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RUSH: All right.  “‘Climate Crisis’ Media Coverage Raises Alarm About Journalistic Objectivity.”  Really?  I was thinking about something during the top-of-the-hour break.  I’m asking myself, “Why is this climate change so simple to me?  Why is recognizing how bogus it is so simple to me, and why do so many people…?” Otherwise, I mean, these are decent people.  They’re just scared to death; they believe it.

It’s not a matter of intellect because intellect isn’t involved in the people that believe it.  Now, they think it is.  I mean, they think that they’ve got science on their side.  But that’s just window dressing the left hits them with to make them believe that their belief’s superior.  But why do they believe it?  I really think it comes down to something basic.  I think that if you do not accept or believe in or have faith in or understand the majesty of God and creation, then you are ripe to be propagandized by this.

If your view of all that is… The earth, the universe, the solar system, the planets, whatever. If your view of that is that it’s some random, haphazard, accidental thing that’s just really, really fragile? Well, then, you can be easily coerced into believing that one or two slight changes could destroy it, if it’s just an accident, if it’s just a coincidence.  It’s just, like, some Big Bang.  I mean, if it’s really fragile… You notice one of the foundational aspects of selling climate change is that the earth is fragile, that the ecosystem and the climate are fragile, barely being held in place.

One wrong move and we could all be gone! But people who have been raised with a… I’m not talking about devout.  The people that have been raised with a belief in, respect for, and understanding of God and creation are gonna be much harder sells on this.  And the reason is that people of that type do not think this is accidental.  They don’t think it’s coincidence.  They don’t think it’s Big Bang or happenstance.  They think it’s brilliant.  They think it’s beyond our ability to comprehend, and they think about it all the time.

I do, and the idea that something of this nature has been created and that it exists for specific reasons that — try as hard as we can — we can’t destroy.  But if you don’t have a grounding in God, if you don’t believe in God, if you haven’t had any education, if your childhood did not involve any kind of religion or church or belief in something larger than yourself… I’m not proselytizing a particular religion here.  But the three major religions in the world all have the existence of a God who created.

If you are exposed to that and you use your intellect (chuckles) as far as it will take you to ponder it, to try to understand it, at some point you accept that you can’t understand it.  It’s beyond your ability to understand.  See, for me, folks, it is impossible to believe that all of this majesty and everything that we have learned about the universe and all that is… It’s impossible for me to believe that this just happened.  It’s too perfect.  It’s too exquisite.  It’s too complex!  It’s magical.  It’s majestic.  It’s beyond my ability to describe it.  It’s so much bigger than any one human being.

It’s so much bigger than a political party or political agenda. Having been raised in this tradition and having a solid belief in God, the Creator, it is easy for me to reject every bit of pap that political leftists attach to the existence, the creation of, the sustainability of the universe.  We are inconsequential, in one sense.  We can’t even the imagine the size of the universe.  We can be told this and that star is X-number of lightyears away.  We can’t comprehend it.  In fact, if I were to ask you, “Where is the universe?” you scientists would say, “Well, that’s a stupid question.  The universe is everything.”

“Yeah, but where is it?  Can you stand outside it and see it somewhere?  Where is it?  The universe is not earth.  The universe is not the Democrat Party.  It’s not CNN.  Where is it?  It is so magical, majestic, magnificent, so large, so incomprehensibly complex.  And how long has it been that it has sustained life on this planet and who knows where else?”  No idea.  The idea that in the years 1980 to the present things have happened that are going to destroy this? Who the hell do we think we are?

There are far greater forces arrayed against this planet that we don’t even understand that it has survived, and yet we’re told that too much people are gonna destroy the planet, that (sigh) eating the wrong food, that cows farting are going to destroy the planet? It is so intellectually obscene and insecure that it baffles me how anybody can believe it.  If you believe in the God of Creation, then everything’s here for a reason, and it’s all intertwined in a complexity we cannot possibly understand.  Yet here come some know-it-all human beings who want to cherry-pick cows farting, and we gotta stop eating beef to get the cows to stop farting so that we can save the planet.

Come on!  How ridiculous is this?  But if you don’t have… If you don’t believe in God, if you don’t believe in the creation of all of this, if you believe this is just some gigantic accident — and it is precariously, dangerously imbalanced and fragile — then you are ripe to believe nonsense like cows expelling gas in a pasture after chewing their cud is gonna destroy the planet!  And isn’t it interesting that in the process of these last 30 years, what has there been?  There has been a decrease in the number of people practicing religion, believing in God.

