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Guest Host Ken Matthews

Aug 30, 2019

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence

FOXNews: Former Canadian PM says she’s ‘rooting for a direct hit’ of Hurricane Dorian on Mar-a-Lago
CNN: Democratic congressman: Trump worried about hurricane hitting Florida because it’s ‘not an island full of people of color’
New York Post: A cheater’s guide to James Comey’s FBI policy breaches
Reuters: DOJ declines to prosecute Comey despite finding that he leaked info
The Hill: Women voters spell trouble for Trump in 2020
The Hill: Fox’s Cavuto roasts Trump over criticism of network
New York Post: Trump’s personal assistant Madeleine Westerhout abruptly resigns: report
New York Times: Why People Hate Religion
Reuters: House Democrats lose bid to fast-track Trump tax return lawsuit
The Hill: What to know about Deutsche Bank’s Trump-related tax returns
Daily Caller: Multiple Outlets Haven’t Reported On Omar’s Alleged Misuse Of Campaign Finances To Fund Supposed Affair 48 Hours After News Broke
New York Times: Joe Biden Dismisses Report That He Told False War Story
New York Post: Bill de Blasio ‘campaigns’ in Nevada desert after failing to make Dem debate
Politico: Warren lovefest ending as 2020 competitors fear her rise
Reuters: Trump prods General Motors over its auto plants in China
Washington Post: White House mulls Rick Scott’s idea to cut taxes by amount raised in tariffs through U.S.-China trade war
New York Post: China says it’s ‘willing to negotiate’ in trade war
Washington Post: ‘A dangerous drug’: Surgeon general warns against marijuana use by pregnant women, youths
New York Times: Fix the Electoral College — Or Scrap It. “Faithless electors” are the least of its problems
ABC: Wave of child sex abuse lawsuits threatens Boy Scouts
New York Post: AOC worried that melting glaciers could release ancient diseases

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