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RUSH: I mentioned this piece earlier. Paul Waldman at The American Prospect, a left-wing publication. “There Will Be no Justice for Trump’s Enablers.” Now, that headline’s a little confusing. This is actually a story of hatred, and it is written in the form of anti-Trump elitism. Now, this guy Paul Waldman is a hate-filled leftist guy, but he is having to come to grips with the facts, and the facts are that the Never Trumpers have failed. The Never Trumpers haven’t succeeded.

They haven’t moved their ball an inch!

The Never Trumpers haven’t even been a sore spot with Trump, much less a meaningful opponent. So now the Never Trumpers, the latest hero they are embracing is The Mooch, Anthony Scaramucci, who next week could change his mind and become a Trump groupie again. This guy is all over the board. Whatever will get him invitations to CNN and elsewhere is what he’ll do. Here’s a pull quote from the story:

“Even the party’s eminence grises,” that means the elites, “are in line; former vice president Dick Cheney, who has criticized the administration on foreign policy, will be raising money for Trump’s reelection. Which is as good a sign as any that the moral and professional accounting some Republicans feared — or hoped for — will never take place.” This guy is all upset that the people who enabled Donald Trump are not going to be kicked out of office.

They’re not gonna get kicked out of Washington. They’re not gonna be sent to jail. They’re not gonna be ruined. They’re not gonna be wiped out. They’re all joining Trump now! This guy’s beside himself! The Never Trumpers are alone on Epstein’s island, for all intents and purposes — without the girls. That’s how lost they are. This guy, Waldman, and a bunch of leftists have been expecting that all of these Trump “enablers” — elected Republicans that support Trump, conservative media that support Trump…

They have been hoping since 2016 that there would be a big price to pay because Trump is such a reprobate, he’s such an ogre, and anybody that supported Trump has got to get what’s coming to them. Well, it’s turned out that all those people are nothing but being rewarded. And even some of the anti-Trump elites, the Never Trumpers, are as ineffective as anything in politics as a movement ever has been.

This guy is mad as hell that all the people who have worked for Trump will never be ruined for the rest of their lives. That’s what the headline means. “There Will Be no Justice for Trump’s Enablers.” So these people… Folks, I can’t describe for you… I really can’t. I can’t describe how large and how deep the left-wing belief has been since 2016 election night that Trump was going down, that Trump was gonna be sent packing, and that everybody that voted for him and everybody that supported him was gonna go with him.

Everybody was gonna pay the biggest price! And they have created hoax after hoax after hoax after hoax after hoax starting with Trump-Russia collusion to try to get rid of Trump, to try to humiliate his voters into abandoning him. Nothing has worked, and the people in whom all the hope was placed, the Never Trumpers? You can’t even name five now. The left is facing a cold-shower reality every day that nothing’s gonna happen to Trump and he may (probably is) gonna be reelected. This is a major psychological thing, folks.

They have believed they were gonna get rid of Trump since before he was inaugurated. And everything they’ve tried has failed. They’re beside themselves. Imagine thinking of yourself as omnipotent, being able to have your way with anybody or anything — and that you’ve pretty much been able to do that. And then somebody comes along who you think everybody would agree with you that is an absolute disgusting piece of humanity, who getting rid of should be the easiest thing in the world — and you can’t do it.

I’m telling you, there’s gotta be some serious psychological disorders populating many of these people on the left. “In … Seattle, Trump Supporters Are Starting to Come out of Hiding.” The Seattle Times column by Danny Westneat. Now, the Seattle Times is not the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is the New York Times paper in Seattle. But nevertheless, I’m surprised that they published this. “The latest federal-election reports…” This is about donors, and let me tell you what this tells you.

As far as people in politics — professional political people — the money, the people behind the money, how many people are donating, that’s what matters to them. That’s how you find out how strong a candidate is. Look at the stories on Drudge today about Biden. Fundraising is falling out on Biden. The bottom is falling out. His fundraising has leveled off, and it’s dropping — and you couple that with crowd size, and you add to it the gaffes and it’s not a pretty picture. But in Seattle, San Francisco north:

“With nearly 15 months to go before the 2020 election, [Trump] already has drawn more donations from Seattle addresses than he did during the entire 2016 campaign. In Washington state, where his approval rating is 28 points underwater,” but even with that he “has still racked up far more donations, big and small, than any of the Democratic candidates — in fact more than the top six Democrats combined.” In the State of Washington, he’s “28 points underwater.” You know what that means. Trump’s approval number is 28 points lower than his disapproval number.

Despite that — and that’s just a poll, which could have been juiced in any direction the pollster wants. But in terms of donations, Trump “has drawn more donations from Seattle addresses than he did during the entire 2016 campaign. In Washington state … Trump has still racked up far more donations, big and small, than any of the Democratic candidates — in fact more than the top six Democrats combined. ”

That’s not to say Trump’s gonna win the state of Washington. That’s not the point here. The point is enthusiasm, belief. These people live in the world where nobody likes Trump anymore. They have destroyed Trump. They have made an ogre out of Trump. They’ve made a joke out of him — “Nobody likes Trump; everybody’s embarrassed of Trump” — and now they’re faced with the fact that Trump is outraising the top six Democrat candidates in a state Trump has no hope of even winning!


