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RUSH: We have some follow-ups from yesterday. I spent a lot of time, as you recall, yesterday on the New York Times attempting to rewrite American history and the founding of America as dating to 1619 when the slave trade arrived in North America. You talk about the state of modern-day journalism.

And not only is the New York Times basically now preparing a series — it’s not even correct to say series of essays. The New York Times’ daily existence from now through Election Day 2020 will be devoted to the idea that all American greatness and exceptionalism is rooted in slavery. And the story that they ran yesterday is so chock-filled with lies about slavery, not just here, but in Great Britain — and the timing. It is all fake news.

Erick Erickson did some historical research and wrote a piece about it that I’m gonna be quoting from later just nuking the entire New York Times story yesterday.


RUSH: Okay. Yesterday I spent a lot of time, because it was a giant See, I Told You So. The New York Times has moved on to a new hoax. They have moved on to a new narrative. Every narrative — and it’s the end of journalism officially. The New York Times announced that there is no more journalism in the New York Times. There is simply agenda orientation and narrative advancement. And the New York Times has decided that America was not officially founded in 1776. And the Revolutionary War had nothing to do with America’s independence.

America was actually founded in 1619. And, by the way, we’re coming up on the 400-year anniversary, you see. And what happened in 1619 is the first African slaves arrived for sale in what is now Virginia. And so the New York Times and their new premise, their new narrative is that the United States is a gigantic fraud. That the real story of the United States that’s taught is bogus. That America’s true past is one of immorality, injustice, racism, bigotry, homophobia.

The premise is that everything great about America, American exceptionalism, all of America’s great achievements are essentially illegitimate because they would not have happened without slavery. This is the New York Times’ new premise. They preceded all this with a series of tweets six days ago saying that their project from now through the 2020 election would be to demonstrate that not a single American achievement would have happened were it not for the evil of slavery. And, therefore, everything about the United States is illegitimate.

I made a big deal about it because it was a giant See, I Told You So. This has been a message I have been conveying to you in this audience for years about the left’s true intent. The transformation of America as Obama described it, the eight years of Obama were indeed a plan designed to make Americans believe that the greatness of America was not justified, that it was indefensible, that all of the great economic prosperity the American people have enjoyed was not really legitimate because it was so ill-gotten in so many ways.

So the Obama people came up with this new term “the new normal.” “The new normal” is a steady declining economy that needs to be expertly managed, that Americans’ expectations need to be lowered, that the central ingredient of the American dream, that children will do better than their parents, is over.

This is what Obama and his acolytes told the American people. Economic growth in excess of one, one and a half percent should never, ever be expected. He even had a name for this, “the new normal.” America in decline, a decline that we deserved, by the way, a rollback in prosperity and power that we deserved because it was achieved in inhumane, illegitimate ways.

This has been the objective, it was the objective of the Obama administration and of the Democrat Party. And it dovetailed with their decision in November, in early 2010 to totally abandon white working-class voters as a primary ingredient of their constituency.

The Democrat Party officially cast aside the white working class and instead attempted to build a massive majority built on all of the minorities they could find and combine together. Illegal immigrants, African-Americans, Hispanics, women, lesbians, gays, sexual, bisexual, transgender, the confused, whoever, all of these disparate groups, the victims of America, the victims of America’s unjust founding would become the constituency of the Democrat Party. That’s the decision they made.

So along comes Donald Trump, who doesn’t want any part of this, has a slogan Make America Great Again. This is crazy! What do you mean, American decline? What do you mean new normal? There’s no need for this. It’s totally unnecessary. America is great, justifiably so, and we need to focus on being even greater.

His victory alarmed and scared the entire liberal establishment worldwide who, in reality, want a declining America to further their globalist ambitions of eliminating the concept of nation states. You can’t succeed at that unless you eliminate the sovereignty of the United States. And you can’t do that unless you’ve got willing American leadership. And they had it with Barack Obama.

The reason Donald Trump is hated and despised and feared is not just the Washington establishment. It is the worldwide globalist establishment. So in response to Trump, the New York Times, a leader in this globalist, “Let’s take America down a peg or two ’cause America doesn’t deserve her status” crowd has their new agenda that America’s true founding was when slaves first arrived, and everything that happened thereafter is basically criminal. The United States is a criminal state that has achieved its unwarranted power and prosperity on the backs of people of color.