Who has been behind that?  Well, it’s our good buddies the Marxists and the communists who are who are threatened by any power greater than themselves.  So there is no God in their world and there is no creator.  And they try to prove it each and every day to young people so that young people will reject the idea.  But I believe if anybody has an upbringing where they are at least exposed to the concept… Maybe you didn’t believe it.  Maybe your faith can’t take there.  I know not everybody can believe in God.

A lot of people are skeptics and can’t believe it if they don’t understand it, can’t believe it if you can’t see it, can’t believe it if nobody can give you evidence for it.  Well, that’s the point of faith.  But I don’t know how anybody can look at all this and even think it’s fragile, and I don’t know how anybody can look at all of this and think that it’s an accident, that it’s a coincidence.  But that’s what you have to believe if you’re then going to think that it’s so fragile, cows farting or — take another example — driving a car with fossil fuels can destroy the planet.

Turning your thermostat down to 68 can destroy the planet. Everybody turning their barbecue pit on at 5 o’clock in the afternoon can destroy the planet. You really have to have a limited view. (interruption) What do you mean, how do I explain the hurricanes being so bad? What are you talking about? They’re not worse than ever. There aren’t more hurricanes than ever. They’re not more intense than ever. Have you noticed this is the second most powerful, this is the third most powerful.

We have yet to have a hurricane as powerful as the one in 1935 that hit Miami. And, by the way, there weren’t any building codes in 1935 Miami, and Miami is still there better than ever, after that hurricane in 1935! It just takes common sense! So you think cows farting and you think driving SUVs is making hurricanes bigger. How do you explain all the years after Katrina that we never had a hurricane, major hurricane hit landfall in the United States?

And, no, don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying God’s up there with his computers, “You know what? The U.S. needs a break from hurricanes. I’m gonna make sure there’s 12 years.” No, no, no, no. I’m not Marianne Williamson, don’t misunderstand. That’s the whole point. All we can do is give thanks for our existence and adapt to things as we find them, which we do one hell of a job of in the United States.

We found a way to beat the heat and become productive in the summertime thanks to Mr. Carrier who invented air-conditioning. Now he’s a culprit. Now he’s one of the dastardly demons that led to the destruction of the planet, Mr. Carrier. They named a dome after him at Syracuse.

I really think it comes down to something like this. And the left, you know as well as I do, they’ve done a damn good job of destroying the idea that there’s anything larger than yourself, anything larger than the Democrat Party, anything larger than their political movement. Because people that have a strong belief in, because of faith or an intellectual attempt to understand it, in the concept of creation and God cannot be fooled by some of this nonsense that is said to be destroying — do you realize what it would take to make this planet in-habitable? Do you even know what that means?

No life, no human life can survive. Really? No human life can survive cows farting, factories belching smoke, people driving SUVs or throw whatever else into this mix you want, whatever else they’re saying. And yet one of the hallmarks of the Millennial generation is the large percentage of them who believe that this planet will not support human life by the time they are 60.

And if you’ve got a political party out there promising to try to at least delay that, and those people tell you that the other political party doesn’t care if you die, who are you gonna sign on with if you have no intellectual or faith-based ability to even comprehend your own existence and your own place in all of this.


RUSH: All right. I have to make a small and minor correction here, ladies and gentlemen. I erroneously and very loudly and clearly made a mistake. There, does that make you happy? I said that the destructive, devilish, worse-than-ever hurricane of 1935 went through Miami. It didn’t. It went through the Keys. Big difference. It did go through the Keys, not Miami.

The most expensive U.S. hurricane, adjusted for inflation, was the ’26 hurricane that hit Miami. But that Labor Day hurricane in 1935, they even made a movie, Edward G. Robinson was a criminal on the lam that got caught in the damn thing. That was worse than Katrina. It was worse than this one, by far. It wasn’t even close. Isn’t even close.

Here’s Chuck in Muskegon, Michigan. Chuck, I’m glad you waited. Your turn. You’re up next. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. It’s a pleasure and honor. I have to say, after 20 plus years of listening, this is a milestone. I actually disagree with you on something you said. When you say the left saying that the battle of climate change is worse than World War II, I have to disagree ’cause, I mean, there’s no battle. There’s no way we could do it. That would be like me fighting snowfall in Michigan with my wife’s hairdryer. We have no control over it, so there is no battle.

RUSH: Okay. We’re gonna play a little technical point. Since we have no control over climate and no control over the weather, it isn’t a big fight. No battle. That’s your point, right?

CALLER: It’s an unwinning battle, so why even go there?