RUSH: Now, on this donor business in Seattle, we’re “not talking about total dollars raised — though on that front Trump is [killing it], too. But the total number of donations reflects how many people are inspired enough by a candidate to send any amount of money, sometimes repeatedly.” Now, Trump “has nearly three times as many donations from Washington state as Bernie Sanders does.”

Trump is not gonna win Washington state. I mean… (chuckles) Well, we say that. I wouldn’t… The way things are going, I would not be surprised what happens in this upcoming election on the pro-Trump side. But you’d have to say sitting here now, he’s not gonna win Washington, but how do you explain more donors and more dollars than the top six Democrat candidates? Because we’re told every day, “The Democrats are bursting with enthusiasm!

“They are filled with rage. They’re filled with hatred. They are filled with energy. They have got to get rid of Trump! Why, if they could vote tonight, they’d vote tonight.” Some of them maybe are. You know how vote fraud goes. Yet any measure of enthusiasm would have to include measuring donors, the number of donors and the amount of money that they donate. Now, you go to a blue state like Seattle where Trump supporters are just killing it on the donation side?

Believe me, political professionals pay more attention to this than they do practically any other metric because money is the mother’s milk of politics. Washington is the gigantic teat that everybody’s trying to get in there and suckle. Three times as many donations as Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders “has 8,080 itemized donations” in the state of Washington. Trump has 21,657. When your fundraising is breaking records… By the way, these people in Seattle now are starting to show up in public. Trump signs, Trump this.

The fear of expressing you are for Trump is dwindling in some of these blue areas.


RUSH: Half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair, just to be equal, just to be unoffensive, unthreatening, and all that stuff that affects scared people.

Here’s Susan, Seattle. Great to have you on the program. Welcome.

CALLER: Thank you very much, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, madam.

CALLER: I’m calling because living in Seattle you live like a scared rabbit when it comes to being a conservative.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: However, the thing about yesterday’s article from Danny Westneat is that the man has never in all of the years that I have read that paper — and I get it free because they can’t sell it — has never once had a good thing to say about Republicans, about conservatives, much less anything good to say about Trump.

RUSH: So how do you explain this, this piece? She’s talking about the piece I just read, excerpted, folks. “In Blue Seattle, Trump Supporters Are Starting to Come Out of Hiding.” How do you explain this guy who’s never had a good word to say about Trump, write a factual piece about his prowess in fundraising there?

CALLER: It befuddles me.

RUSH: I’ll tell you what it is. They’re scared to death. You can see it all over the media! The New York Times had a story two weeks ago — I need to find this from my archives. I keep referring to this. I need to get it in front of me. The headline was about polling showing Trump was, you know, fair to middling, no big deal, but the real story, the writer was scared to death because in the polling data was the fact that millions of people who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 now like him. It’s the exact opposite of what they expect to be happening out there. They think Trump supporters are gonna be abandoning because they’re fed up with Trump’s tweeting and all this other stuff.

CALLER: And that’s what he has been writing. He has been writing about the failure of the Trump administration. The whole Seattle Times paper, that’s all it is. You read the headline, and it’s down on Trump. Then if you go through and read the article, you might find the truth of what they’re saying, that he isn’t really that bad. The headlines in that paper are always misleading.

RUSH: Well, but that’s the Drive-By Media. There’s nothing new — I know it’s your paper so you take personal umbrage at it. But it’s like this for everybody in every town with their newspaper except maybe for New York and the New York Post.

CALLER: Perhaps.

RUSH: Well, it is! There’s no exception. Name a newspaper in the country pro-Trump. Look at what happened to the New York Times when they wrote a fair headline. The left went berserk. I forget what the headline was, “Trump Speaks Unity on Racial Matters.” The New York Times readers went nuts because the headline didn’t attack Trump! And they threatened to cancel their subscription.

There isn’t a pro-Trump newspaper in this country – well, I can’t say that because I have read up. There may be one here, there, in a state somewhere, but for the vast majority of newspapers it’s like you’re dealing with every day. They hate Trump or they don’t like Trump. They’re writing stories about how Trump’s base is abandoning him. “Everybody hates Trump because they don’t like Trump’s tweeting.”

CALLER: If you lived out here you would see that in person. They laugh at you if you say you like Trump or, God help you, if you wear a MAGA hat or a shirt.

RUSH: Yeah. You get beat up!

CALLER: That’s exactly right. And I’m 84 years old. I’m not up to that. Maybe 50 years I would have been.

RUSH: I bet you could handle one of those Antifa brats yourself —

CALLER: Oh, yeah. (laughing)

RUSH: — a bunch of wusses. But let me tell you, Susan, you asked a very good question. Well, you answered my question. You don’t know why this guy wrote the piece. He’s been perennially negative of Trump. They’re scared. This would scare anybody that’s in politics. And journalists are in politics. And in Seattle, state of Washington, California north, there shouldn’t be any Trump supporters there. I mean, no more than you could put in a phone booth if we had phone booths anymore.

And you find out that Trump is outraising the top six Democrat. That’s scary. That is scary! It goes against your entire reason for breathing every day. Your reason for breathing is to get rid of Trump and that you’re succeeding, that you’re convincing everybody that Trump is an ogre and a reprobate and all of it. Then you see that, and it just flies in the face of what you have told yourself is true. So it scares the hell out of you.

And you can find these stories pockmarked across American journalism now and then if you know how to spot them, which of course I do, which is one of the many reasons why I’m here. So, Susan, thank you very much. It’s great to have you with us.

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