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RUSH: I was all ready to go. I had everything all lined up and in order, and this is what happens. Every day at the very last minute I get something that upsets everything I had planned. Everything I had planned is still gonna happen. But man, oh, man, folks, these people are beyond being categorized now.

Do you know the name Laurence Tribe? Laurence Tribe, law professor emeritus. He’s part of the Professor Dershowitz crowd at Harvard. And he is the Democrats’ favorite Supreme Court justice that’s never been nominated. That’s who he is. He used to be on Nightline all the time. He was always on these shows. I think he’s gotten too senile now to be comfortably put on TV without a handler. So you don’t see him on TV much. Maybe see a Twitter video, YouTube video, but outside of that I don’t see him much.

But he remains the Supreme Court justice that’s never been nominated, meaning they think that he’s the smartest lawyer ever in the country to be passed up for it. Now, what’s happening, the Democrats I think are having trouble getting traction, so they have to keep trying to outdo themselves. It’s kind of like little kids in your house shouting and if you ignore them, then what do they do? They start shouting even more. Then they might break the window. Then they might throw chocolate pudding on the dog, whatever it takes to get your attention finally.

Harvard Law Professor Accuses ‘[F–king] Racist’ Trump of Wanting to ‘Reverse Outcome of the Civil War.” That’s now the way they’re trying to go about explaining to people that Trump is a racist. See, they’ve been calling us, all of us racists for so many decades that it’s kind of lost its impact. So then they went to white supremacist. And then they went to white nationalist. And it’s not moving any meters. It’s not moving any needles. People are yawning and going ho-hum.

So they turned to Larry Tribe. “Larry, what can we do? How can we describe ‘em?”

(imitating Tribe) “Well, you tell ’em, you tell ’em Trump is trying to reverse the outcome of the Civil War.”

So Trump is basically trying to relitigate the civil war so that the confederacy wins is what this guy is trying to say that Trump’s objective is. Now, I don’t care what Trump’s approval number is, and I don’t care what people think of Trump, this is absolutely insane. There isn’t a single — well, that’s not true, either. There are gonna be people, “You know, you know what, that’s a good way of saying it, Larry. You keep talking, dude.”

But, man, folks, it’s like they’re trying to call Trump an anti-Semite now. Let’s see. His daughter converted to Judaism to marry a prominent Jewish guy. That would be Jared Kushner. And therefore Trump’s grandchildren are Jewish. How many kids has Ivanka got? They got three, so he’s got three grandkids who are Jewish. His daughter, his eldest daughter is a converted Jew. And her husband, of course, is Jewish. And Trump has many Jewish people working for him in the Trump Organization. Somehow Trump is now anti-Semitic because of what he’s trying to do to keep Tlaib and what’s-her-face out of Israel.

Meanwhile, it’s the Democrats that provide the residence and the home for anti-Semitism today. They won’t even condemn it. And there’s a story today, there’s an op-ed editor or actually an editorial, political department the New York Times editor who’s had some of the most vile anti-Semitic statements on Twitter since 2010. Some of them have been pulled down some of them haven’t.

But the New York Times is owned by the Sulzberger family, which is a Jewish family, and they’ve got people all over that paper that are anti-Semitic, anti-Israel. And, by the way, these tweets are not anti-Israel. In fact, I hadn’t planned on getting there, but let me hit the Stack here and find this story, because this always happens, folks, and I beg your indulgence here as I find this. And, no, I’ve tried putting all this stuff on the computer and it does not speed up trying to find it. I just have to get to it when I do. Yeah, here we go.

“A New York Times political editor has a years-long history of antisemitic and racist comments on his Twitter page.” His name is Tom Wright-Piersanti. That’s hyphenated. Tom Wright-Piersanti. He’s “a Senior Staff Editor at the New York Times for more than five years according to his LinkedIn page and according to his Twitter page oversees the newspaper’s political –” I’m sorry. People can’t write anymore. There should be a comma in there. “According to his Twitter page [comma] he oversees the newspaper’s political coverage, has made a series of antisemitic and racist tweets over the years. Many of them are still public on his Twitter page as of the publication of this article, but some have since been deleted.”

