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RUSH: You remember the story we had on the program yesterday that Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch, through a Freedom of Information Act request, had secured a bunch of documents from the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor detailing how they had run seminars for seminar callers, that they had actually run training missions to train people how to call this program and try to corrupt it? We recognized when this began to happen, and I named these callers “seminar callers” because they weren’t real.

They were going to some indoctrination session being taught by Democrats. They were taught what to say. They were taught what to tell the screener in order to get past him to get on the show. I mean, it was so transparent; it was so obvious that they were seminar callers. They’d all start out, for example, by saying, “Mr. Limbaugh, I love you. I’ve been listening to your show since it began. I’m a conservative. I’ve always agreed with you, but…” And then here would come the liberalism or here would come whatever the problem.

But they always started out as sycophants, and you can always spot them. If you’re a sensitive human like I am, if you are very situationally aware like I am, you can recognize sycophancy the moment you hear it or the moment you see it. Sycophancy is one of the most insulting behavioral patterns or techniques, at least to me, because it’s fake, phony, lying flattery/love, whatever you want to call it. They’re making it all up, and it’s instantly spottable by me. So we would have fun with ’em.

Mr. Snerdley would say, “Okay, I’ve got a couple seminar callers. I’ve made them think that they fooled me,” and then they would be set up and we’d take their call. Anyway, there has been more information gleaned since we last spoke about this — even more data, even more detail — about the seminar caller operation run by the Clinton White House. I remember Dick Morris back when he used to appear with O’Reilly on the Fox News Channel. O’Reilly… Well, I’m not gonna mention it.

Dick Morris tried a couple of times, and it didn’t work, but he tried to say (impression), “The Clintons didn’t care about radio, Bill. They didn’t care about radio. They’ve never been worried about radio. Fox News bothers ’em, Bill. Fox News really bugged the Clintons. (sputtering) But — but — but — but — but no, they didn’t care about radio,” and then I would run into Dick Morris in Washington at the Georgetown Hotel. He’d come up to me and wink at me.

“Let me tell you how much you really bugged ’em,” and he’d start giving me little details. Anyway, this whole seminar caller thing was started because of this program. It was the one place in media that Clinton was not being idolized, and Clinton had the kind of personality where if he’s in a room with a hundred people, 99 people like him and one doesn’t, he’ll ignore the 99. He’ll focus on the one and try to turn ’em. When that didn’t work, it became seek and destroy: Seminar callers.


RUSH: Washington Free Beacon has the details. “Dems Secretly Trained Thousands of Activists to Manipulate Media, Clinton Library Docs Show.” So we had the first little tease of this yesterday from Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch, Freedom of Information Act request. Now we have even more detail from more documents from the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor, where these records are housed in Little Rock.

“DNC coordinated with activists to ‘infiltrate’ talk radio.” Now, we knew all this. Don’t misunderstand. This is not news to me. This is just confirmation. This is something we have known ever since we gave these callers the title, “seminar callers.” Which, by the way, if you stand by, we have three parody examples of how we made fun of it with white comedian Paul Shanklin. Hang on. That’s coming up.

Here’s the nuts and bolts of this. “The Democratic party developed an elaborate, multi-year operation in the 1990s that deployed thousands of activists to covertly mold public opinion using talk radio.”

Remember, in 1993 Clinton takes office. In ’94, ’95, there isn’t any Fox News. All there is is CNN. Cable news hasn’t blown up. CNN is the only cable news channel nationwide in America. The blogosphere, it’s just in its formative stages, websites as well.

Fox News didn’t really get going ’til 1997. So back then it was just talk radio. Talk radio was it. It was the lone outpost of opposition to the Clinton administration and they couldn’t deal with it, they couldn’t handle it. It’s when Clinton’s blaming me for the Oklahoma City bombing and any number of other things in an ancillary way.

So they had engaged in a deep-cover plan to subvert talk radio, “an elaborate, multi-year operation in the 1990s that deployed thousands of activists to covertly mold public opinion.” This is all confirmed in documents in the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor.

“The Democratic National Committee (DNC), with the blessing of the Clinton White House, launched the Talk Radio Initiative (TRI) ahead of the 1996 campaign. The program trained thousands of operatives to call in to radio shows, conduct surveillance of their contents –” this happened to be when Media Matters gets up and running, “– and secretly disseminate Democratic talking points while posing as ordinary listeners. ‘Volunteers must be able to keep the project confidential so as not to create the image of a ‘Democratic conspiracy’ to infiltrate Detroit area talk radio shows,’” said one particular guy.

