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RUSH: I want to start here with something that has not gotten any news at all that’s to me just a bombshell in the sense that it puts another exclamation point, a crossed T and a dotted I on this attempted coup of the president of the United States. A little story here from the Daily Caller. And the headline, “‘Spygate’ Professor Claims Immunity Against Russian-British Academic’s Lawsuit.”

So, you might think that if you saw that headline you’d keep reading because you don’t know what it’s about. But you see, I read the stitches on a fastball, I can spot the spin on the curveball before it hits the plate, thus I am prepared. This is a revelation getting zero attention out there.

This is a story about Stefan Halper, the Cambridge and Oxford professor co-opted as an attempted, embedded spy into the Trump campaign by the FBI. He has experience as a CIA informant and contributor and ditto with the FBI. Here is the story.

“Stefan Halper, the former Cambridge professor –” and, by the way, the fact that he is a Cambridge professor will explain some of his limitations as opposed to if he had been an Oxford professor. See, Oxford and Cambridge are, in the general spirit of things, they are competitors. And the professors at Oxford look at Cambridge professors the way Harvard would look at Bethune-Cookman or Southeast Missouri State. It’s a little inside joke that I’m letting you Oxford alumni know that I’m up to speed on what you all think of Cambridge.

But anyway, this is where Stefan Halper was a prof. Former Cambridge professor “allegedly met with several Trump campaign aides as an FBI informant.” This we know. He even attempted to be hired by the Trump campaign foreign policy team — and you know why? People have forgotten this, but the FBI was attempting to prove that the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia. And there wasn’t any. There was never any evidence. All they ever had was the dossier, and the dossier was unverified, unconfirmed.

So, Stefan Halper talked to Sam Clovis, some other people, tried to get hired. Thankfully the Trump Administration, the Trump campaign team didn’t hire him. Had Halper been hired, you know what would have happened? He would have then immediately started communicating with Russian agents. And they would have had their collusion. That’s what the FBI attempted to do.

And not just with Halper, they were using Joseph Mifsud to co-opt George Papadopoulos. They were using the Australian ambassador much the same way. But Halper is all over this hoax, or all over this silent coup. And he’s got a home in Virginia. He’s well known to people in the United States. He goes back as far as the Reagan Administration doing things. But his loyalties are to the international intelligence community. And they did try to get him hired.

And if the Trump campaign had hired him, that would have been the name you would have heard, who would have then been colluding with Russians, or would have stated that he discovered somebody else colluding with Russians and blown the whistle. He may not have implicated himself. But it was fortuitous that he was not hired. Anyway, here’s the story.

“Stefan Halper asked a federal judge Tuesday to dismiss a defamation lawsuit that a Russian-British academic filed against him in May.” And you know why? Stefan Halper says the government agents — and he’s one — have immunity from litigation. Now, he doesn’t confirm that he was an FBI informant in his motion to dismiss. And he does not admit to being a source for articles that ran during this whole sordid tale. But he argues that if he were an FBI informant, he would have immunity afforded to other government agents.

So, in effect, he’s admitting, by trying to avoid this lawsuit, he’s admitting that he was a government agent. Now, you may think, “Well, Rush, everybody knew that.” No, everybody didn’t know it. Everybody suspected. Those of us on the side of this trying to get to the truth, we were aware. The FBI has never admitted this. They haven’t admitted half of the things if not more.

And so the fact that Halper is now acknowledging that he’s a government agent to me is just another bit of icing on the cake to illustrate the point, which takes me into one more mention. I have to mention to you Andy McCarthy’s book, Ball of Collusion. Whenever this subject comes up, folks, I have to admit I get riled up all over again over what almost happened, over what was attempted.

And I saw Andy appeared on Fox News earlier this week. Somebody asked him the usual question an author gets, “Why did you write the book?” And Andy, and I remembered this, Andy said because I refused to believe that the place that I had worked, the place that he held in such high regard with esteemed reverence, the Department of Justice, he worked at the Southern District of New York as a prosecutor, so he had connections to the highest echelons of the Department of Justice, he refused to believe it.

