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RUSH: According to the LA Times editorial board, all the evidence points to one conclusion: it is too late, folks. We humans dragged our feet for too long. Global warming is here, and it’s impossible to undo. We’re doomed!

As a result, we’re going to face more extreme heat, longer droughts, more ferocious hurricanes, and other horrible climate events that will threaten the global food supply. And more migrants, as people are forced to leave their scorched-earth homes in order to survive in our scorched-earth homes.

Now, to cope with all of this horror, we humans will have to change our ways. Governments around the world must get rid of fossil fuel, we must turn to renewable energy, we must sign on to more global-warming money grabs. Blah, blah, blah, the usual drivel.

But that’s not all. The LA Times says that change is needed on an individual level. That’s where you come in. You must do “the right thing.” You need to cut way back on your meat consumption. You have to drive less. You have to use more public transit. You have to use less air conditioning. And you must pay more for the products and services you’ve taken for granted all these years, because you are to blame.

Look. We’re done. We’re doomed. But if you sacrifice, maybe we can be a little less-doomed, even if it does cost more. Does anybody want any part of this nonsense?

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