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RUSH: Speaking of the Democrats and their presidential primary, story here from the Washington Examiner. The headline of this story: “‘Hillary Clinton, Part Two’: Democrats Fear that Biden Could Be a Ghost of Losers Past.

The story is all about how the Democrats fear that Biden is simply the male version of Hillary Clinton four years later. This is from Manchester, New Hampshire. “Democratic activists in the first primary state worry that if Joe Biden is the party’s presidential nominee, he could lose the 2020 election for some of the same reasons Hillary Clinton [lost] in 2016.” So there’s a problem, and the Democrats have a problem that Biden is seen as the male version of Hillary.

We like to offer assistance here at the EIB Network. People are in trouble, we like to help. So I have some helpful solutions for the Biden campaign, ’cause when a problem exists, I offer solutions. I have some slogans for the Biden campaign.

Biden: America’s great-grandfather. Biden: Third time’s the charm. Biden: His best days may be behind him like Obama said America’s were. I especially like that one. Biden: Hanging on for you. Biden: A hands-on president. You have pictures of him mauling women. Joe Biden: A nuzzler, not a fighter. Joe Biden: He’s forgotten more than he ever knew. Joe Biden: China’s favorite candidate. Joe Biden: Doing the best he can.

See how these things help? Democrats, one thing you gotta learn, you gotta a problem, face it squarely, admit it. Only then can you overcome it.

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