RUSH: Precisely because we can’t win it! There’s no solution to it! That’s exactly why they choose something like this! Look, if you want to know what this really is all about, this is all about the Democrats gaining control of production. You can’t have socialism or communism without it. So you blame the factories, you blame food, you blame farmers, you blame SUVs, you blame fossil fuel, whatever. The free market is destroying the planet. Capitalists and capitalism are destroying the planet. Government can save us. Liberal Democrats.

They get control of the means of production and hello socialism and that’s their objective. Along the way they’re scaring people left and right about it. But let me ask this. Since old Chuck here has accepted Mayor Pete’s analogy that this is a tougher battle to win than even World War II, would somebody explain to me — and I’m serious about this question. How is climate change trying to kill you? Serious question.

Substitute “How is the weather trying to kill you?” “How is global warming trying to kill you?” “Trying” is key. In World War II they were trying to wipe us out. So we’re now battling something even worse than the Nazis. We are battling the world’s weather. More dangerous than Hitler. More dangerous and destructive than the Holocaust, climate change, the world’s climate, the world’s weather.

So how is it trying to kill you? Because it is. But it doesn’t have a mind and it doesn’t have a strategy and it doesn’t have an architect, it doesn’t have a general. And yet the climate kills lots of people. Every year the weather kills lots of people. The wheel kills lots of people. Bullets kill lots of people. People kill people. But how’s the climate killing you? You go to battle every day, you are in an existential war with the weather. How is it trying to kill you every day? That’s what Mayor Pete says. A bigger challenge than winning World War II.

So the Rangers that rappelled up the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc, where would we assign those Rangers in the war on climate? If you ran SEAL teams, where would you send them to battle the climate? Well, he used the analogy of World War II, so get the military here.

Let me grab Pat, Pat in Albion, Pennsylvania. Great to have you. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, what an honor to talk to you. I’ve been a loyal listener since 1991. I really wanted to thank you for that monologue from this hour. It was a worshipful experience listening to it. You brought me before the throne of God, brother.

RUSH: Well, I thank you for that. I’ve been thinking more about it even after I finished the monologue, which is something I — you know, I’m constantly reviewing what I said and maybe needing to revise it. There’s one key word I left out as I thought about this, in talking about people who have, sadly for them, not had exposure to religion growing up, not had exposure to not just the existence of God, but teachings. Who have not been taught of a powerful, loving God of creation.

If you haven’t had that experience, you are ripe for propaganda to believe that all of this is an accidental happenstance, coincidence that’s really, really fragile and cow’s farting might be able to upset the balance, Rush. But you believe in a magnificence, a majestic creation of not just the Earth, but the entire universe, and that this creator is imbued with love, and if you view all of this — and by “all of this,” I mean the universe, everything that we experience, can experience, if you view all of this as one of the greatest gifts ever. Life, as a human being to be able to savor, to experience, exploit, touch, if you have all of that, then you will also have something else that’s key, and that is a great sense of appreciation.

And I think that’s another characteristic that’s absent anybody who doesn’t have this kind of grounding or training or even exposure. Even if you grew up and don’t believe it, if you don’t believe in a loving God, if you don’t believe in creation, you’ve at least had exposure to that thought process or that aspect, that possibility. And once you’ve had exposure to it, you may reject it, but you’ve still had exposure to it and it’s part of your thought process.

And as you get older, you’re gonna circle back to it. You’re gonna become more accepting of it as you get older. But concomitant with it is a deep sense of appreciation. Now, it affects other people. Some people can’t even get anywhere near where I am. “To hell with God. God put me in a Third World prison camp.” That’s not how you look at it. That’s not — those are things that God doesn’t — if you believe in the God of free will and all that.

I don’t want to get too deep into this, but the key is if you have no appreciation for all of this, you have no appreciation or even curiosity about how it came to be, then you are ripe for the pitch that the Democrats are making on this. That there’s nothing special here. It’s really fragile. It’s filthy. It’s killing us, killing people. But it’s all we got so we gotta do what we can to sustain it. What a horrible, horrible way to look at all this. But that’s them.


RUSH: We’re gonna go to New Port Richey, Florida. Rick, thank you for calling, sir. Great to have you with us. You’re up next.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I believe that everything was created by God. I believe that climate change takes place regardless of what we do. I do not believe that we have the capacity to render the earth uninhabitable. However, I think you discredit yourself among many of your listeners, one of whom I am and I have been for many years, by, you know, making a statement about the turtle not being able to adapt to the straw in his nose.

If you take that logic to the extreme, why do we even waste our time treating our sewage? Why don’t we just dump all of our sewage in the water untreated? Why don’t we dump all our garbage, all of our waste — petroleum, medical, all of it, why don’t we just dump all of it into the water because we don’t have the capacity to damage anything. That’s a flawed way of thinking. In my opinion.

