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RUSH: Now, last week there was this massive news report. It went way beyond the tech blogs. It went into the Drive-By Media that iPhones been had been hacked en masse for the past number of years. The story was put out by something called Project Zero at Google. Google has a department, a team of people that try to hunt down and find — they’re white hat guys. They’re the good guys.

They try to find malware and hacks and vulnerabilities in computers and hand-held devices, mobile devices so that the people that manufacture those devices can patch the software and continue their security. So this bunch, they work at Google, and they’re a bunch of nerds, which is fine, but they sit there and they study all the various different operating systems and devices, and they’re looking for vulnerabilities.

And they came out with a story that a massive vulnerability had been found in the iPhone. And that all you had to do was visit a website. It did not name the website. All you had to do was visit a website and virtually everything on your phone was in the hands of bad guys. Your passwords, your key chain, your credit card information, your contacts, your photos, everything. They didn’t tell you which websites, and they didn’t specify the specific years, but they made it sound like it was multiple years, and they made it sound like it only affected iPhones.

So people are running around — iOS, the operating system for iPhones and iPads — is the toughest operating system to crack out there. Android is Swiss cheese compared to iOS. And I’m not talking about this as a Fanboy. I’m just giving you the straight skinny on this. It’s very hard to hack iOS. And when I first read this, ’cause I don’t believe anything in the media anymore. I just don’t, folks. And Google is a competitor of Apple. I’m not sure this was a factor here, but let me tell you what this ended up being.

It was the ChiComs. It was Chinese websites. And it was every phone. It was Samsung. It was Huawei, it was LG, it was every operating system, and it was the ChiComs targeting Chinese Muslims. You had to log onto a Chinese website for anybody to be able to get into your phone. They knew this, but they only reported it as an iPhone vulnerability, and they made it look like it could be any and every website that anybody would be using every day, and it’s strickly a Chinese issue.

It’s ChiComs trying to find everything they can on these renegade Muslims, the Uyghurs, and wipe ’em out, put ’em in reeducation camps and so forth. Now, this was known, but the Google Project Zero team did not report that aspect of it. Your phone is fine for the most part. The story was way exaggerated. There aren’t tens of thousands of people that got into your phone because you went to Facebook or you went to Twitter or any other website or social media site.

And it’s classic the way this stuff ends up being misreported, unchecked, and because there’s an anti-Apple bias in tech media, they just saw it as something, like Lawrence O’Donnell saw the oligarchs having cosigned Trump loans at Deutsche Bank. Don’t even question it. Just report it. The odds are your phone is fine unless you’re a Muslim in China. Even if you’re Ilhan Omar, I don’t think the ChiComs are targeting you yet.

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