So we are faced with an active political opposition which has finally been honest about its intentions for the last 20 or 30 years, maybe even longer, and that is to destroy the United States as founded, take it down many notches in power and prosperity, on the premise that none of it has been deserved, that none of it has been warranted, that all of it is ill-gotten and all of the people who have benefited from this injustice of the American founding need to also be called out and punished: the white supremacists, the white nationalists, the white — essentially the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

There’s only one problem – well, there’s more than one. But a primary problem the New York Times faces is that everything in their premise is a lie. Not a single bit of it is factually true.


RUSH: So Erick Erickson tackles this New York Times story at his website. “Another Egregious Factual Error in the New York Times’ 1619 Project. … Its first essay” in this effort by the Times “from Nikole Hannah-Jones … contains an outright falsehood.” Let me quote from her piece. “Conveniently left out of our founding mythology is the fact that one of the primary reasons the colonists decided to…” By the way, you’re gonna freak when you hear this. This actually ran in the New York Times.

This is in the first essay on this premise that America’s real founding coincides with the slave trade. Ready? (impression) “Conveniently left out of our founding mythology is the fact that one of the primary reasons the colonists decided to declare their independence from Britain was because they wanted to protect the institution of slavery. By 1776, Britain had grown deeply conflicted over its role in the [racism and slavery] that had reshaped the Western Hemisphere. In London, there were growing calls to abolish the slave trade.”

This is a crock of the first order! The Brits were not the leading edge! The colonists had no desire to separate from the king because they wanted slavery! The truth of the founding of America is that there was no way to put the 13 colonies together without acknowledging the need of the Southern states to be able to maintain their slavery positions. But every one of the Founding Fathers wrote of slavery in a condemning, critical way. “[T]he abolitionist movement in London,” and this is a point that Erick makes here, “did not take off … until after 1776…”

Look it up! The name is William Wilberforce, and he was the leader of getting rid of slavery in Great Britain. Movies have been made about the efforts of William Wilberforce, spelled exactly like it sounds. But his movement to abolish slavery “did not take off … until after 1776 and it still dragged on well into the [1800s]. In fact, Massachusetts’ began considerations on abolishing the slave trade in 1767,” before the founding, “and voted again in both 1771 and 1774 to end its practice altogether,” even before our founding in Massachusetts.


RUSH: Now, back to Erick Erickson’s piece. I was really time crunched so let me go over these dates again. The first factual error that the New York Times makes is that the primary reason the colonists decided to declare their independence was because they wanted slavery and the British king wouldn’t allow it.

This is such a lie, I don’t know where to start with it. It is obscene, this lie, that America’s Revolutionary War was fought because the Brits would not allow us to — They were operating a slave state themselves. They didn’t get rid of it ’til long after we did. The abolitionist movement in London didn’t take effect until after we were founded in 1776. It dragged into the early 1800s.

But let’s look at Massachusetts. Massachusetts began considerations on abolishing the slave trade in 1767. We were not founded ’til 1776. Practically 10 years before our founding, Massachusetts was making plans to get rid of it. They voted again in 1771 and 1774 to end slavery, the last time two years before the founding. The only reason it failed, the British government vetoed Massachusetts’ request.

In other words, Massachusetts remained a slave state despite voting to get rid of it because the British overrode it with a veto before our revolution. And yet the New York Times is claiming that we revolted because the Brits wouldn’t let us keep slavery?

Now, the second lie from Nikole Hannah-Jones is her statement about one of the primary reasons. She says that preserving slavery was a primary reason for our revolution. That is an out-and-out lie. The Continental Congress, 1774, pledged to end the slave trade, and in 1776 even southern states had agreed to abide by nonimportation of slaves from abroad. Take it from the founders on words who were writing before 1776 about slavery and the need to end it.

This is so commonly known. This project at the New York Times is obscene. The advent of slavery and the relevance of slavery to the American founding, we were founded on the premise that slavery had to go and our founding documents were written in ways to permit that to happen, as the new nation aged. There were compromises that were needed to assemble the 13 colonies, some of them in the South, and allowing them to maintain the slave trade for a time was part of it. Nobody’s denying that.

