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RUSH: “Local Effort To Boycott Businesses Owned By Trump Supporters Brings Strong Response From GOP.” This is in Pittsburgh, home of the Steelers. Now, what happened here, it’s local social media. This is a Pittsburgh version of Julian Castro and trying to dox Trump donors.

This is a microcosm of what the Chinese government is doing to its population with social scoring. This is a microcosm of what Will and Grace so-called TV stars wanted to do with donors and attendees of the Trump fundraiser in Hollywood the week of the Emmys.

“Local social media is abuzz over efforts in Pittsburgh to identify and boycott businesses owned by supporters of President Donald Trump.” Pittsburgh blogger Brian Broome told the local media, “I think it’s important because people have a right to know where their money is going.”

“In a recent Facebook post, a page identified only as “Ban Kenny Chesney from Pittsburgh.” Why would anybody want to ban Kenny Chesney? All he lost out on was Nicole Kidman. Why would anybody want to ban Kenny Chesney, for crying out loud? Aw. Take it back. He sings patriotic songs, it’s like banning Lee Greenwood.

So the Facebook page, “‘Ban Kenny Chesney from Pittsburgh’ says there’s a list of almost 100 local businesses owned by Trump supporters which will soon be disclosed on a new website. As of Tuesday night, the Facebook page has been taken down.”

What do you call people that behave like fascists? What do you call people who do not tolerate different opinions, political or otherwise? The nicest word I can think of is “Democrat.” I have said it before. I will reiterate it here. I think today, in the United States of America 2019, the Democrat Party is the largest hate group in America, and they are the most dangerous.

The Democrat Party wants to deny Americans the right to self-defense by taking away their guns. They want to deny non-Democrats the ability to earn a living. They want to force people into an economic system that eliminates choice for consumers. They want to ban fossil fuels. You know, this is so senseless. And I look at how many young people buy into this. It’s shocking and scary, the idea that you could actually ban fossil fuels and that if we don’t the earth isn’t gonna be habitable in — well, 12 years, according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Well, it’s 11 now since she said it a year ago.

But what are their solutions? Wind and solar. Wind and solar. Is there anything other than fossil fuels that can power your average semi-truck, delivering plant-free meat to Whole Foods? Nope. Is there anything that can fly you using wind or solar from one city to another? No. Is there anything wind or solar that can heat your home in the dregs of winter? No. Is there anything wind or solar that can get you to and from work, that can get stuff to and from the grocery? No.

“Rush, you’re forgetting electric vehicles.” Electric vehicles? What do you charge them with? You don’t charge them with a windmill. You don’t charge them with a solar panel. You charge them with electricity, which comes from what? The hated coal. Perhaps the guiltiest fossil fuel of all.

The idea that we could eliminate fossil fuels and maintain civilization, we couldn’t. And yet the number of young people that don’t even think it through, “Oh, we’ve gotta get rid of fossil fuels to save the planet.” You can’t. These people think fossil fuels were invented by fossil fuel companies to destroy the planet. Yeah. Exxon Mobil, Texaco, they don’t care about the planet. All they want are their evil profits.

They think anybody involved in the fossil fuel business is trying to destroy the planet. There isn’t a substitute. You know, markets are amazing things, they work. If there was an alternative to fossil fuels, believe me, it would be up and running and making a heck of a lot of money. The fact that there isn’t anything better than fossil fuels means that there isn’t anything better. It’s not that it’s being kept off the market. It’s not that the fossil fuels guys are suppressing it. There just isn’t anything.

These people have no concept of what it takes to produce the actual energy that they consume and use each and every day. The wind and solar — renewable, sustainable. I really worry about the overall level, or lack of it, education that just average, ordinary people of this country have.

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