Of course they had to keep it secret! They were lying to people back then. They were engaging in manipulation of media just as they have always done. Could it be said maybe that this could constitute meddling in elections? They wanted to avoid — had everybody, every seminar caller had to be quiet about it, had to be sworn to secrecy. No whistleblowers. Can’t blow the whistle on this, otherwise the conspiracy would be known.

“Democratic performance in the 1996 elections will no doubt be affected by the success or failure of this initiative.” By the way, it was this that led to that ill-fated attempt by the left to duplicate this program with something called Air America, whatever it was.

“Radio show hosts long suspected that someone was training so-called ‘seminar callers,’” That’s actually our name for it. You won’t find my name in this story, by the way. You will not. This story, you will not find my name. But there’s nobody else that named ’em seminar callers.

“Radio show hosts long suspected that someone was training so-called ‘seminar callers’ to inundate their shows with,” phonies.
“The Democrats did publicize some aspects of this secret program while it was running, praising the initiative as their first step in bringing back ‘truth’ to radio. However, the inner workings of the TRI were kept secret for decades.

“The Washington Free Beacon reviewed years’ worth of previous reporting and scores of internal documents from the Clinton Presidential Library — including secret DNC communiques,” this hasn’t stopped, by the way, folks, this hasn’t stopped. It goes on. It manifests itself in many other ways. “Operatives launched the project as an ‘all encompassing, nationwide grass roots effort to win back the airwaves.’”

One of the biggest, most fun things that we participated in, remember Hillary Clinton was running around the country on a bus selling health care, had this massive bus tour schedule. We got hold of the schedule. We knew where she was gonna go before she was gonna get there. We arranged for all kinds of protesters show up, and they ended up having to reroute the bus tour to places nobody knew Hillary was going.

I mean, they were mad. They didn’t know how to deal with the kind of opposition they were getting, and it was substantive opposition. It was based on issues. We were calling them out. And everywhere else in the media is a bunch of sycophants.

So let’s now go back to the parody archives. We have three different examples of seminar caller parodies that we put together to make fun of all this.

ANNOUNCER: Be an army of at least one by volunteering for duty as a DNC seminar caller. You’ll receive advanced basic training from our sensitive, caring professionals.

CARVILLE: What’s your number, soldier?

TRAINEE: Uhhh, 1-800-282-288…5?

CARVILLE: How you gonna make it past the call screener if you don’t know the number? Drop and give me 20 on the rotary dial. The rest of you repeat after me. “I love your show and I always agree with you, and I voted for Bush.”

ANNOUNCER: And you’ll earn promotions and medals.

FATHER: Son, we’re very proud of you. What’s that medal for?

TRAINEE: This one’s for touch-tone. This is for getting past the call screener, and this big one here is for actually talking to the host and flawlessly saying, “I love your show, I always agree with you, and I voted for Bush.”

ANNOUNCER: Be on radio and say what we want you to say. All scripts provided by the Democratic National Committee. Help us take back our monopoly on public opinion. Volunteers especially needed from noon to three Eastern.

(spoof song)

ANNOUNCER: Now behind the scenes at the Obama White House. Today President Obama gets his first report on getting his message onto conservative talk radio airwaves.

OBAMA: All right, Carville, how many calls did we get on in the first hour?

CARVILLE: None at all.

OBAMA: They screened ’em out?

CARVILLE: Well, none, really.

OBAMA: I can’t believe it. Something’s going worse than yesterday.

CARVILLE: We using them ACORN people.

OBAMA: They don’t know how to dial a phone yet.


OBAMA: I told you not to use ACORN people. Get somebody else. Keep trying. Keep trying. I want you to call ’em yourself if you have to.

CARVILLE: Sir, yes, sir, over and out, Roger and all that kind of crap.

OBAMA: I can’t believe something’s going worse than yesterday.

ANNOUNCER: Join us next time as we go behind the scenes at the Obama White House.

RUSH: A little trip down memory lane, all that stuff, two of those three are back into the 1990s. Anyway, bottom line, we knew it was happening, we were having fun with it, and that’s what they all said.

“I listen to your show all the time, I love your show, I voted for Bush, but…” Always a variation of that. And they are still out there. Occasionally we’ll get one here, if they get through. And it’s just now been confirmed with documents from the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor.

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