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RUSH: So the ChiComs announce they’re gonna raise tariffs, $75 billion. The Dow Jones Industrial Average down about 500 points, and Trump hereby orders U.S. companies to start looking for an alternative to China for manufacturing and so forth. Of course, the media and the Democrat Party find themselves in a fascinating situation. They’re actively hoping for American economic decline. They actually find themselves on the side of the ChiComs here.

If the ChiComs are going to try to make life tougher for Trump and tougher for American consumers, then the Democrat Party really has no choice other than to support them, and the media ditto. And that is exactly what is happening as this story unfolds.

Rather than the media and a political party joining the president trying to bring a trading partner to heel and to engineer a fair set of trading circumstances, the media and the Democrat side with the ChiComs, portraying Trump as the out-of-control Looney Tune that is destabilizing the world. It’s almost like he’s a mad scientist hereby ordering U.S. companies to start looking for an alternative to China. And, you know, this isn’t new, this position the Democrats actively seek. We coined a phrase for it some years ago years ago.

I think I first actually became aware of this as an active Democrat Party or leftist desire back in the early 2000s. Now, it might predate that because the years run together, but I remember concocting a phrase, what’s good for America is bad for the Democrats and what’s good for the Democrats bad for America. And it’s playing out right before our eyes.

I don’t know what people know or don’t know about the trade situation with China — meaning to what degree or level of ignorance — and I’m not talking about stupidity. I mean genuine ignorance, do people not know about the situation regarding trade with China and how unfair it is and how unfair it’s been for so long.

Let me briefly run through it again for those of you that don’t know. This audience is attracting new people daily, folks. It’s astounding, the growth rate that we’re experiencing here. The point is that there are people listening here for the first time every day. And so while you may have heard me make a point or two over and over, there are people every day who are hearing it for the first time; so I beg your indulgence on this. I’ll make this as brief as I can.

As the world’s lone superpower in the post-World War II era — now, you have some things like Vietnam thrown in and the terrorist attacks, and we’ve had our go with the Soviet Union, so-called competing superpower, and some people think that the ChiComs are themselves another superpower. But they aren’t, yet. We are it. We are the lone superpower of the world.

One of the ways that you can demonstrate this, we are the reserve currency of the world. The U.S. dollar is the currency that all the world trades with. Just as English is the official language of international air traffic control. When you’re on an American airline flying into Hanoi, the air traffic controllers are speaking English in Hanoi. They have to.

It’s not incumbent upon U.S. pilots to learn all of the languages of the places that they travel. Air traffic control around the world is English. We economically run the world. We have for a long time. We militarily run the world. We have for a long time.

Now, this reality has made a lot of Americans nervous over the years, predominantly liberal type, Democrat type people who have felt guilty over this. They felt guilty that the United States has so much more than other nations, so much more economic prosperity, so much more military might, so much more of everything. And it’s really bothered people on the left. And it’s a sign to them that America’s unfair.

And it is actually the root, folks, of people believing that the United States is not a legitimate superpower, that we have stolen resources from other countries, that we have plundered other countries, that we now have built our success on the backs of slaves dating all the way back to 1600s. Some people just haven’t been able to deal with it. Of course, the European nations all think that they are our allies but they are Podunk compared to us, militarily and economically. They’re allies in the sense that they’re democracies. But many of them have become functioning socialist democracies and they’re in the process of destroying themselves with their own immigration policy. But they were our allies, they’re our friends.

So as to not laud it over them, we had people on our side who allowed our pockets to be picked now and then. It became almost required that we accept the short end of every economic relationship that we had just to show the world that we didn’t intend anybody harm with all of our power, economic might, military might.

So we allowed unfair trade deals to develop with lesser nations for a host of reasons. And among them was liberal guilt. There was also the belief that if we did this, that it would be less likely some of these startups and renegade countries would launch missiles at us, that we would be safer.

