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RUSH: I checked email during break (I always do) and I’ve got a couple emails from people, “Rush, I’m not used to hearing you talk about this conspiracy stuff, this global government stuff.” That’s why I say, “I don’t believe in conspiracies, because I don’t believe anybody can keep secrets. All these conspiracy theories that run around require massive numbers of people keeping a secret. It’s just not humanly possible. People cannot do that.”

That’s not my point. Folks, I have been sitting here — happily so — throughout the entirety of the history of this program trying to warn people of the imminent threat posed by liberals, by leftists. Their home happens to be the Democrat Party, although, have you seen what’s happening? Now they’re starting to attack Bill Maher? Rashida Tlaib is trying to get people to boycott Bill Maher’s show because Bill Maher does not support her boycott of Israel?

I’m telling you, the left is cracking up. The media, Democrats are cracking up far more than you can see. All of the signs are there. This effort by the New York Times to recast the founding of America at 1619 to coincide with the slave trade beginning in North America? It’s ridiculous. It would be laughable if they weren’t serious! But they are, and my whole objectives here is simply to get people to understand to instinctively oppose anything and everything liberals propose the minute you hear it.

That’s why I take the time breaking down what global government really is. It’s not the way it has been portrayed by conspiracy theories like the Trilateral Commission or the Council on Foreign Relations. It’s real! It’s a bunch of people who believe they are smarter and better than everybody else, who just simply have a mass craving for power and the access to money that that that will give them. They couch it all in improving lives, based on compassion and an attempt to establish a utopia.

The only thing you need to recognize… If all of this sounds beyond your ability to concede it, you just have to understand that for these people to succeed, the United States must be cut down in size. The sovereignty of the United States must be eliminated because any effort at globalism will fail if it cannot incorporate this market. So the time I have spent explaining globalism and its current manifestations is not to spread conspiracy theories. It is to alert people, as I always have.

(chuckles) But my dream would be if everybody in this audience — or if everybody who would just listen to me two times — would get it about liberalism. That’s the great threat that we face. The great challenge of our time is liberalism or socialism/communism, which now all find their home in the Democrat Party. They must lose and lose elections. They must continue to lose elections. They must never become the majority in this country. They must never become the majority of thinking.

They’ve always been around; they always will be. But they need to be defeated politically, annihilated politically on an ongoing, consistent basis. It’s a tough chore. Most people don’t see other people ideologically. Most people don’t see other people politically. Note that’s how the left is trying to accomplish it, though. Identity politics. They’re trying to get people who are wavering and don’t really care about all of this stuff to hate us on the basis of race or on the basis of gender or what have you.

They steer away from ideas. They can’t win debates on ideas. So they cloak and camouflage their objectives on other things, like compassion and happiness and freedom, whatever else, when they stand for the exact opposite of these things. That’s why I spend time talking about this. It’s just an ongoing effort to educate people what I think is the greatest threat that we face. Now, consequently, they think the same thing. They think the greatest threat that we face is us.

And they’re right, because we are standing directly in the way of their amassing all of this power that they want. We do not want power over them. We just want ’em to lose. We just want ’em to remain a minority. I don’t care if they’re happy or unhappy. The bottom line is we love everybody. We want everybody to appreciate living in this country. We want everybody to be able to access the wonderful opportunities this country provides everybody.

It really begins to test your patience listening to a bunch of malcontents that don’t know what they’re talking about who have been talked into hating this place.

Now, that’s why.

Now, there’s a couple other things here that I have been patiently waiting to do. First story, Washington Post: “He’s 26 Years Old But Still Sees a Pediatrician: Why Some Young Adults Don’t Move on — When Joann Alfonzo, a pediatrician in Freehold, N.J., walked into her office recently she mentally rolled her eyes when she saw her next patient: a 26-year-old car salesman in a suit and tie. ‘That’s no longer a kid. That’s a man,’ she recalls thinking.

“Yet, Alfonzo wasn’t that surprised. In the past five years, she has seen the age of her patients rise, as more young adults remain at home and, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, on their parents’ health insurance until age 26. ‘First it was 21, then 23 and now 26,’ Alfonzo says. ‘A lot of them can’t afford to live on their own and get their own insurance, or even afford the co-pay. And if insurance is offered at work, there’s generally a cost share ‘” blah, blah, blah.

So it’s a (impression) “Gee, you know what? We thought we were helping people where children can stay on their parents heath insurance and be covered until 26!” Now they’re still seeing pediatricians at page 26! Let me get to the next story — and I’ve already promoed this next story, but this one dove details with it. Ready for the headline? “We Have Ruined Childhood,” New York Times, written by Kim Brooks. “According to the psychologist Peter Gray, children today are more depressed than they were during the Great Depression and more anxious than they were at the height of the Cold War.

“A 2019 study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology found that between 2009 and 2017, rates of depression rose by more than 60% among those ages 14 to 17, and 47% among those ages 12 to 13. This isn’t just a matter of increased diagnoses. The number of children and teenagers who were seen in emergency rooms with suicidal thoughts or having attempted suicide doubled between 2007 and 2015. To put it simply, our kids are not O.K.”

Now, you know what this is? This is the New York Times; they realize something’s wrong. They haven’t the foggiest idea why, ’cause they can’t blame themselves. They have destroyed the concept of family. They have invented psychological disorders and then plugged people into them. They have demonized men for how many years? What’s the modern era of feminism traceable to, 1969-1970? Men, fathers have been berated and demonized all that time. Men don’t even go to college anymore ’cause they don’t want to get the crap handed out to ’em.

Women’s Studies? They don’t want to have to deal with angry women, angry over what men have done to ’em — and why do they think that? That’s what the media has told them. Now, we’ve been talking about this for 20 years. But there are more and more articles like this in a bunch of leftist places. They haven’t shown up in mainstream. They’re in leftist websites and so forth, ’cause everybody — well, every parent — wants the best for their kids, and they’re starting to see, “This is a screwed-up situation!”

I think it’s becoming very apparent to Millennial parents, parents of Millennial kids. Their kids are struggling in the wretched, horrible circumstances of the public school system. One of the answers to this mess (sobbing) “What’s happening to our children?” is homeschooling. It’s not just conservatives and Christian-oriented people who are choosing to pull children out of public schools. Look, it’s more complicated than I have the time to get into now. All I’m saying is, this is just another story.

There are so many stories today in mainstream media about how screwed up things are in areas they have been in charge of and they have been running. They just don’t know why. See, they’ve expected utopia. They have unexpected implementation of all of the things they believe to lead to utopian-type results — and instead, an absolute mess has been created, and step one is them recognizing it. “We Have Ruined Childhood.” I’m gonna save this ’cause it deserves to be detailed for you even more than I have time for now. So I’ll set this aside. Maybe get to it tomorrow.

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