RUSH: Well, but I do not advocate that.

CALLER: No. But when you say, you know, that the turtle wasn’t able to adapt to the straw in his nose, you know, again, if you want to take that to the extreme –

RUSH: Gee, okay. Look, I made a joke, and the mistake I made was telling a joke about an animal. Animals are the essence of innocence. They are all victimized by us except the predator tigers and cats that kill us and the snakes. I will retract the statement that the turtle should have been able to adapt to a straw in its nose. It was a poor attempt at humor. But you said something interesting. You said the environment.

Now, the environmental and climate change to me are two different things. Of course we clean up our messes. We don’t like pollution. Nobody likes a mess — well, some people don’t care about it. But as a country, we do a better job of cleaning up the, quote, unquote, messes we make, the pollution of the air and the pollution of the waters, than anyplace else on earth, and what enables us to do it is wealth.

The wealth that is produced by capitalism combined with our appreciation for our surroundings and our lifestyle. But to clean up pollution and clean up the mess is not altering the environment. I understand your point. You think I’m being a little hypocritical because I’ll support certain things that will affect the environment while saying there’s nothing we can do. It’s two different things.

Pollution and filth and dirt we try to clean up, but they are not a factor when it comes to, quote, unquote, climate. But that’s one of the fallacies of this whole argument. These people are trying to make the claim that the exhaust from an SUV or a smokestack can destroy the habitability all of planet. This is absurd. But it still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to limit the filth and the dirt and the damage for quality of life reasons.

Now, you talk about dumping things into the ocean and so forth. You remember that great oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP oil. I will never forget this out there. Gigantic oil spill. The environmentalists and the news media, everybody was wringing their hands, “Oh, my God. The whole Gulf Coast. Oh, my God. This is horrible. This is the biggest oil spill. Oh, my God. The fish.” And then they couldn’t find the oil. Do you remember this? The oil slick was there for a couple days and then it was gone!

They had — I’ll never forget this — a St. Louis school was brought down to the beach in Louisiana, a field trip to see the horrors of what can happen when Big Oil doesn’t care. And the students got down there and there was nothing. There was no oil on the beach. There was no oil clad seagulls flapping around, nothing. So people start asking, “Where did it go?”

So helicopters started flying around trying to find the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico. They couldn’t find it. It was left to me to explain it. The ocean ate it. The ocean is a vicious, vicious place. Ask Ernest Hemingway. He’ll tell you. Seriously. Do you know that on the ocean floor, otherwise known as the seabed, otherwise known as the bottom, there are cracks and fissures down there, and do you know what seeps through those cracks and fissures?


There’s oil all over this planet. Most of it we still can’t get to profitably yet. And oil for years has been seeping into the great oceans of the earth, and it simply gets absorbed. There are some really dastardly microbes in the ocean. Not just the brackish saltwater. There’s some dastardly stuff out there.

You want to know how expensive it is to desalinate water? Why is it only the Saudis and a few places the United States even attempt it? Do you know every nuclear submarine desalinates water? Every nuclear-powered submarine, they don’t have to carry cases and cases of Poland Spring or whatever, Evian. There wouldn’t be enough space on the submarine to carry enough water for everybody on the submarine to drink enough to stay alive for as long as the submarine’s on a mission.

Have you ever thought about how the submarine gets freshwater? The nuclear reactor desalinates it. Do you know how expensive it is? I asked to see it. I got a tour of the USS Indianapolis in Hawaii once. I was fascinated with desalinization. I said, “Could I see the process?”

“No, sir, not even for you, the nuclear reactor on board is off-limits. It’s secure. We can’t let you see it.”

I said, “Damn.” When you start desalinating ocean water — and in Saudi Arabia they have to because — well, there isn’t any freshwater much to speak of and there’s not much rain. I mean, it’s sand, it’s a desert, that and oil. And yet even the Saudis have to drink fresh water. So this is what I mean by adapting.

But confusing the environment with climate is something that they do. And just because we make efforts and succeed largely more than any other country in cleaning up our messes, in cleaning up the pollution and so forth and trash, you know, the environment is what it is. And it also adapts. You know, everything adapts. It’s what’s amazing about this creation.

But I realize I stepped in it. I love animals. I love animals as much as anybody loves animals. And I’m sorry for saying that sea turtle should have been able to adapt with the straw that Kamala Harris threw away in his nose. That was very insensitive and I apologize. But I’ll damn well bet you that a dolphin would have been able to adapt.

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