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RUSH: Grab sound bite number 25. I want to get this one in and out. If I don’t do this right now when I’m thinking of it, it doesn’t fit with much else. But as a stand-alone, it’s one of these enjoyable things. This happened on CNN. Jonathan Martin, our old buddy from way back in the days when he was at Politico — and he still sends me every New York Times story he writes now. Every time I mention getting one, he sends me a little follow-up note: “Great to know you’re still reading my stuff.” Jonathan Martin.

So there’s this appearance that he did today. He was on with Kate Bolduan. Now, she spells her name B-o-l-d-u-a-n. Pronounced “BALD-win.” They were talking about women and sexist Democrats and sexism and racism and bigotry and homophobia and all this stuff, and Jonathan Martin shocked Kate Bolduan. She said, “You write” in the piece he has today “there are Democrats who chastened by Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016 who believe that a woman cannot win in 2020. Really?” She’s stunned by this! She can’t believe it that he’s actually written this.

So she said, “Really?” Is this really true?

MARTIN: It’s striking over the course of a couple of months this summer, talking to voters — not just at Warren events but events for other candidates — just how often you hear the same themes, and invariably those are the three issues that come up. It’s, “What is she going to say when Trump calls her ‘Pocahontas’?” because that’s going to drown out her broader policy message. And I think having seen what Trump did in 2016, both to the Republicans and Hillary with the nicknames. They all say it bluntly, that they have PTSD from 2016 and that they are just skeptical to the point of being cynical about where the country is now on gender. They simply say 2016 proved that we are not ready for a female president and we just have to play it safe this time around.

RUSH: He’s talking about Democrat voters! He goes out and talks to Democratic voters. He’s talking to Pocahontas voters. He’s talking to Democrats. And they’re down in the dumps because he’s hearing that Democrat voters think the country is still so backwards, still so patriarchal that a woman doesn’t stand a chance, and that Hillary Clinton is the clear and obvious evidence of it. This is a New York Times reporter saying this, and I don’t know. I just enjoy it. Whenever they hear something that goes against the grain of their own conventional wisdom, you can see they’re just not prepared for it.

This is the last thing anybody at CNN was thinking about until a New York Times writer comes along and says, “By the way, you know, there’s a lot of people out there, they think Trump is just going to spit her out. Just the nickname alone is going to beat her!” So I play this for you because I want you to always keep in mind: The media portrays the Democrats as assured and confident in their majority, that they are the majority, that America has become this anti-founding country that they seek. And it isn’t and it hasn’t. And whenever they get a comeuppance or the equivalent of a slap in the face to wake them up to reality, it’s just fun to behold.

Because the idea that the country is not ready to elect a woman? Do you realize how long ago they put that to bed? In fact, they think it’s the exact opposite. They think the country is probably clamoring for a woman and has been ever since Hillary Clinton ran in 2008! What they don’t see is that Hillary Clinton has lost twice. She lost in 2008 to the young, cool cigar/cigarette-smoking Barack Hussein O — and then she lost to Trump. She lost. But they still haven’t come to grips with it because, “She didn’t lose! The Russians stole the election.” They create these myths.

They create these lies and then they live them. So the only point here is don’t assume these people are ever superior. Don’t assume they are forever more confident. Don’t buy any of the attitudinal stuff that you’re exposed to each and every day in the Drive-By Media.

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