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RUSH: Last week, you know, Beto at the Democrat debate, “Hell, yes, I’m taking your AK-47 away. Hell, yes, I’m taking your AR-15 away.” Beto broke the covenant. You’re never supposed to admit that. If you’re a Democrat, you never tell anybody that you’re gonna take somebody’s guns away. I mean, your plan is to do that. That’s the Democrat Party objective is to get your gun, but you never say it.

You know, gun control has been a losing issue for the Democrats for the longest time. Remember, I mentioned this last week, John Kerry, when he was running for president in 2004 — some of you may not know this because you might not have been listening then or paying attention. But John Kerry goes in, I think it was Indiana or Ohio, and he’s trying to show that he’s not some East Coast liberal elite eating Grey Poupon in the back of his limo.

So, he walks into someplace where you get a hunting license. And he’s decked out like Johnny Carson was making fun of hunters on the Tonight Show. He walks in, “Is this where I get me a huntin’ license?” Now, John Kerry doesn’t speak that way, but it told us what he thinks of people who go hunting, that they don’t know how to speak, they’re hayseeds and hicks. And he’s out there trying to relate so he can get votes from wherever he was, Ohio, might have been Kentucky, not sure.

So, the Democrats, the point is, they have been trying to convince everybody, no, no, no, they don’t want to take your gun away. They just want to get rid of the assault weapons, blah, blah, blah. Then here comes Beto at the debate. “Hell, yes, I’m taking your AR-15. Hell, yes, I’m taking away your AK-47.” Then he follows it up by saying (paraphrasing), “And I think people will willingly give them up. I think people will follow the law that I am going to implement.”

And the Democrats are apoplectic because Beto broke the covenant. Chris Coons, all kinds of other Democrats. You know, everybody talks about taking Biden out. I’m telling you they’re all trying to figure out how to silence Beto O’Rourke ’cause this guy is doing more damage to them by being honest about what they all think.

You know, Walter Mondale in 1984 said, “Damn right I’m gonna raise your taxes” at the convention in his acceptance speech, “Damn right I’m gonna raise your taxes. I just told you. Reagan’s gonna raise your taxes, too, but he won’t tell you.” Well, Mondale went on to lose by 49 states. Here comes Beto promising to take everybody’s guns away. The Democrats really want to do that, but they’re not supposed to say so.

So, Beto is gonna be penalized for his honesty here. And he’s just trying to get noticed. You know, he’s sitting there, 1%, 2% in the polls. We’ll have some interesting Democrat quotes on this as we go.

And then Mayor Pete, Mayor Pete’s ripping into Beto, but Mayor Pete’s got his own problem, an abortion doctor in South Bend. You heard about this? Over 2,000 dead babies preserved, aborted dead babies preserved. Democrats want to make excuses for the guy or to try to limit the damage.

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