And these arrangements and this way of thinking was the world order that John McCain spoke of during the 2016 campaign. When Trump was running around talking about making America great again, McCain was one of the first people to panic over that. And he would say things, “Why do we want to throw away this order that we built and run since World War II, why do we –” You see, making America great again, restoring America’s preeminence and admitting it as a good thing, that’s not what American foreign policy has been, folks. It may surprise you.

America has allowed itself — leaders, various think tankers, various bureaucracy, cabinet heads, you name it, United Nations, take your pick in these groups — willingly permitted the United States to be limited in what it could do for itself and limited in arrangements with other countries as a way of showing we don’t mean anybody any harm, as a way of demonstrating that we weren’t a threat, and as a way to assuage our guilt in having so much more that maybe wasn’t deserved.

And this lasted for decades, until Trump came along. And one of these deals, one of these arrangements is the trade deal we have with China for I don’t know how long, where essentially China had open access to our market. They could manufacture whatever they wanted. The cheapest, most worthless stuff in the world they wanted, and they would have total access to our markets at very low prices.

And it got to the point where the ChiComs were making things, Japanese for a time, too, were making things that ended up costing much less than what they cost to build in America. We didn’t change the trade arrangement. We allowed all of these foreign goods to come in with no tax, no tariff, no penalty. The world had open access to the market because this is perceived as what was fair, to show the world that we’re not mean people, to show the world that we don’t intend any harm.

We willingly sat by and let ourselves get taken advantage of. And this was considered wise diplomacy. And the number one beneficiary of arrangements like this was the ChiComs. In addition to flooding our market with cheap goods, they imported none of ours. And they were under no requirement to import any of ours. Now, they would import a few things here, soybeans, maybe some agricultural products, just to make it appear like it was a two-way street. They didn’t want to purposely agitate us, but the balance was profound.

Then they started manipulating their currency in order to make it even tougher for us to export our goods to them. And Trump has been calling them out on this for 20 years. Trump has been calling the Chinese out on their unfair trade practices and the stupidity of American leadership for permitting it, he’s been talking about it for 20 years.

So he gets elected. He gets elected under the premise, Make America Great Again. This panics the McCain types who believe that America should be openly subservient, knowing that we could wipe anybody off the map at any time and they know it, too, we should bend over, grab the ankles now and then and let ourselves be taken advantage of. That’s one of the responsibilities a superpower has. We’ve gotta have lesser nations take their shots at us. It’s just the way of the world, they thought.

Well, Trump thinks this is nuts and thinks that there’s nothing wrong with making America great again and acknowledging that America leads the world, that America’s the best force for good that the world has ever known. Why not champion this, why not sell this? And the premise is that every other nation ought to be operating the same way. If China was trying to make China great, that’d be great for everybody. If America’s trying to make America great. But the enemies of this purposely misstate it as white supremacy, white nationalism. They think the Make America Great Again crowd is nothing but a bunch of angry white people ticked off over affirmative action and they want to damn well get control of our country back and they want be back in charge.

And it’s nothing to do with that. It’s simply looking at America as what it is, the greatest economic and military power in the history of the world. Both those things combined as forces for good. The United States is the solution to world’s problems. But this old order acknowledges that the United States is the source of many problems because of our wealth, because of our prosperity and our military might.

Even Madeleine Albright, who was the foreign policy adviser for, whatever she was, for Obama, she ran around when the Soviet Union fell, these people were devastated, folks! When the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed, they said they had great fears for the world because the United States needed somebody to hold us in check. There needs to be another superpower, otherwise the world is gonna be destabilized because they did not have any concept of the United States as the good guys.

This order that McCain proudly talked about after World War II did not incorporate the belief that the world was made more stable with a great and powerful United States. They believed that there needed to be a competing superpower. That was the role the Soviet Union played. Keeping America in check, making sure that America, whoever, doesn’t run around starting to conquer the world and imprisoning people, taking all the oil or whatever. And so there were people that did not conceive of United States as the good guys. Trump does.

