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RUSH: I want to share with you here what’s gonna happen after whoever wins the Democrat nomination. I want to tell you what the Democrat platform is going to be. And I want to tell you what it’s gonna be right now. And I’m not making any of it up. I’m simply going to tell you what I keep hearing them discuss at these debates.

I won’t be surprised if after they have a nominee, that whoever the nominee is they try to tone some of this down because this is not mass appeal stuff. Right now, the things these Democrats are exuberantly promising is aimed at getting the base behind the eventual winner. The Democrat Party is afraid of its base. The Republican Party may be, but Trump is not afraid of his. The Democrats really are. The Democrats in the media are scared to death of their base.

So all of these debates feature the most radical elements of their agenda, pronounced with pride and a lot of volume. They’re being very, very loud about it. At this point these Democrats are not even thinking about how to win the general election. Except I think there’s a psychological mistake they’re all making. I think they truly believe that most of the country is like them. I think they believe most of the country hates Donald Trump. And they’ve got some polling data out there to back them up.

You know, Trump’s approval numbers in some polls are in the thirties now. And there are a number of polls out there that show any of six of these Democrat nominees defeating Trump. The same polls that showed Hillary Clinton beating whoever the Republicans nominated. I mean, the polls are predictable. But the point is, they believe them. They are caught up in the idea that Trump’s a gigantic mistake and that everybody knows it and we just haven’t succeeded in correcting it yet.

We tried everything. We tried running a coup, we tried with Mueller, we’ve tried the emoluments clause, I mean, we’ve tried everything. We tried going after the kids, we tried going after the Trump Organization, the hotels. None of it’s worked. And that’s why their base is literally so insane.

The Democrat Party base has been promised every day for two years that Trump’s history, and it hasn’t happened, and they’re frustrated as all get out. And they got lingering fears that the Democrats are incompetent and unable to get rid of this guy even though it’s obvious he was a Russian agent. Even though it’s obvious he colluded with Putin. This is the way their base thinks, and that’s what they have to respond to.

So here, based on what we’ve all heard is the Democrat agenda, this is their platform. Whoever wins the nomination will be running on this platform. And in no particular order here. Don’t want to assign priorities. Just want to go through the list. Gut the Second Amendment. Gut it. Get rid of as many guns as possible. This is the platform.

Nobody disagreed with Beto O’Rourke last night when he said, “Hell, yes, I’m gonna take your AR-15 away from you,” even though there’s no constitutional way for him to do that. “Hell, yes, I’m gonna take away the weapons we use on the battlefield that you might have in your home. You don’t need — hell, yes, I’m gonna take ’em away.”

Nobody disagreed. Nobody thought Beto was overstepping there. They all supported it. They all applauded it. The only guy they really took after was Biden ’cause he’s the frontrunner. The next thing that’s gonna happen, the Democrat platform is destroy free market capitalism and officially move this country to government socialism.

The next thing they’re gonna do, they’re gonna take away private health insurance. They’re gonna put the government in charge of health care. It doesn’t matter how much it costs. It doesn’t how much pain. If you’re on a private insurance plan that you like, if you’re on an insurance plan you get from your boss that you like, they’re taking it away from you. For the good of the country, for the good of everybody, for the good of people that don’t have health care, you who have yours and like it, it’s going to be taken away from you. Do not doubt me. This is what they will do or try to.

They are going to raise every tax they can find across the board, and in particular they are going to raise middle class taxes to fund health care for the poor and for illegals. And again, I’m stressing to all of you, I’m not making any of this up. I’m simply passing along to you what I’ve heard them say in debate after debate after debate.

They are going to grant amnesty to however many millions of illegal immigrants are in the country. They will grant a blanket amnesty and then speed up the citizenship process so that they can register them to vote. They’re not gonna give two hoots about what the Republicans think or you think. They’re just gonna do this.

Those who came here illegally will be allowed to stay. They will not be punished. And, in fact, they’ll be fast tracked for citizenship. If you have come to the United States illegally, you will be found so that you can be given free health care, paid for by tax increases on the middle class.