But this is an out-and-out series of lies from the New York Times that our founding, that our Declaration of Independence from Britain was because they wanted, the colonists wanted to protect slavery? The words of the Continental Congress, the words of the founders as written and published say the exact opposite.

“Few even of the most enlightened Virginians were willing to declare, as Thomas Jefferson did in the instructions he wrote for his colony’s delegation to the Continental Congress that the rights of human nature are deeply wounded by this infamous practice.” These are the words of Jefferson. “The rights of human nature are deeply wounded by this infamous practice. The abolition of domestic slavery is the great object of desire in those colonies where it was unhappily introduced in their infant state.” That’s Bernard Bailyn writing in the ideological origins of the American Revolution.

“Benjamin Rush, in a sweeping condemnation of slavery, ‘On Slave-Keeping’ (1773), begged ‘Ye advocates for American liberty’ to rouse themselves and ‘espouse the cause of humanity and general liberty.’ Bear a testimony, he wrote in the language of the Quakers, ‘against a vice which degrades human nature,'” talking about slavery.

I mean, I don’t know how to properly characterize this. But anybody who has been taught even the slightest factual truth of our founding knows that this entire premise of the New York Times is criminally wrong, journalistic malpractice, criminally wrong. They’re literally just making up a new reality.

And they’re not stopping at publishing this stuff in the paper. They’re now creating a public school curriculum, part of the so-called 1619 Project to be implemented in as many public schools as possible to coincide with this new hoax, this new project of theirs to convince people that the founding of America is not what they’ve always been told that it was.

You have to marvel at the grandiose objectives of these people and you literally have to marvel at the willingness to out-and-out lie. Now, I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen here. If nature holds its course, the New York Times is the leading news organization in this country, and other news organizations dutifully follow it.

And if the New York Times is literally gonna do this, if they’re gonna start a project here called 1619 that is designed to rewrite the founding of this country as something that did not happen when it was stated to happen, that it actually began with the slave trade and that everything that’s happened since 1619 is therefore unjust, indecent, and disqualifying, then every other news organization is gonna have to pick this up. Otherwise the New York Times is gonna be stranded and alone with it.

Because whatever else the New York Times leads with: Trump-Russia collusion, Kavanaugh’s gotta go, whatever it is, the rest of the media, local newsrooms, national newspapers, local newspapers, they follow like puppy dogs the lead of the New York Times. The Democrat Party had better be very wary of this, because if the media, which I claim has been running the Democrat Party for a while now. The media is the intellectual energy or the foot soldier warriors. They are leading the party. They are providing the talking points. They are firing the weapons against us, their political enemy.

If they really think that there is a presidential election to be won, just waiting to be won by convincing Americans that everything about their country is a lie, that it’s truly a horrible place, and that everything great, supposedly great is now disqualified because it wouldn’t have happened without slavery, they think that is going to prevail over the message behind Make America Great Again or Keep America Great Again?

I have seen desperation. I have seen panic throughout my life professionally, personally, I’ve seen it. I know what it looks like. I’ve never seen this degree of panic. And some will say this is not panic. This is satanic. However you want to characterize this, this is an act of pure desperation. The idea that somebody somewhere thinks this is the way to amass a majority — and I’ll tell you why they think so. “Well, hey, Rush, it didn’t do badly for them in the midterms 2018. All this radical socialism, it didn’t hurt ’em then, it didn’t hurt ’em winning some governorships back.”

Well, all politics is local. Those were local districts, Democrat districts, but they weren’t carrying this message so much. They had not spelled it out. They were acting out. They had not spelled it out like the New York Times is now spelling out. We shall see. Won’t take long.


RUSH: Take a look at the Dittocam. Make the switch there, Brian. This is on the New York Times right now. I’m sorry, the Washington Post. The Washington Post. The New York Times is leading on this whole thing that America was founded in 1619 on the backs of American slaves, and now the Washington Post… I’m telling you, folks, do not doubt me: The rest of the media will follow them. (dramatic voice) “The Dawn of American Slavery” in the Washington Post. These people are reelecting Donald Trump as we sit here is the bottom line.

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