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RUSH: So I get an email from a friend during the break. “Hey, it’s not like they’ve got nothing. I mean, they do have one thing to run on and that’s health care. They seem to have a much easier time talking about it than we do.” Well, okay. Let’s tackle that. How hard is it to talk about anything when your idea is to give it away? I mean, that would be simple as pie! I could get elected doing that. “I am gonna give anybody whatever health care you want. All you’re gonna have to do is walk into a medical facility and get what you need.

“You never have to worry about it!” Sure it’s easy for them to talk. The reason it’s tough to talk about is because government doesn’t make it work. If you ask me, the Democrats are the last people who should have any credibility on reforming health care. They did it. They had Obamacare. They had all the experts, all the people who supposedly know everything about it, and they had all the people who have all the compassion in the world. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, that whole crowd, right? They know more about health care than doctors.

They know more about health care than hospital operators. They know more about health care than insurance companies. They know more than everybody, right? That’s what they tell you. Have they had experience in it? Not a one! Not a one of them has ever run an insurance company or a hospital or an ER. They have never run anything to do with an emergency clinic or whatever. They don’t know a thing about it! What they know is bureaucracy. What they know is policy.

But these people, the Democrats, ought to be as discredited on health care as anybody is discredited on anything. They fixed it, didn’t they? They gave you Obamacare. They promised us it was all kinds of things. “You get to keep your doctor! You get to keep your plans if you like ’em!” None of it was true. Why does anybody listen to the Democrats on health care? It’s because there isn’t anybody yet that’s willing to call them out on it. Why should health care be a more difficult subject for Republicans to talk about than Democrats when the Democrats have the huge notch of failure already etched in their belts?

They blew it! Nobody likes Obamacare. So what’s the solution? “Well, let’s have more people who screwed it up try to fix it again.” I don’t know. Some days this stuff gets frustrating to me, much worse than it does other days, and I just hate… “Hate” is the wrong word. I just cringe when there are people who believe that it’s easier for the Democrats to talk about health care than Republicans. It shouldn’t be and it isn’t, unless you don’t know how to compete with people who are offering to give it away — which is what the Democrats want people to think they’re doing, I will acknowledge.

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