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RUSH: Now, let me ask you another question, folks. Let’s go back to the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. Let’s remember what it was. We narrowly — and I mean, by a whisker. We narrowly escaped a coup. There was a concerted effort to throw Donald Trump out of office. Do you realize how close we came? Now, for two years or longer, wherever you tuned to get news, you were assured Trump did it; that the election was a fraud. Two years, every day, multiple times a day, numerous sources from the intelligence community, from the American law enforcement community.

I mean, it was a 100% certainty that Trump did it, and the evidence was gonna be found because it was being reported every day. And then… Pfft! Nothing. Now, do you think the American people just said, “Huh. Okay,” and drop it, forget about it? That there’s no lingering memory of it, that it has no impact on public opinion about politics in general? ‘Cause I guaran-damn-tee you, the Drive-By Media think, “Oh, well, our latest effort failed. We’ll move on to the next one.”

That nobody’s gonna hold ’em accountable, nobody’s gonna remember it, because everybody is occupied with what they’re doing at the moment to get rid of Trump. But it was a gigantic bomb. In terms of a political opposition research attempt, it was one of the biggest bombs in American politics. Now, do you think the American people…? All of them. Partisans, nonpartisans, moderates. You think they’ve just forgotten it? Or not? Do you think it had no effect, that the only way it would have had an effect is if Trump had been guilty, and if they had found it, if they had gotten rid of Trump?

But since it wasn’t, even though they were promised! They were assured every day for two years counting: “Trump was gone, Trump did it, Trump was a traitor, Trump was treasonous!” The American people’s attitude after this is kind of, “Oh. Ho-hum. Okay. Media got it wrong. No big deal”? I don’t think so. In fact, I think that little episode is gonna have a price that they’re not even calculating — at the ballot box. But more on that in a moment.


RUSH: So I have here a story in between my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. I found this at the estimable Gateway Pundit. What it actually is, is a tweet from noted New York Times columnist David Leonhardt (he spells it “Leonhardt,” but as a powerful, influential member of the media, I happen to know how he pronounces it), and he’s very alarmed, folks. Very, very disturbed. “A year ago…” This is it. This is him writing. “A year ago — in the midst of [the] midterm campaign … Americans viewed the Democratic Party more favorably than the Republican Party.

“No longer. It’s time for Democrats to stop messing around with unpopular technocratic ideas,” he writes. “Focus on beating Trump.” Here are the numbers — and he’s got the graphs here to go along with it. The Democrats have lost their party ID advantage since September of 2018. They owned it 54-43% in September 2018. The question is: Do you find the Democrats or Republicans more close to your way of life? Do you like the Democrats or Republicans? The Democrats won that question 54-43. You know what it is now? It’s 45-45.

What the hell’s happened? What the hell happened to make the Republicans more popular, Democrats less popular? Republicans have gained a couple of points; the Democrats have lost nine. What’s happened? The Trump-Russia hoax, folks. The silent coup. I’m telling you, it is my humble opinion that that little two-year escapade is not forgotten, is not going to be forgotten. You have to remember: They promised people, they assured people, Trump was toast! Trump was gone. Trump had colluded.

The election results were tampered with. Voting machines were tampered with. Trump may have been a traitor! Vladimir Putin may have determined who won that election. Two years of this, and then the big reveal with the Mueller report and (raspberry) nothing. That didn’t happen in a vacuum. There will be a price to pay for this, and the Democrats are seen as being responsible for it — and, by the way, that’s not the only thing.

They have insured people that Trump was gonna be gone because of Stormy Daniels and then Avenatti was gonna take him out. You name it! Kavanaugh was this or that. None of this stuff has been true, and people don’t just forget it, and they don’t just say, “Oh, well! I guess the media got that wrong. Eh, I guess the media got that wrong,” and then let it slide. There may be no accountability — the media may not be apologizing, may not be asking their audiences for forgiveness — but I’m telling you: Large swaths of their audiences don’t trust them as far as they can throw them today.

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