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RUSH: You know who Mayor Pete is, South Bend, Indiana mayor running for president.  He devised an anti-ICE alert system to warn illegal immigrants in his town that ICE agents were about to conduct surprise raids on their homes or workplaces.

The Daily Beast had this story. Maybe Pete helped create a “phone tree” network so that word could instantly spread to illegal immigrants when raids were underway so they’d have time to escape.

So here you have a liberal Democrat who wants to be president, actively working against law enforcement in one of the agencies that he would lead. Not to mention Mayor Pete is aiding and abetting people who have broken the law. He’s helping them to remain outside the law.

Now in a sane world, all of this would disqualify Mayor Pete and he would be embarrassed. But no, my friends, he’s a Democrat. So his lawless and corrosive actions are portrayed by other liberals as heroic, compassionate, and even saintly.

Thankfully, the buzz around this “historic candidacy” is kind of wearing off. The thrill is gone. The novelty is gone. Chances that Mayor Pete will ever sit in the Oval Orifice are slim to none. But he can keep dreaming about the Oval Orifice all he wants.

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