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RUSH: We got a Democrat debate on Thursday. It looks to me like no matter where you look in the polling data that Joe Biden has a commanding lead. If you had to say today based on the way things are today — polling at that time and everything else — you’d have to say Biden is the nominee. You’d have to say he’s gonna get it. Now, Fauxcahontas is sneaking up out there. A lot of people think that she’s playing it right. She’s sneaking up slowly but surely, staking out positions that are different from Biden’s in a way that makes her more palatable.

But for some reason, Biden, no matter the gaffe, no matter the lack of showing up, no matter… Look, folks, he’s stumbling with his mouth. He has got no energy. It is the Hillary Clinton campaign redone, and yet you go to Real Clear Politics and their average of polls and he’s still far and away… Even after saying that they may not even participate in the Hawkeye Cauci because they don’t even need to win there in order to win the nomination! The Hawkeye Cauci are the first things to happen before you get to the New Hampshire primary.

If Biden is the nominee, then it’s clear to me… If this is what the Democrat establishment wants because they are looking at electability — and I’m telling you, there are some people on the Democrat side that are looking at this field, and they know they have no prayer of beating Trump if they get Kamala Harris, Mayor Pete, Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders. None of these people have a chance, in the Democrats’ frame of mind. But they’ve got their wacko lunatic base that they’ve gotta placate somehow. They’ve gotta keep those people on board.

That’s why Jerry Nadler’s ratcheting up impeachment in the House. It’s to keep feeding this Democrat base, the steady diet of Trump hatred and radical socialism they demand. But the fact that Biden is still leading in all of these primary polls indicates that primary voters don’t want any of these radical leftists. But that doesn’t mean the radical leftists are going away. I think what’s gonna happen if things don’t change — and everything will, by the way.

If things don’t change, Plugs is gonna get the nomination and they’re gonna have dreams of Plugs becoming president, at which point they’ll put him in formaldehyde. He’ll be president in name only and the radical leftists will actually assume his presidency. And it won’t be that hard to do because he may not know where he is from day to day. But I really do think that that’s gonna be the plan if they’re not able to dislodge him, that they’ll get behind him on the pretext that they can take over his presidency once he gets elected, if he does.

I think there’s some of them that are gonna conclude he’s the only person has a chance of beating Trump because of what they think are mainstream Democrat voters. I think they’re whistling Dixie. Ah! Let me rephrase that. I think they’re fooling themselves on all of this. I’m sharing with you the way Democrats are looking at this, not the way I’m looking at the Democrats. I think they’re frustrated beyond our ability to measure it. I think they are beside themselves, because their wish list would have somebody like Warren or Kamala Harris or one of these radical leftists win it going away.

But none of them are. None of them are showing up in any way other than Warren that gives the radical leftists any kind of confidence. But it all boils down to beating Trump, and it comes down to traditional Washington, D.C., political consultants who still believe in this idea that elections are won by getting most of the 20% undecided or the moderates or the independents, whatever you want to call them. And that’s where I think that’s not the case in this election. And I don’t know how many recent elections it has been the case. But we’ll have to see how it all shakes out.

Back to this Republican special election tomorrow. As I say, it’s easy to get caught up in it. This is North Carolina 09. That’s the district, and the Drive-Bys are saying, “Well, this is it. If Trump loses this, if the Republicans lose this, that’s the surest sign that Trump is damaged and can’t win reelection,” and that’s how they’re setting this up. So that no matter what the outcome is tomorrow night, this election is going to be the beginning of the death knell for Donald Trump, like Robert Mueller was, and like Russia collusion was, and like Kavanaugh was, like all these other hoaxes have been.

This is the next one that they’re going to try to utilize as the indication, the signal that it’s over for Donald Trump. But I don’t know how big a test it is. Politics is name recognition. This guy running on the Democrat side, McCready, has had the name ID in this district. He’s been running for 27 months. He’s been running for this seat for over two years. The Republican candidate, Bishop, is largely unknown — and whoever wins has to immediately start running again since the next election is just over a year away. So it’s a special election in the middle of the term.

And it’s really hard to extrapolate special election turnout into election-year turnout. Trump’s in Fayetteville tonight. I’m sorry. Did I say tomorrow? He’s in Fayetteville tonight. Which would indicate that Trump thinks that this is important and is in there to try to sway thinking, which will happen. But McCready has been running since 2017. He said last week that he “has used his 27 months on the trail to try to appeal to voters across the spectrum, not just Democrats.”

