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RUSH: On Friday, Newsweek magazine (I thought it was dead) ran a doom-and-gloom article about the economy adding “only” 130,000 jobs in August. Newsweek says that the jobs report is making people afraid of a recession.

Now, to back up this crazy claim that “recession fears” are growing out there, Newsweek found a senior economic analyst at Bankrate.com (whatever that is). This guy says there’s no need to worry… yet. He says the economy is expected to keep growing in the months ahead, but… but “risks of a recession are heightened.”

Let me tell you what’s really heightened: The risk that Democrats won’t have a thing to run on in 2020, with the economy going so well. We have so much economic growth right now that employers are searching high and low for good people to fill job openings. We have more African-Americans and Hispanics working than ever before. Their unemployment rates are at all-time lows. We have consumer spending blowing the roof off.

Now, if Obama could have come up with these economic numbers, Newsweek and every other liberal Drive-By Media outlet would have been dancing in the streets — even the streets of San Francisco, with piles of human poop! They’d have danced around them.

The truth is, liberals aren’t worried about the risk of a recession, they’re praying for one, because that’s the only way they think they can get rid of Donald Trump!

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