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RUSH: The liberals are back in court suing Trump. Again.

California, Maine, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and the District of Columbia are suing the administration over Trump’s “new” immigration rule that requires immigrants applying for green cards to be self-sufficient. Why, who would think of such a dastardly thing!

The attorney general of California is accusing President Trump of “weaponizing” the rule. He says half the children in California are immigrants, and that Trump is “targeting” kids who use school lunch programs or welfare.

But, folks, this rule isn’t really new. Green card applicants have always had to be able to take care of themselves without relying on taxpayers for welfare. It’s always been a condition, but that requirement has been ignored lately.

Why? Because enforcing the rule would have stopped the flood of immigrants — legal and illegal — into states like California, where Democrats now brag that half the children are immigrants. What a brag that is — and dependent on government handouts, many of them are. That’s to California (and the Democrats’) benefit too.

So here in a nutshell is what the Democrats’ immigration “position” is really about: Creating an entire class of people dependent on government benefits, who can be counted on to vote Democrat to keep the government benefits! You talk about dehumanizing people? That’s your Democrat Party.

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