participating in any kind of a plan that would eliminate or lessen American power. Who in the world would want to do that! That’s what we’re up against right now, folks. That is the Democrat Party today. That is what Trump and all the rest of us are actually up against: A group of people who think the United States is the problem in the world because of our wealth and our prosperity and our freedom, and who think it needs to be diminished and cut down in size if there is ever to be (impression) “true fairness and true equality,” and all of these other bromides that the left seems to believe in.

“[T]his is what President Obama meant when he told the United Nations in 2016 that by ‘binding ourselves to international laws and institutions’ and that by ‘giving up freedom of action’ and ‘binding ourselves to international rules over the long term’ America would actually enhance its security.” That’s from an Obama speech at the U.N. So in “the vision of the transnationalists, the American caterpillar is transformed into the global governance butterfly.” We are to cut ourselves down. We’re to make ourselves less of a threat. We’re to open our pockets to our wealth for the goodness of all.

Now, Trump to the U.N. “During his U.N. speech in 2017, President Trump mentioned sovereignty more than 20 times. He began by declaring ‘In foreign affairs we are renewing the principle of sovereignty.’ He stated, ‘Our success depends upon a coalition of strong and independent nations that embrace their sovereignty to promote security, prosperity, and peace.'” Anybody who says that Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing, that he’s just happily wandering along, getting it right by accident — anybody who says that Trump has no clue strategically what he’s doing or why — doesn’t have the slightest, foggiest idea who and what Donald Trump really is.

“The following year [2018], President Trump told the United Nations: [S]overeign and independent nations are the only vehicles where freedom has ever survived and democracy has ever endured … so we must protect our sovereignty and our cherished independence above all … We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism.” We Make America Great Again — and that is all why he is despised and hated, but mostly he’s feared.

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