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RUSH: I want to move on to this attack on the Saudi oil fields. It was actually an attack on two things. It was an attack on a gigantic Saudi oil field and then a crude oil processing center which is the next step after the oil is brought out of the ground. That is at a place called Abqaiq and it’s near the Persian Gulf not far from Qatar as you look at the map. It’s due Northeast from Riyadh maybe a couple hundred miles. It’s flat-out in the middle of the Saudi desert where the oil is.

The theory is that Houthi rebels in Yemen with whom the Saudis are at war backed by the Iranian mullahs launched an attack delivered by drones which itself is scary to a lot of people. I mean, you don’t see ’em coming, you don’t hear them coming, you have radar to try to find them. But this attack got through, I think 10 of them. And they did some damage.

Essentially the Saudis have shut down the delivery, the export of five million barrels of oil a day. And the headlines all over the Drive-By Media yesterday were really inflammatory. This is the big one. This is what we’ve all been waiting for. This could be the end of the Saudi dominance in the supply of oil.

Another headline: “Crude Prices Soar After Attack on Saudi Facilities, Threatening Global Growth – Crude prices surged following an attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure.” And an announcement from President Trump that he has authorized the release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The Saudis have done the same thing. The Saudis have a large stock of oil that’s in reservoirs just waiting for emergency use.

The point is to maintain — for the sake of markets — to maintain a predictable, steady, quantifiable, daily supply of oil flowing freely through world markets, pipelines, you name it, at market prices. Now, what this is, is a very timely reminder of how much we need fossil fuels, how much we need oil.

Here we are in the midst of the Democrat Party, which is a major world power center, the Democrat Party, the United States of America is advancing its political fortunes on the idea that we need to get rid of fossil fuels, because fossil fuels are destroying the planet. Fossil fuels are polluting and heating up the planet to the point that it may not be habitable in 30 years or 40. This is something that the Democrat Party presidential candidates all have individually endorsed.

So an attack on the Saudi oil fields should have been welcomed. Because in one overnight, 5% of the global oil supply was shut down. Five percent is not insignificant when you talk about price, when you talk about futures, when you talk about the possibility of future attacks and future interruptions, the free flow of oil at market prices is one of the most important fundamental characteristics of the world economy and ours.

Any fluctuation in the price of oil dramatically up or down has ripple effects throughout the economy in ways people don’t even think about. Not just the price of gasoline, not just the price of related petroleum products. These are attacks that hit the confidence level of the world’s suppliers to be able to meet the demand.


RUSH: So if we really, really, really think that fossil fuels are the death of humanity and the death of the planet, this should be welcomed. Why, this is 5% of the daily world’s oil supply that’s been shut down, until the Saudis can fix whatever has been damaged and remain and resume the output.

But you notice, you notice how serious this is, how crucial this is, how disruptive this attack is, how the threat of more attacks is causing even more disruption. I’m telling you, folks, it’s a pipe dream if even that. There’s no way, there is literally no way we will ever get rid of fossil fuels. And my point in reminding everybody here is that’s one of the foundational aspects of climate change.

And they’re telling us that it’s gonna destroy us and destroy the planet, no longer gonna be habitable, we’ve got to get rid of fossil fuels, we have to really cut back. We have to really limit them, eventually get rid of them, replace them with who knows what. There isn’t anything to replace them with. There is no other fuel that will make an airplane fly. There is no other fuel that will create enough propulsion for a gigantic semitrailer delivering goods from one place to another to be able to do it. There simply isn’t.

You can’t build a big enough battery for a semi, and you cannot build a windmill or a solar panel to make an airplane fly. You just can’t do it. And so the attack on the Saudi oil fields is a huge, huge reminder of one of the hard, cold realities of the world today that the left is attempting to convince everybody is not. The attack on the Saudi oil fields and the reaction to it, the danger, the emergency status, should tell you everything you need to know about this silly notion of getting rid of oil.


RUSH: Mark in Weirton, West Virginia. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s really good to talk to you. Longtime listener going back all the way to KQV.

RUSH: Wow! You’re going back to 1972 Pittsburgh.

CALLER: That’s correct. Weirton is not too far from Pittsburgh.

RUSH: No, it’s not at all. I appreciate that. This is really cool.