You see, the dirty little secret is that these Democrats, they can’t win with their base. It’s the exact opposite of what… I can’t tell you . Starting in 2012 and then in 2016 there’s a parade of Republicans candidates that troop through here. They come in to kiss the ring, as you can well imagine. They come in to say hello. Snerdley greets them and seats them out there in the very, very impressive living-room area, and then I look walk in and greet them.

And to a person, to a man who’s come in, it’s, “Rush, we can’t win with our base alone. We’re gonna have to find a way to peel off some Democrats, and we’re gonna have to find a way to peel off some of those independents.” I said, “Why can’t we win with our bace?” We don’t have enough of them, Rush! If we get all of our base, we can’t win. The Democrats have flooded the country with a bunch of illegal immigrants and all this and that.” I said, “Well, okay. That aspect of it makes sense.” But then Trump comes along and wins with his base.”

“Yeah, but, Rush, Trump wasn’t running as a Republican.” Yes, he was. You know what’s amazing to me? You go to the Sunday shows yesterday, Meet the Press. Who do they bring to on to explain the Trump voter? Who was the guest on Meet the Press yesterday? Jonah Goldberg. Who does CNN…? He doesn’t know about Trump. He’s a Never Trumper. He doesn’t know about Trump. I maintain that nobody outside of the Trump aura has no idea why Trump was elected and who his voters are.

They’ve spent the past 2-1/2 years making fun of these people, mocking them, ridiculing them. Then you go to CNN. David Frum is then the expert to explain the Trump voter. So you’ve got Never Trumper on the Drive-By networks on the Sunday shows trying to explain the Trump voter. They need to ask me. (Except I would decline the invitation.) But I maintain that these people don’t know the Trump voter. They don’t know the extent of it. They don’t know why people voted for Trump. They think they do, but they don’t know. And in their minds right now the way they talk to themselves, they can’t imagine Trump being reelected.

They are convinced that enough Trump supporters have gotten sick and tired of the things they’re tired of. They’re tired of Trump’s mannerisms. They’re tired of Trump’s hairstyle. They’re tired of Trump’s lack of character and morality. They’re tired of Trump’s tweets. So they think all of you are too. They think the only choice, the only hope Trump has is the Democrats blow it. But Trump won with a base election, and Trump’s job is to turn it out again. Hence my need today to try to remind everybody what this was always gonna be if Trump were to win, which he did.


RUSH: Lots of news today about Joe Biden and Democrat Party being very, very worried, very concerned because they can’t get rid of him. Do you realize Biden is leading all these polls? In New Hampshire he trails Warren by one point, a statistical tie. In most places, Biden is way ahead of everybody, and the Democrats don’t understand it, because he literally doesn’t know where he is some days. He doesn’t know who he’s talking to. He’s still very handsy and grabs hold of people and won’t let go. He is a walking gaffe machine, and they’re constantly trying to make excuses for it and otherwise pass him off as, “That’s just old Joe.”

I have a story here from PJ Media: “Dem Pollster Calls Joe Biden’s 2020 Lead ‘Deceptive.'” They are nervous. Everybody is nervous. Folks, they have been convinced since before the Mueller report that they were gonna get rid of Trump — and let me walk through the various stages. They thought they were gonna be able to reverse the election results with the Trump scandals and force him out with the Steele dossier, the golden showers story. They thought they were gonna humiliate him, get him to resign, retire in shame and embarrassment.

Then they had all these public protests, all these women in their vagina hats out there every time Trump proposed a travel ban. They were just flooding the zone with what was made to look like hatred for Donald Trump. They wanted to create the image in the media that everybody in America thought this was a fluke, that this was a mistake! That Trump should not have won, that the electoral system broke down. And the media decided… They tried to cover events in such a way as to make it look like there’s no way Trump could have really won.

“There’s nobody we can find that voted for the guy. Everybody hates this guy, including us.” They did their best to create branding or perception or image that everybody hated the guy. Then they tried to run their silent coup with Trump-Russia collusion. You know how that went. But they have told themselves since election night 2016 that it wasn’t real. That it was a fluke of something. So they’ve been focused on trying to get rid of him early, forcing him to retire in shame, resign in shame, or in the midst of you criminal indictment or something.