When all this started, he could not believe that an FBI director would involve himself in a case like this. He could not believe that high-ranking officials at the Department of Justice would participate in something like this. He really could not believe that the Department of Justice and the FBI director and the acting attorney general would use something like the Steele dossier to go get FISA warrants to spy on political campaigns.

His experience was that the Department of Justice was indeed serious and impartial and would not lower itself to this extent, and so he originally didn’t believe any of these original allegations about the collusion and the attempt the FBI, the DOJ working together to undermine Trump with the dossier as the basis of it.

As he looked into it, he got gravely alarmed and then severely disappointed. Imagine working someplace, wherever it is, and having the utmost respect for it, that it has a lifetime great impenetrable reputation. And because you’ve worked there you’re invested in that reputation and you do everything you can to do your part to make sure that reputation remains unsullied.

It practically destroyed him when he found out that people in this revered institution had indeed lowered themselves to this kind of behavior which was purely political, outside the law, which is the exact opposite of what the Department of Justice stands for and is supposed to be. And so he began to look into it and remained further saddened, disappointed and angered by what he saw.

The result is this book, Ball of Collusion, which starts at the beginning with the need for these people to exonerate Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton had to be exonerated for all the rest of this to happen. And she was exonerated in ways the DOJ do not exonerate people. He couldn’t believe that.

The FBI director doesn’t go out and exonerate suspects. The FBI director doesn’t announce who and who isn’t going to be charged. The FBI director doesn’t go out and list illegal actions taken by people that are not charged. He couldn’t believe any of this was happening, simply couldn’t believe it.

So, they exonerate Hillary Clinton and then she ruins the plan. Plan A was to exonerate her. Plan B was the insurance policy to make sure that Trump didn’t get elected even if Hillary screwed things up. Plan B was what ended up being a silent coup: The attempt to destroy the Trump campaign, then transition and then presidency.

The writing in this book is layman extraordinaire. It is not legalese. It’s not hard to understand. And we’re already so far beyond it now. It just seems like yesterday that Mueller was testifying and yesterday we were immersed in this. But now all that’s been replaced by everybody is a white supremacist and everybody is a racist, everybody is a white nationalist, everybody is a Nazi, because the left doesn’t let a day go by. Something doesn’t work, they drop it and move on.

Slate.com got hold of a transcript of a staff meeting that the editor of the New York Times had with the newsroom staff, the editor Dean Baquet. And Dean Baquet actually admits that they were waiting for Robert Mueller to lower the boom. They knew that was going to happen. When Mueller didn’t lower the boom, they have to move on to Trump’s a racist.

They’re admitting in this staff meeting, the editor of the New York Times, it’s not a surprise to anybody that follows this, admitting that they are on a “Get Trump” agenda. And so things are moving with such lightning speed that the Russian collusion hoax and the silent coup and the Mueller investigation seems like ancient history now, but it remains one of the most dangerous and almost successful things that has happened under the guise of politics in our lifetime certainly and maybe, maybe in the entire history of our nation.

And that’s why this book is important so that you don’t forget it and so that information remains on your fingertips. And the depth of the research and the applied knowledge that Andy McCarthy has having been a line prosecutor at the Southern District of New York, knowing all of these people, knowing how things operate, being fully able to spot this behavior which was embarrassing and it was disappointing, it really is so well done, it’s so well written, it is energetic, it’s a historical recitation that reads like a novel. It’s a page-turner.

But more importantly Ball of Collusion is what the Mueller investigation should have been. That’s the best way to describe this. It’s what Mueller should have looked into. It’s what the conspirators were actually doing. It’s what the Mueller investigation didn’t want anybody to know had happened. It’s what the Mueller investigation purposely ignored and avoided and didn’t look into and that’s the value of this.

This book is going to be given to students at all levels of education once the dust settles on all this. Just came out this week, Ball of Collusion, and the subtitle “The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency,” by Andrew McCarthy, who refused to believe at the beginning that the place he worked was capable of this, which is why he wrote the book.

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