RUSH: Yeah. One thing first, Rush, as a geologist I think this may do away with the anti-fracking movement, which would be a great thing for the country, this whole Saudi thing. But that’s not what I called to talk about.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. What did you say? Geologist?

CALLER: Geologist.

RUSH: This may do away with — oh, the attack on fracking.


RUSH: No, it won’t!

CALLER: Ah, well.

RUSH: No, it won’t. Are you kidding? Logic and fact change the political agenda of the day? No way. It’s not gonna. In fact, I can’t believe that they haven’t sprung into action yet applauding the move and claiming it’s exactly the kind of first step we need into getting rid of fossil fuels. I fully expect that to happen once the dust settled here.

CALLER: I hope you’re wrong, but I think you’re right.

RUSH: I do, too, but I won’t be surprised if I am.

CALLER: Anyway, Rush, the reason I called is I’m watching the reaction of the candidates on the Democratic side to this Kavanaugh thing. And it finally dawned on me that the really wackos on that stage last week don’t really care if they win the election. They don’t care at all. They’re there to do PR for the movement.

And that might also buy some of the Klobuchars and Biden’s of the world a little bit of credit for being middle of the road as well. I think this is part of a Democratic PR effort just to have these guys just hammer people for no good reason whatsoever. When you start to take a man’s reputation down based on nothing as a presidential candidate, how serious really are you?

RUSH: Okay. Given that, do you think this strategery is working? Are they succeeding? Is this mass number of Democrats running for president all trashing Trump and Republicans, is it working or not?

CALLER: Well, I think as a pure PR thing, I think it just is the drumbeat. And they basically just have that as a drumbeat. And when the time comes they’ll just say, well, these people are crazy.

RUSH: Well, let me offer you a little counter to this, ’cause I know why you’re thinking this. You’re thinking (summarized), “The Democrats are always organized and they’re always a couple steps ahead of us, and they’re always doing things that we don’t spot at first. While we’re all thinking that we’ve got this many different egos that want to be president, it’s not the case. What’s really going on is that it’s all a coordinated effort to have 10 to 20 prominent Democrats identified as ‘presidential candidate,’ all bashing at Donald Trump.”

I know that that’s a popular way of looking at the Democrats, but I don’t look at ’em that way. I don’t think that this is an organized strategery, because it’s not making them look good. If you’re gonna have… They’re looking like 20 radical wackos, they are amplifying radical wacko beliefs, and they’re trying to out-wacko each other. I think this is exactly what it is. I think this party — and this is nothing new. I’m just gonna rephrase it a different way. I think they are absent all perspective.

I think their hatred for Donald Trump is a bottomless pit. I think it’s consumed them. I think their hatred for Trump — combined with their utter anger and frustration at being unable to get rid of him — is driving them nuts. Literally nuts. I think that the Democrat Party believes that everybody else in America agrees with them that Trump is unsuited and should not be president and cheated and is therefore illegitimate. And I think they’ve got themselves convinced that the nation wants a Democrat.

I think so many of them think that this is a lock — that the Democrats are going to win the White House in 2020 because everybody in America hates Trump — that they all want to get in on this opportunity now. It’s much better to win the nomination when you don’t have a sitting Democrat. When you’ve got a president that they think everybody hates, then there are added reasons to run for president. A, it’s forever on your resume. You get hired by cable news after the campaign, and there it is, the chyron graphic every time you’re on TV:

“Mayor Pete: Former presidential candidate.” It adds gravitas. But what else does it do? Well, hello, fundraising! Do you know how much money these people are all raising? Do you know how much money they’re probably not spending, therefore being able to hoard and use for other things? They don’t need 20 candidates to run an anti-Trump PR campaign. They’ve got the media doing that for them every day, and they could do it with three or four candidates.

I think this is literally a bunch of out-of-control egos, all thinking they literally can be president. I think they’ve all lost their minds. But you gotta credit the ambition. I mean, I don’t want to ever be a guy pouring cold water on ambition. But I think these people are so devoid of being grounded in reality that they’ve got nothing to run on except for their hatred for Trump and the gross exaggerations and misunderstandings and perceptions they are drawing from that hatred.


RUSH: I’m gonna be keeping a sharp eye on this Saudi oil situation. There are people out there saying this is the equivalent of the attack on us at Pearl Harbor. A lot of people won’t know what that means today.

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