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RUSH: Walmart has announced that they’re gonna end all handgun ammunition sales. They’re gonna sell guns, but no ammo. This is like, are they gonna cancel selling auto parts? You know, the automobile, the wheel kills more people in the world and in this country than anything else. The wheel, of course, is what the automobile travels on. So the wheel is a very, very dangerous invention. It kills upwards of 50,000 to 60,000 Americans alone every year.

Walmart now — and Kroger, a bunch of them — are bowing to pressure because of what happened with the latest shooter, who was an out-of-control Democrat. Everybody knew in advance the guy was a Looney Tune and didn’t do anything about it. So they’re gonna cancel ammo sales. They’re asking customers not to carry guns into stores. So there’s a great parody piece: Are they gonna cancel selling auto parts now? (laughing)

I mean, it makes perfect sense. This is not a parody. Well, it is. But it’s one of these that’s right on the money. In addition to that, San Francisco… San Francisco, a city that everybody acknowledges has just gone to poop… I mean, there are literally piles of human poop on the streets in San Francisco. There are maps… (interruption) Did you know this? There are maps for tourists staying at hotels where not to go to run into piles of human poop on the streets. (interruption) You didn’t know this. That’s what you get from for reading the LA Times.

You don’t know anything if you read the LA Times. It literally tells people where to go and where not to go to avoid homeless encampments on the street, in the city, in the financial district court, in the Tenderloin and other places. So the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco has declared the NRA a domestic terrorist organization. Here you have the culmination of 30-plus years of political correctness. The endgame has always been to silence any opposition and to destroy it, to define conservatism as socially unacceptable at best, and as a crime, at worst, that is punishable as a crime.

Now, 70% of Americans don’t believe this, but in San Francisco they do. And you know who the biggest left-wing component of the Democrat Party is now? It’s white liberals. White liberals make them up. They are the deranged Democrat base. Of all the different groups… ‘Cause you got the feminazis, you have the African-Americans (which are 90, 92% voting Democrat every year, or every presidential year). But it’s the white liberals, the plantation owners in the Democrat Party that are really responsible for taking it left, and that’s who runs San Francisco.

Now, you say, “Well, Rush, that’s San Francisco. It isn’t any big deal.” Well, wait a minute now. What about red flag laws? You know, the red flag law is, “Hey, this is gonna give us a chance to go get guns!” Even though we didn’t need red flags laws to find out about this latest shooter. We could have stopped the guy. But nobody did, like they never do, because it would have offended somebody. “He was just sick. Nobody could be sure what he was going to do.” You know, all the usual rigmarole.

And yet the same people that excuse the guy are promoting these red flag laws, which technically, if you get a warning — if you get a good indication that somebody’s gonna go bonkers with a gun — you can go get ’em. You go get their guns. You can get them, put ’em in jail, you can put ’em away. Something like that. Now, if you think about San Francisco and declaring the NRA as a terrorist organization, if the NRA actually ends up being declared a terrorist organization, then being an NRA member would raise a red flag in San Francisco.

And this is one way that they could keep you from not only buying a gun in San Francisco. They may be able to take it away from you. If you end up… If the NRA becomes a terrorist group and you’re a member, then you become a terrorist, and that means they can go get your gun. Now, you think, “Rush, come on. It could never happen.” Well, look at all the other things that “could never happen” that have happened and that are happening.

I could go back 30 years and I could chronicle all these things we used to laugh about. “That’ll never happen! Don’t… This is always gonna remain some left-wing screwball idea. It’ll never happen!” Now it’s become mainstream. We have college professors like we pointed out yesterday, this babe from Emory University, who’s actually telling people that hurricanes are man-made. Oh, by the way, proving a point.

You know, I started the program yesterday talk about the hurricane because for a while… (sigh) You know, now I’m thinking other things I need to say about this. But here’s the point. Yesterday opened the program talking about it ’cause we were in the cone. We were in the target area. There was a period of time there where it was gonna literally come to our front door. And I begged your indulgence. I said, “Most of you couldn’t care less about this. The hurricane’s never gonna impact you.” Well, guess what?

Now the hurricane is out of range of my house, I don’t care about it, either, proving my point. (laughing) But that’s actually not true. I do care about it because do you know how many people… There are stories finally in the media today, people up in Jacksonville Beach and further parts north on the east coast of Florida who have been on edge for over a week because on television there have been experts after experts who’ve been predicting things that didn’t happen that were dead wrong, how strong it was gonna be, where it was gonna land, where it was gonna make landfall.

Nobody was right. One thing I’ve learned about these hurricanes: You can’t predict them. You know how I knew we weren’t gonna get hit? Let me just tell you one… I knew we weren’t gonna hit because five days out they had us as the bull’s-eye. They’re never right five days out. It always changes. And I’m not even accusing them of politics here. This is just history. I told everybody, “You know, when you end up in the bull’s-eye and you’re in hurricaneville, and there’s one headed for you, the minute you’re in the…”

I mean, the target zone right there where you’re gonna get a direct hit, that’s when you hear from all your friends. “Oh, my God. Did you see the latest?” “Don’t worry about it. They’re never right. The best place to be is in the bull’s-eye five days out. It’s not gonna hit us. They’re never right. Too many things are going on in the atmosphere that are gonna change this.” They predicted the slowdown, but not for as long as it slowed down.” I actually heard somebody say (laughing), “The hurricane’s behind schedule.” The hurricane is behind schedule?

On what schedule is the hurricane? Whose schedule is it on? “Well, Mr. Limbaugh, it’s behind schedule because it was forecast to be up here off Cape Canaveral but it’s like eight, 10 hours late.” It’s not late. You just mispredicted it! It can’t be late. It’s not on a schedule. It doesn’t know what you’re saying it’s gonna do, and it’s not out there trying to make you right or right or wrong. It’s nature. We can’t predict it. Yet 20 years from now, 30 years from now the planet’s not gonna habitable. Twelve years from now, according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the planet’s not gonna be habitable?

And yet two days away, they can’t even tell you where the hurricane’s going or where the strength is gonna be. To me, it’s evidence to not believe anything anybody in climate change is telling you. Now, CNN… (laughing) This the best thing we could have had happened. CNN’s gonna do a seven-hour town hall on climate change only. Seven hours! It can’t be in one night. Pfft! Although I wouldn’t put it past them. These people are that deranged and think that there is that much interest in it. But do not discount me on this San Francisco calling the NRA a terrorist group. You put red flag laws in the mix and then you, a law-abiding citizen with a gun could end up being declared a terrorist and that would allow them to come get your gun.

Make no mistake that the left is doing that.

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