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RUSH: By the way, before I get outta here for the break, there’s another thing that, folks, it takes concentration. You have to work at this. You have to constantly remind yourself that what you see in the media, your initial reaction to all of it must be skepticism.

How many of you believe that American farmers have had it? American farmers are starving. Trump’s tariffs on China and the trade deal and the negotiations are destroying America’s farmers and they’re ready to abandon Trump. How many of you believe that? Beause that’s the narrative.

Well, I have a story here from TheHill.com: “Farmers Prosper in Spite of Trump’s Trade Battle with China.” So here we are on yet another subject, we’re all getting bad or wrong information. You know what? News has largely become what the left hopes is going to happen. “I hope these farmers hate Trump, I hope!” So they report that farmers do hate Trump. “Farmers Prosper in Spite of Trump’s Trade Battle with China.” So are a lot of other people. It has to be done. This trade business with China has to be fixed.

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