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RUSH: I have a little newsflash here, folks. The Los Angeles Times editorial board does not approve of President Trump. They complain that there’s a “common thread” that runs through Trump’s immigration policies. That common thread is “cruelty.”

For example, a Trump Administration policy to deport illegal immigrants who – somehow – get themselves enrolled in clinical trials as patients. The administration is reconsidering, by the way. They might let illegals keep participating in clinical trials.

But what really galls the L.A. Times editors are the two policies that have become standard leftist talking points. First: the never-ending accusation that President Trump is supposedly “separating kids” from their families. Liberals never admit that Trump was simply following the law that was put in place before he ever ran for office. And Trump changed the policy months ago.

Second, the Times is mad that the Trump administration is requiring immigrants to be self-sufficient, instead of relying on handouts from American taxpayers. Again, they don’t mention that the president is following existing law, law that’s been on the books for a long time. Or do they mention that requiring immigrants to be self-sufficient is the policy of every sane country in the world.

But there is a common thread here, alright. President Trump is actually enforcing the law. Laws that liberals have flouted for generations in their cruel quest to force massive demographic changes upon America. All to grow their own political power.

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