It’s a Breitbart story that tracked this down. “One tweet that is still public is from the early morning of New Years Day in 2010 –” admittedly it’s nine years ago but the guy’s not been called out, it’s still there. He is one of the political assignment editors at the New York Times. “He admits he is antisemitic but announced that his New Years resolution was to be less antisemitic,” going forward, “even though the tweet’s content mocks Jewish people.”

And here’s the tweet: “’I was going to say ‘Crappy Jew Year,’ but one of my resolutions is to be less anti-Semitic,’ Wright-Piersanti tweeted on Jan. 1, 2010, at 9:35 a.m. “So…. HAPPY Jew Year. You Jews.”

Now, this is before he started working at the New York Times, but they hired him. This was public. It was clear as a bell the guy’s an admitted anti-Semite, and the New York Times hires him. And now they’re out lecturing the country about racism in a contrived and convoluted manner simply to undermine the Trump presidency, when they employ and favorably cover actual racists and actual anti-Semites.

Another tweet from the evening of December 15th, 2009, from this guy. His name is Tom Wright-Piersanti, senior staff editor New York Times for more than five years. It includes a photograph of a car with what looks like a menorah, culturally and religiously associated with a Jewish holiday on the roof. It’s an actual menorah, it’s not a sign. It’s not painted. It’s an actual menorah with the lights on the roof of the car! And he comments, “Who called the Jew police?” quote, unquote. “Breitbart News has not been able to determine what Wright meant by ‘the Jew-police.’” Well, we all know what it means. The menorah looks like flashing red lights, flashing blue lights on the top of a cop car so he sees a car with a menorah on it, the Jew police.

Now this guy is still in charge of political news assignments at the New York Times and they’re running stories today about what an anti-Semite Donald Trump is, when the anti-Semitism is in the Democrat Party, and it’s on the left. There are at minimum elected two Democrats who ran on the premise of hating Israel, they grew up hating Israel. I’m talking about Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

And they’re doing the same thing with the economy now.


RUSH: We got a call from Martha’s Vineyard about Trump and the anti-Semitism and so forth and I want to grab it. Russ, great to have you with us, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, how are you? It’s a pleasure to speak with you.

RUSH: It’s great to have you with us, Russ. I’m glad you made it through here today.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I just wanted to say that I’m Jewish, I’m a conservative, and I want to thank President Trump for being the first president to ever stand up and speak the absolute truth, unfiltered without all the soft and fluffy words. You know, I’m blown away by how the left has had to bend themselves into a pretzel to figure some way of saying, “Well, President Trump’s an anti-Semite.”

It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. When Rashida Tlaib said, “I’m not going” — you know, obviously that blew her cover because she really wanted to cause trouble there. And President Trump comes back and says if you’re Jewish and you vote liberal, you’re either unfaithful or you’re uninformed. I mean, how much more true can it be?

RUSH: Yeah, but they mischaracterized it. They said Trump was accusing liberal Jews of being disloyal to America. They purposely misstated what he was saying. Look, your point is right on the money. He is the first president and the highest ranking elected official ever in my memory to actually call this out and people involved in it for what it is and what they are. And it has so upset the standard-bearers, it’s so upset the existing protocol, they don’t know how to deal with it. So they have this knee-jerk reaction.

All they can say, Trump’s racist, Trump’s bigoted, Trump’s homophobic, Trump’s anti-Semitic. These are the list of complaints or allegations that they constantly throw at Republicans and conservatives. They do it mindlessly. Meanwhile, they’re actually on the Democrat side electing people who hate Jews.

CALLER: No question.

RUSH: They are electing people who are militant Islamists like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, and there are many more of them lurking waiting to run for office, by design. They hate Jews. They hate Israel. And they’re not too fond of America, when you get right down to it.

CALLER: Rush, one of the things that bothers me is that I believe the Jews in the United States are liberal because they’ve had it so easy. If they had to face the same kind of dangers every day of the week that Israelis face, they’d never be liberal.

RUSH: Well, this has been something — I have a lot of — you know, you can’t say this without people accusing you of being something or other. But over the course of my life I’ve known a lot of Jewish people, a lot of Jewish friends, and I know several religious Jews who are very conservative. And they have the same curiosity about how in the world can liberal Jews exist knowing what we all know. And I’ve told them that they’re liberals first, not Jews first. Be it a feminist, they’re all liberal first. That’s the religion.

CALLER: Yes. And it’s almost like part of a cultural club.

