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RUSH: Christopher next in Redwood City, California. I’m glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. When you play audio clips of previous shows you’ve done to prove you’re right or bring back a comment you had said, do you process the audio in some way, like compress it to give a cue to the listener that it’s not live? I seem to notice a slight change in —

RUSH: Yes, exactly right. We put it through the same processing that we make Al Sharpton sound like he’s on a megaphone.

CALLER: I knew it. (laughing)

RUSH: Yeah, exactly. So you know what he’s talking about, grab audio sound bite number 1. I think we did it on the first sound bite today, and it’s me from back in July telling people don’t think the Democrats are gonna be shooting each other all the way through the campaign. They won’t. Here is what he is talking about.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Folks, the Democrats are already unified against Trump. I don’t care about this circular firing squad they’ve got going on. They’re unified against Trump. When it comes to the 2020 election, there isn’t gonna be any circular firing squad.

RUSH: Okay. That’s enough to hear it. That’s not as pronounced as it sometimes is, but you’re exactly right. We do that to differentiate live from tape.

RUSH: Well, thanks for clearing that up for me, Rush.

RUSH: Well, what else do you think it could have been, cheap equipment, lousy recording, what did you chalk it up to being if it wasn’t that?

CALLER: Magnetic tape, maybe, as backup.

RUSH: Awwww. Magnetic tape rather than digital. Your instincts are right on the money. And we only do it for me. When we’re playing audio sound bites of others in the past we don’t process the audio. We only do it for me.

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