Trump thinks we are the epitome of the good guys. We like everybody. We really like our allies. We want to treat our allies with the greatest trade deals we can, with the utmost in fairness and respect. But if you’re against us, then too bad, you are not going to get any help from us. We’ve been helping too many of our enemies. We’ve been acknowledging this guilt over our superpower.

And plus, in this mix there’s also people who literally don’t like America, don’t like the fact that we are the world’s superpower, don’t like our economic might, who want to cut it down for that reason. I mean, this so-called order that McCain talked about, it was made up of all kinds of different people. And they are threatened to no end by Donald Trump.

They don’t understand Make America Great Again. To them, that’s scary. Making America great again. They hear that, and they think Trump wants to take us back prior to FDR. He wants to go back to where there wasn’t any welfare and it was cutthroat and if you made it on your own, you made it, and if you didn’t, you lived in the sewer. That’s how they mischaracterized what Make America Great is.

So it’s in this circumstance that we now have this ongoing fight with China. This has been going on too long. It simply isn’t fair. And now the ChiComs are not manufacturing little tinhorn trinkets like they used to. The ChiComs have now become a super tech superpower. And a high-tech superpower. And they are one of the greatest world spy masters and hackers of computers and networks that there is. And we still treat them like they’re a startup country that doesn’t know what they’re doing. And Trump said (paraphrasing), “Okay, look. If you’re not gonna allow American manufacturing access to your market, we’re gonna start charging you a tax for the products that we let into our country. We gotta even this out somehow.”

Now, the ChiComs are just not gonna roll over. “Oh, okay, Mr. President. You’re the first guy that’s ever spoken up to us. So we will back down.” No. This guy Xi Jinping thinks he is the next Mao Tse-tung. He thinks he is the next ruler for life, and by decree in the Chinese Politburo, he is. So he said, okay. I’m gonna show this guy who’s boss. He gonna slap these new tariffs. I’m gonna slap tariffs on American goods. I’m gonna freeze American goods out of China. Screw you!

That’s why Trump said, okay, American companies, find another market. Trump isn’t gonna cave on this. But the Democrat Party now finds itself on the side of China. And the media find themselves on the side of China hoping to damage Trump. They have no interest in making America great again or ever. Because to them the only time America’s worthwhile is when they are running it.


RUSH: I got sidetracked with trying to have everybody understand what’s going on with the ChiComs levying $75 billion in new tariffs. Let me tell you what else they’re doing. They are placing tariffs on agriculture and automobile products manufactured in swing states.

The ChiComs are doing this to adversely affect Trump’s reelection chances. They are attempting to freeze the economies, the export economies of American farmers and steel and auto manufacturing in swing states, the states, many of them, that Trump shocked people by winning, beating Hillary Clinton. So the ChiComs have thrown in. The practical effect is the ChiComs have thrown in with the Democrats.

Now, my guess is they wouldn’t really mind the Democrats winning. The Democrats would take it back to where it was, with the ChiComs renewed unfair trade advantage because the ChiComs think that the Democrats are gonna unwind everything Trump did and take us back to the days of economic misery so that they can say great things about Obama again and all of that, but they gotta tear down what Trump did, otherwise there’s no reason to win. They gotta do it to satisfy their base.

So the Chinese have decided to help the Democrats here. They’re trying to force Trump voters away from Trump. Or, short of that, they’re trying to force Trump to cave. They’re trying to make Trump give up this trade war. And if they could pull that off, then they would just start celebrating, they would set off fireworks, and they’d call s press conference, the Democrats would be joining them, “Trump caved, Trump knew he was wrong, Trump bombs out, Trump’s phony, Trump has no power, Trump can’t accomplish.” That’s what they’re trying to make happen here. And they’re trying to make it tough.

