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RUSH: Here’s Bill, Long Island. Great to have you, sir. What’s happening?

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s an honor. Listen, real quick, I got two questions and a quick comment. But I wanted to mention the Obamas’ Netflix series. They must have borrowed my president’s magic wand and they think they’re gonna use that. I guarantee you that series is gonna be nothing but vomiting excuses and blame. Guarantee ya. But, anyway, my question is this. You know, how many public officials have gone under the scrutiny that our president has and actually come out clean? You know, I think what’s happening here is a lot of people were sitting back watching and saying, “Wow, this may be the squeakiest clean public official we’ve ever had.” Forget about the womanizing stuff. You know what? I’m old enough to remember when a president philandering, it was almost accepted.

RUSH: Yeah, it was a resume enhancement for Clinton. There’s no question about it. No, I think that’s right. People have to be wondering. All these investigations and they’ve got nothing! There is a downside to it, however, and that is people may not want this kind of stuff going on all the time with their president. But, Bill, I appreciate the call. I am out of time, flat out of time. There’s more to say on this and I will say it.


RUSH: I’m gonna expand on this tomorrow: Trump emerging spotless from all these investigations. CNN has a story on their website, “Pondering Trump 2020: What Is the Magic That He Doles Out?” How does he do it? They’re starting to ask themselves the same thing. Don’t miss it tomorrow.

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