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RUSH: Over 600 employees at Google have signed a petition demanding that their bosses, Google executives, refuse to bid on a new contract with ICE, border patrol.

These Google employees are telling Google management that they, the employees, “refuse to be complicit” in ICE’s “human rights abuses” at the border, like putting children in cages or torturing children, other vulnerable people. The employees say that history is on their side.

Now, apparently these Google employees believe all of the fake news that the Democrats and the Drive-By Media have published about this, accusing ICE and Border Protection agents of running “concentration camps” and torturing kids. I mean, it’s total poppycock, but they believe it.

The real question here, what will Google management say to these fringe-kook employees who think they’re in charge of the company? Will they tell them to go pound sand or will they say, “Oh, okay, we’ll not grow. We’ll make sure we stay stagnant, let Microsoft and Amazon run past us so you people can be socially justice woke.”

What will Google do?  What do you think?

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