You start talking about people’s livelihoods, and farmers sell soybeans, it’s one thing to be loyal to a political candidate. It’s another thing to be loyal at the expense of your economic circumstances. So this is hardball, folks. It is real hardball, and it should tell you something. It should tell you that the forces of the left are united here in the United States and with the ChiComs against Donald Trump. That should tell you what we’re up against.

That should tell you what the stakes are. These are the forces of the left, communism and China, socialism, communism, depending on the Democrats you are talking about, they are now, whether it’s by accident or design, they are aligned against Donald Trump.

So it should make you ask on which side of this do you come down? Are you gonna join the side that enables the ChiComs and the Democrats to win? Now, I don’t think so most people are gonna look at it that way because they’re not gonna understand what this is really all about, which is why I’ve spent the time explaining it here today.


RUSH: You know, I left one thing out, and it’s crucially important in the discussion on the trade imbalance and the circumstances we find ourselves in now with the ChiComs and what Trump is literally trying to do and why it’s so necessary.

I left out a key ingredient that is key to understand all this in the postwar order that was set up. That is when the roots of globalism were actually planted. And by that, I mean that’s when the roots of diminishing the United States as a lone superpower actually began, with the acquiescence and support of countless powerful Americans.

This did not happen to us, by the way. There were Americans making this happen all throughout the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The idea that the United States as a superpower alone in the world risked the world, not saved it. The idea the United States needed a competing superpower so the world would not be destabilized with democracy or capitalism, some such thing.

It was in this era that the actual roots of globalism were planted and began to sprout. And the globalism has now manifested itself to the point where there’s an actual global movement that wants to eliminate the concept of nation by eliminating borders and by eliminating distinct cultures to be replaced by a geographic location that is your home. You live in what was America, but you’re not in America anymore. You just live in the state of New York, not country of America. I mean, that’s the dream.

And for all of this to happen, the American concept, America itself has to be, well, more than diminished. America has to be eliminated as any kind of a nation state, especially as the dominant superpower of the world. So Trump coming along with the slogan Make America Great Again was seen as a direct threat, a declaration of war to all of these people, not just the U.S., but around the world who believe in the new globalism as the evolution of humanity on earth.

That’s why he’s universally reviled and hated by establishment types because they long ago decided that globalism was the evolutionary next stage of human existence on the planet. One government where, if somebody said there’s climate change, then, by God, there’s climate change, and there’s nobody in America that can say there isn’t. If this body decides that there’s climate change and the thermostat’s gonna be set here and Big Oil’s gonna be punished, then that’s what’s gonna happen.

The reason for a global government is to eliminate any opposition to whatever the people that constitute this global government want. And it is a hallmark of liberalism. It’s now a defining characteristic of the Democrat Party. There is no opposition. There is no worthwhile. There is no valid opposition. There is no opposition we should grant any serious time to.

And because there isn’t any opposition, when some sprouts up, we’re gonna kill it, we’re gonna get rid of it, we’re gonna wipe it out. We’re not gonna try to overcome it in debate. We’re not gonna try to win elections. We’re just going to get rid of the opposition. How does that manifest itself? Oh, in things like we gotta get rid of Fox News, or in we gotta get rid of talk radio, or in we can’t let Kavanaugh get confirmed to the court, anything that represents opposition must be stopped.

I guarantee you these people pushing this climate change hoax, they know it’s a hoax, and they know that it’s nothing more than a vehicle to coalesce power. The problem is that there are people who oppose it. But when you have finally this dream of a world government or a globalist governing body, it won’t matter what anybody out there who opposes it thinks because they won’t have any power to do anything about it.

America won’t be able to elect a president who doesn’t believe in climate change or pick your issue. Because the American president will not actually exist, there won’t be such a thing. There might be a governor of the area that was once America, some such thing, but he’ll be an official of the globalist apparatus.

But the key to it, one of the attractive things about it, no opposition. Just get to decree that whatever you want is and becomes policy. There are many other reasons for wanting it as well, but that’s right near the top.

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