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RUSH: Okay, let’s look at some of the headlines out here, some things that are interesting or are See, I Told You So’s. Look at this. This is the top story — I don’t know if it still is, but all morning long this has been the top story on Fox News: “Trump’s News Conferences Blow Away White House Press Corps: Report.

There is no report. This is me! This is my observation. Now everybody’s picking up on it. For two or three weeks running now, every time Trump has done one of these press conferences on the way to the helicopter, I have pointed out how masterful they are. I pointed out earlier this week that Trump appears to be a maestro because he’s the only person you see.

You don’t see the reporters, which is brilliant, gets ’em away from face time, prevent them from showboating. Nobody even knows who they are. They sound like a bunch of 6-year-old first graders shouting at the teacher. And Trump is pointing when their time to speak is and holding a hand up when they’re to stop and waving them away when they’re making no sense and pointing to somebody else.

It’s a brilliant, brilliant virtuoso performance. And it goes on for 30 minutes and it replaced the daily White House press briefing. But the main point of it is that it has deemphasized the face time and show-off, showboat potential for the Drive-By Media.

Now, Jesse Watters on Fox News actually mentioned this yesterday talking to Dana Perino. He told her how sad life must be for her that she doesn’t get to hear the third hour of this program because her show on Fox happens at the same time. So he was trying to clue her in on all of the masterful brilliance and humor that she’s missing, and he told this story. Now from that, it’s the leading story on the Fox News Channel website.

“Some reporters are complaining that President Trump’s recent ‘gaggles’ on the White House lawn… make it more difficult for them to hold the president accountable and paints them in an unprofessional light.” Nobody would have thought of this if it hadn’t been for me mentioning this starting two-to-three weeks ago. Just clearing the air and making sure that everybody knows.

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