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Sep 3, 2019


Weather Channel: Hurricane Dorian Still Pummeling Northwestern Bahamas as Outer Rainbands Reach Florida Coast
Orlando Sentinel: Gatorland CEO on Hurricane Dorian: if a gator is sitting in your pool, “it ain’t one of ours”
Reuters: Slow-moving hurricane Dorian pounds Bahamas, inches towards Florida coast
Reuters: Floridians evacuate and grumble as Hurricane Dorian slowly nears
WTSP: President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort evacuated, boarded up as Hurricane Dorian approaches
Wall Street Journal: A Feminist Capitalist Professor Under Fire
Dr. Roy Spencer: Nuking Hurricanes
Democracy Now! Fueled by Climate Change, Hurricane Dorian Devastates the Bahamas in “Unprecedented Disaster”
Axios: Trump allies raise money to target reporters
New York Post: New York Times sparks social media jokes over bedbugs memo
MSNBC: Bret Stephens responds to being called a ‘bedbug’: ‘Rhetoric is dehumanizing’
New York Times: Does Joe Biden Want to Be Doing This?
ABC News: Tribal leaders say 2020 should be about ‘life or death’ issues, not Warren’s DNA
New York Post: J.D. Vance just the latest right-thinker to be smeared by leftist lies
UK Sun: American Airlines passengers’ shock as traveller takes miniature HORSE onto flight
CBS News: MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell retracts story on Trump finances after Trump lawyers threaten to sue
Newscorp Australia: Vegan woman demands neighbour stop using meat on barbecue due to smell
Washington Post: As he campaigns for president, Joe Biden tells a moving but false war story
Washington Times: Joe Biden wants ban on ‘magazines that can hold multiple bullets’
Google says iPhone security flaws let websites hack away for years
Washington Post: It’s time to bid farewell to Joe Biden — Richard Cohen
Business Insider: China Has Started Ranking Citizens with a Creepy ‘Social Credit’ System — Here’s What You Can Do Wrong, And The Embarrassing, Demeaning Ways They Can Punish You
CNet: Google says iPhone Security Flaws Let Websites Hack Away for Years
Gizmodo: The iPhone-Hacking Sites Google Found Apparently Went After Android and Windows Users Too
Federalist: AOC’s Instagram Rant Confirms Her Cluelessness About Climate Change
Washington Examiner: AOC’s Most Hilarious Lie: Millennials ‘Most Informed,’ Historically-Literate Generation


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