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RUSH: Now, this is a little story from TheHill.com. Let me share with you the headline: “Trump Wins 60% Approval in Rural Areas of Key States.” Now, I’m mentioning this to you because we have a fake news poll out there from the ABC News/Washington Post polling unit which says that Trump’s approval rating has plunged to 38%, and that 60% of the American people believe we’re on the way to a recession.

Now, that would mean… They’ll extrapolate that to say that Trump’s administration is cratering, the American people think he’s ruined the economy. If we’re heading into a recession, they’re gonna try to create the news story that the American people have soured and lost confidence in Trump. (laughing) We’re in the middle of one of the most robust economic rebounds ever! It puts the Obama eight years to literal shame, and what’s the Drive-By Media doing?

Creating fake news and fake polls about a phony, nonexistent, can’t-see-it-anywhere recession. Trying to convince people who are living improved lives of prosperity that it’s all phony, that there’s gonna be a recession. They’re gonna get fired. They’re gonna lose their savings. It’s all on the brink of being destroyed. So in light of that, here’s this story from TheHill.com:

“President Trump’s job approval rating in rural areas of the Rust Belt and Great Plains states is at 60%, markedly higher than his job approval rating nationally, according to a new poll commissioned by Democrats. A Change Research survey sponsored by The American Federation of Teachers and One Country, a group with close ties to former Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota), found that 60% of voters from non-metro counties in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota,” these are blue states, folks, “Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and West Virginia” give Trump 60% approval numbers.

This is not insignificant. This is totally dazzling. This is the Trump base. The Trump base is expanding is what this is. “All of those states voted for Trump in 2016 with the exception of Colorado and Minnesota. Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin went red in the 2016 election for the first time in decades…” This stands in direct opposition to this fake news poll from ABC/Washington Post that Trump’s approval number is now 38%.

If you survey New York City and Chicago and Newark and Los Angeles and San Francisco, yeah, you could get those numbers, and they are random numbers. They’re not even likely numbers, likely voters. So I wanted to share that — and a reminder, that is Democrat polling data.

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