They are going to double down on failed public schools and expand their influence. They are not going to engage in any work that would fix public schools because in reality they look at them and don’t see a problem. They’re in charge of them. They run public schools. They are accomplishing what they want. They’re not teaching people to think. They’re indoctrinating, propagandizing, distorting American history.

What could be better? They’re not gonna change it. They’re gonna double down on it. They will declare war on fossil fuels. Make no mistake about this. I run into people who tell me I need to dial it back a little bit on this climate change stuff. They say to me, “Rush, they’re just saying half of this stuff ’cause their voters want to hear it, but they know they can’t get rid of fossil fuels. They’re not gonna get rid of airplanes. They fly on ’em! They’re not gonna get rid of gigantic semi tractor-trailer trucks. The country can’t get by. They’re not gonna do anything.”

I look at these people, and I say, “You just… You’re hearing them, but you’re not listening, or you’re listening but you’re not hearing. Maybe the Democrats your age are going through the motions, but I’m telling you: These younger Democrats, the Millennials and so forth — the Gen Xers, the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes — they’re dead serious about getting rid of fossil fuels. They are dead serious about punishing executives in any and all fossil-fuel business. They are dead-set serious about this.” Now, all of this is just for starters.

The Democrat Party believes Barack Obama moved the country enough to the left to where a majority of voters is willing to end the American experiment. The Democrat Party believes that they are on the way to convincing a majority of Americans that the American founding itself was an injustice, is illegitimate and immoral and needs to be erased. It has brought nothing but misery and pain to the world. The American founding is nothing to celebrate. The American founding is one of the most egregious things to happen to the people of the world.

They believe Obama got a good start in moving the mind-set of enough Americans in that direction. You see, Democrats believe the individual should be subservient to the state. Democrats believe that choice in economic decisions, choice in commercial transactions makes everybody worse off, because not everybody has the same amount of money. And not everybody can buy the same nice things. And not everybody can engage with similar choices. So it adds up to inherent unfairness brought on by bias, which is racial and economic.

They aim to eliminate all of this inequity, all of this unfairness. Nobody’s gonna have any more than anybody else; nobody’s gonna have any less. The fact that it hasn’t worked ever in the world is of no consequence to them. The government must be in control. This is the only way life can ever actually work. The government must be in control. The government must be in control of outcomes. The government must be in control of who can do what, because only then will people do what is right.

People are not capable of caring enough about other people to do the right thing for society at large. People are too selfish. People are too mean. People are too rude! The government must have the power to force people to do things so that everybody is, quote-unquote, “happy.” In the process, the Democrats will crash the American economy. Democrats want you to vote against your own best interests. They want you to vote against a strong economy. They want you to vote against low unemployment.

They want you to vote against rising wages. They want you to vote for failed schools. They want you to vote for this mythical “renewable, clean, sustainable energy” that is going to be unaffordable — and it does not exist or work. They want you voting for it. They want you to vote for third-rate, rationed health care. They want you to vote for the government running it. This is another thing, folks. I was watching this last night, and it hit me again. It hits me a lot. You had one wonk after another.

We don’t have anybody on that stage who’s actually ever done anything, and yet every one of them professed to be an expert in health care, for example. There isn’t a one of them that’s ever even run a hospital or a free clinic or a drugstore. There’s not a one of these people! This is the classic arrogance of people who are of the academic mind-set. They’ve never done diddly-squat. They sit around and talk to each other in the lounge theorizing. They think they know more than everybody who’s ever actually done things.

They think the people currently doing things don’t know what they’re doing. I mean, it literally blew my mind to listen to Obama talking about health care as though he’s some kind of an expert in it. (laughing) He’s not. He’s an expert in socialism. He’s an expert in people and thought control. He’s an expert in the exercise of power over people. But he is not, and none of them are, experts in health care. They are not experts in energy, production or use. They are not experts in logistics. They are not experts in anything. Otherwise they would be something other than politicians, or they would have been at various stages of their lives.

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