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RUSH: Have you seen this story out of South Bend, Indiana? I referenced it earlier. There have been 2,246 fetal remains found on the property of an abortion doctor who recently died. This is in South Bend, Indiana. Mayor Pete — who vetoed plans to build a pro-life women’s health center near this facility. There are 2,246 fetal remains, and Mayor Pete vetoes plans to build a pro-life center, which maybe some of those babies could have been saved. Now, here’s the point.

When we have mass shootings, the left blames Trump, do they not? They blame the NRA. They blame conservatives, blame Fox News, blame talk radio, blame Trump. Here we have the mass murder of babies, and there needs to be some serious blame laid at the feet of people like Mayor Pete and these other Democrats who look the other way and, in fact, come out now and support abortion after birth.

The mayor of South Bend refused — vetoed plans — to build a pro-life women’s center near this abortion death house. This nutjob killed over 2,000 babies and kept the bodies like trophies, and there’s never any finger pointing at people like Democrats who, with all of their support for the issue, enable this kind of thing. Let there be a mass shooter. Oh, here comes the blame for Donald Trump and all of that. It’s just out of control.

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