It’s all blown up in their faces. But they have not let go of the idea that Trump is a fluke, that something went wrong, that it shouldn’t have happened, that it still isn’t real — and I’m not exaggerating. In a psychological sense, they are all still occupying this mental state of mind that none of this is real. It’s the biggest mistake that’s ever happened. And, as such, they’re gonna get rid of the guy. He shouldn’t have won, he wasn’t supposed to win, he really didn’t win. Well, now here we are just a year out from the election, 13 months, and so they’re telling themselves, “He’s gonna lose! It’s a slam dunk.”

Just like Hillary was gonna win in a runaway landslide, Trump is gonna lose again. He’s not gonna win. “Okay. Everything we’ve tried so far has failed; so we’re gonna go back and have another election. This time, the American people are not gonna be tricked, or there isn’t gonna be this fluke! Trump is gonna lose, and he’s gonna lose in the biggest landslide ever.” This is what they tell themselves. So they have their big nomination process to come up with their nominee that’s gonna win this magical election going away, and who is it? Biden! And this is deflating them like crazy! There’s no way…

They’re looking at this and they’re thinking, “Oh, my God. There’s no way Biden can make our dream come true!” The psychology of this cannot be forgotten, folks, and do not ignore it. For all of these months, these people — as typified by the media and the rest of the Democrats — have believed that none of this is really, that it was a result of some good night mistake, some fluke. It has been necessary for it to be corrected, and every corrective measure has failed. So now we get to the next and perhaps last chance, the next the election, and who is it that’s leading this parade?

Joe Biden.

They are nervous.

Biden leading the primary process is the equivalent of a cold shower for these people. No, I really think that this may be — and I’m not exaggerating all that much here. I really think that this may be the first time in all of the past three years where they are being forced to consider the very real possibility that Trump might win again. That’s right! I’m telling you that for the past three years Donald Trump has been gone tomorrow, in their minds. Every night when they went to bed, Trump was gone the next day. So they’ve had that many days of disappointment.

But it’s added up to anticipation, because every day is another opportunity for it to be true, that Trump is gone. So the headline: “Dem Pollster Calls Joe Biden’s 2020 Lead ‘Deceptive.'” Here’s the pull quote: “‘It’s a deceptive lead, because it really doesn’t get tested until we get down to a narrower race in which, at some stage, people are going to have to say, ‘Is he our guy or not,’ Paul Maslin, a Democratic pollster who worked on the presidential campaigns of Jimmy Carter and Howard Dean, told Politico.” Well! (chuckles) Here’s a guy with a track record of victory.

“‘I’m not sure how strong a front-runner Biden is [because] people are sort of waiting and seeing,’ said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist [polling unit]. Biden supporters are also far more nervous than they should be, given the frontrunner’s polling lead,” meaning, they shouldn’t be nervous at all. This guy’s lead is so big, they shouldn’t be nervous. But everybody is. “There’s a clear worry among Biden supporters that he can’t be the front-runner from June of 2019 through July of 2020…” That just isn’t gonna hold up, that Biden doesn’t have the ability to make it hold up, “that eventually the gaffes will pile up and he’ll come down.”

This is Ed Rendell, Fast Eddie, former governor of Pennsylvania. He “said many Biden backers are ‘nervous as hell.'” They are. Of all the people, they had dreams of tossing Trump out of the White House with Biden? So there is abject panic and a cold-shower reality descending on these people. I mean, I think Biden is — and, by the way, there’s another faction in the party that thinks that he is the only guy that can beat Trump, gaffes and all, ’cause he’s the only guy in the primaries that represents the middle.

He’s the only guy that’s not some wacko, left-wing, radical extremist who can’t win. So they’re gonna keep him in formaldehyde or whatever it takes to keep the guy alive, gaffes and all, just to make sure because they think if it isn’t Biden, they don’t have a prayer. Now, I’m telling you this is a gigantic cold shower to these people. They know that Mayor Pete’s not gonna be president. They know that Kamala Harris not gonna be president. They know that Tulsi Gabbard isn’t gonna be. They know — take your pick — Andrew Yang isn’t. None of these people gonna be president. And the longer they hang around, the more wacko they make Democrat Party look.

They don’t think Crazy Bernie’s gonna prevail. They think it’s gonna be Fauxcahontas or Biden.

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