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RUSH: Now, grab audio sound bite number seven. I made a statement yesterday on this program and that idiot mayor in New York, Bill de Blasio, came along and made me look like a genius, which isn’t hard to do. But here first is what I said…

RUSH ARCHIVE: They’re gonna have their mansions. They’re gonna have their private planes and their yachts, and they’re gonna be burning all kinds of fossil fuel for their own lives, and they’re not gonna be playing games with their thermostats. They’re gonna set their thermostats wherever they want ’em, and they’re not gonna be driving around in little electric golf carts. They’re not gonna be giving up their guns, and they’re not gonna be giving up their private security team! And they will tell their beguiled followers, “We must have these things for the security of the movement, because, after all, we are the intellectual leadership, and we must survive, and we must be able to continue to proselytize the cause,” and they will not be accused of hypocrisy by their own followers.

RUSH: So last night, this idiot de Blasio, for some reason, showed up with Chatsworth Osborne Jr. on Fox. Our old buddy, Tucker Carlson. Tucker said, “So how can you take an SUV to the gym and back every day? How can you be riding around in that gas guzzler and say that you’re really worried about climate change?”

DE BLASIO: (crosstalk) It’s a Chrysler Pacifica!

CARLSON: It’s bugged me for years.

DE BLASIO: It’s a Pacifica.


DE BLASIO: It’s a hybrid electric. It’s not an SUV first of all. But it’s… Look, I come from —

CARLSON: No, it’s got a gas engine in it.

DE BLASIO: I come from a neighborhood… I come from a neighborhood…


DE BLASIO: I go back to my neighborhood all the time. It’s the way to me that I stay connected to people, that I’m able to have a routine that allows me to be — 24/7 — the best mayor I can be.

CARLSON: But should the climate have to pay the cost for that?

DE BLASIO: Oh, come on! It’s a few miles, and it’s… and it’s —

CARLSON: “Oh, come on”?

DE BLASIO: If I took a subway anywhere —

CARLSON: “Oh, come on!” I’m gonna use that the next time I get lectured about climate change.

DE BLASIO: If I took a subway, the cars follow me for security reasons. Any way you slice it —


DE BLASIO: — I’m doing what’s going to help me be the best that I can be for the people of this city.

RUSH: So he makes my point. “Yeah, I need to stay in touch with my constituents, so I’ve got to take my SUV there. I’ve got to go to the gym. I’ve got to stay in shape for my constituents. I’ve got to get there. My security team, I gotta have them around for security reasons. It’s just a few miles.” So you see, for him there ain’t no limitation, baby! There ain’t no restriction. There ain’t no electric car. There’s nothing. He’s going to have his thermostat, all because he needs to be mayor. He needs to visit constituents.

He needs to stay in shape to be a good mayor. He needs to drive around to be a good mayor. He needs a security team to be a good mayor. So Tucker Carlson says, “You would have law-abiding people like me who have hunting rifles that fall under assault weapon category, and the cops would show up and say, ‘Give us your gun,’ and they would say, ‘No,’ and you would have — unfortunately, tragically, you would have — cases of violence. Are you okay with that?”

DE BLASIO: I’m being honest with you. We cannot have assault weapons in our society. We’ve seen the devastating impact. They need to be banned. Those just don’t belong in the hands of everyday people.

CARLSON: Would you subject your bodyguards to the same limitations as other American citizens?

DE BLASIO: Tucker, I respect you, but that’s a question that makes no sense whatsoever.

CARLSON: Of course it does.

DE BLASIO: If you have sworn law enforcement officers —

CARLSON: Of course it does. I’ve got a family just as you do. I have a lot of threats against me —

DE BLASIO: Sworn law enforcement officers —

CARLSON: — just as you do. Hold on. Slow down.

DE BLASIO: — who are here to protect all of us.

CARLSON: You get free bodyguards.

DE BLASIO: No, no, no, no.

CARLSON: I don’t. No, no, no.

DE BLASIO: No, no, no.

CARLSON: No, no, no.

DE BLASIO: I’m only going to —

CARLSON: You have bodyguards living at your house, and they’ve got magazines that I can’t protect my family with.

DE BLASIO: (sputtering)

CARLSON: Does that bother you as a champion of the little guy?

DE BLASIO: This society that we are living in — and I hate to say it — but public servants are vulnerable to violence in a different way. Our law enforcement officers are there to protect all of us!

RUSH: So you see, he needs his guns, but you don’t need yours! You’re too dangerous and risky to have guns. You don’t need ’em. But with licensed law enforcement, which he’s also disrespecting every chance he gets. (impression) “Well, I need my protection! I am an elected official. (sputtering) As mayor, I need to stay alive. Uh, you don’t need to be alive as much as I do and — and therefore… And my constituents will understand this.”

These people are pure hypocrites. He doesn’t, I don’t think, know what he’s saying. He’s a programmed automaton here. “We can’t have assault weapons in our society! We’ve seen the devastating impact. They need to be banned! They just don’t belong in the hands of everyday people.” He hears two words, “assault weapons,” and comes back with that. It’s a programmed response. It’s not even the result of any applied thought.

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