RUSH: Well, but there’s also another reason for this, and it’s actually an example, you could call it a testament to the power of branding, the power of the ability of Drive-By Media to bend and shape. I’ve actually met liberal Jews, and I’ve talked to them about this. And some of them have convinced me that they really believe that conservatism is the equivalent of Nazism.

Now, who has been saying things like that for years? The American media, the Democrat Party. Is it any wonder they call Trump Hitler. They called George W. Bush Hitler. His nickname was Bush Hitler. The left has done this for as long as I’ve been old enough to pay attention. And there are a lot of liberal Jews who are not very bright, and they haven’t applied themselves intellectually. They just accept it.

You know what it’s like? It’s like when I was growing up the Democrats every presidential election would accuse the Republicans of wanting to take Social Security away from senior citizens. And then they’d accuse ’em of wanting to kick senior citizens out of their homes! And I would marvel at senior citizens believing it.

So I would go talk to them, “Do you really think, do you really think the Republicans are gonna take your Social Security? Has it ever happened? Has any Social Security ever been taken away?” And the answer I got was, “I can’t take the chance. I’ve got to vote for the people who are telling me they’re never gonna take it away. I can’t take the chance that Republicans won’t take it away.”

It works the same way with a lot of constituency groups on the left. They have been lied to and propagandized with a bunch of really despicable hatred about Republicans and/or conservatives and their reaction is, “I can’t take the chance. Yeah, I don’t think anybody would really ever take my social, but I can’t take the chance that there won’t be one come along that might.”

It’s another reason why I say this election is gonna be based on base turnout, base strength and base donations. But your point about Trump being the first elected official, highest elected official president to actually come out and say the truth about this is just causing all kinds of discombobulation on the left. They don’t know how to deal with it. They have had the run on this issue, they’ve owned it, they have been able to stifle any opposition.

And here comes Trump, and not only does he say these things, he doesn’t even seem to be afraid to say them. He just launches with them. And it’s not just on this. The Second Amendment, and what the Democrats’ purpose is there. He’s telling people, the Democrats want to take your guns! There hasn’t been an elected official on the Republican side that has been that point-blank about what the Democrat purpose is. There hasn’t been a Republican come down the pike that tells the American people what the Democrats’ real objective is with illegal immigration, but Trump does. And they don’t know how to deal with it.

They’re used to being able to silence people on the right who say these things. They’re used to being able to get them fired. They’re used to being able to have boycotts of advertisers or other supporters. Somebody comes out and says what Trump says about liberal Jews, in the usual situation that person is finished.

They are able to destroy, get that person fired, get that person demoted, get that person boycotted, what have you. They can’t hurt Trump. They don’t know how to deal with it. The same thing is happening on the economy now.


RUSH: Who’s next? Matt in Bristol, Connecticut. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Always a privilege to talk to you. I feel like I’ve grown up listening to you.

RUSH: You probably did. I appreciate that.

CALLER: My question is, one day after the conference that Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar called Benjamin Netanyahu’s presidency oppressive, oppressive regime, there was a report that the Palestinian authorities actually started arresting the LGBTQ community.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, I saw that.

CALLER: I haven’t heard anything from them, and I was just wondering your take on that.

RUSH: I loved it. I’m glad you reminded me. It’s one of the things I had in the Stack that I didn’t get to. It’s classic. It’s classic. Here you have these militant supporters of the Palestinian Authority, Palestine. In fact, they didn’t say they were going to Israel. They were going to Palestine. There isn’t a Palestine. These are militant Islamists. They are anti-Semites to the core. It’s why they wanted to come to this country and run for Congress.

So they get elected, Ilhan Omar and Tlaib. And they claim they are great leftists and have all of this tolerance and understanding, and yet the actual organization they are devoted to, the Palestinian Authority, is intolerant of homosexuality, is intolerant of transgender this or transgender that. They don’t permit it, like it isn’t permitted anywhere in the Muslim world. In fact, it is punished severely. And they ignore it.

They’re gigantic hypocrites. They ignore it. They would never call their own organization oppressive, and they would never demand that the Palestinian Authority shape up and start treating homosexuals and transgenders fairly. Instead they’ll go out and lie and claim that Netanyahu and the Israelis are the big oppressors. Yeah. That’s a great, great reminder.

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