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RUSH: The ultimate objective here, folks, is to overturn election results of 2016. That is still the objective. That’s still what they’re trying to accomplish, one way or the other — which, put a different way, they’re trying to tell you that your vote in 2016 is invalid, that they don’t accept it, that they don’t believe it, and that they’re not gonna stop until they can reverse it. Even if Trump wins reelection in 2020, this isn’t gonna stop. So you might be saying, “Well, Rush, then what do we do?”

Well, realize where we are. This is an ongoing battle. Freedom is a difficult thing to hold on to. The United States of America is unique in the world as a nation that has — as its first notion of identity — the freedom of the citizen, the standing of the citizen as a larger entity than government. That’s the real root of American exceptionalism. That’s what’s under assault. That is what the left and the Democrats are trying to change. They want freedom of the people to be drastically reduced.

They want more and more power over people for all the reasons that we’ve been telling you about for years. This is just a new way of accomplishing their mission. They’re now using journalism, because everybody thinks it’s credible. Everybody thinks that if, it’s in the paper, it’s true. If they saw it on TV, it’s true. It’s dangerous, because that’s how most people do react to the news — and they, on the left, know it. Journalism has been hijacked by a bunch of left-wing activists.

They are now becoming left-wing activists disguised as journalists. Their cover is that they are journalists — and, therefore, you can believe them — and you can’t challenge them because they’re objective and they’re fair and they have no interest in the outcome of things. They’re just journalists. They’re just reporters. So the way you fight this is with an ever-increasing number of educated people who simply don’t buy it. The ultimate objective is to not elect Democrats.

The ultimate objective is for Democrats to lose every election, as many as possible — and you keep adding to it. The objective is the continually overwhelming defeat of Democrats and liberals at the polls. That’s the objective! That’s how you do things. That happens with the education of more and more people. It happens by informing more and more people. Can I remind you of a call we had last week? I thought it was a brilliant call.

The guy called me and thanked me for all the things that he had learned listening to this program that he doesn’t hear or see in the Drive-By Media, and he told me that he’s looked into it. He’s found out that I’m right, that I know what I’m talking about. But then his question was, “So what do we do with all this information that you impart? What do we do with it?” That’s a damn good question. A bunch of people in the email said, “That is right, Papa! What do we do with what we learn here?”

Well, you do with it what I do. What do I do? I tell you about it. You become an unofficial evangel. You have contact with people; you tell them. You get into conversations with people about these issues of the day and you tell them. Some of it might spawn arguments; people don’t like being in arguments. I understand that. But you tell people. You influence those around you. Word-of-mouth is a very powerful thing. Is how most movies are made box office hits is word-of-mouth, not the advertising campaign. Word-of-mouth is how pretty much anything successful becomes gigantic.

The public makes it happen. And word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful PR mechanisms or sales mechanisms out there. I mean, this program is a good example. We started with 56 radio stations and in less than a year we’re up to over 250. How did it happen? Well, I mean the show’s good and all that, but people were listening to it in droves and telling everybody else about it, and radio stations were forced to carry it because so many people wanted it. It was word-of-mouth.

Same thing here with politics. It’s word-of-mouth. But if you’re afraid to talk about this stuff with people in public — I understand that too. I mean, noting the left as we do and knowing them as we do, I mean, they can get violent, certainly mean, bullying and this kind of thing. So it’s tough to do. But telling even one person, convincing even one person to distrust the media, to reject it automatically, word-of-mouth is how this stuff happens.

“Well, Rush, but what if people don’t trust me that I know what I’m talking about?” Just keep pounding ’em with it. Be confident when you tell them. Don’t act ashamed to be disagreeing with them. Be confident. Be outgoing. It can be done. How do you think Trump did it? Word-of-mouth was a fundamental aspect.

Now, I’m not trying to deny Trump a significant role in his success. Please, don’t misunderstand. But Trump worked it to create the word-of-mouth. All of those rallies, all of those TV appearances. It created word-of-mouth. “Did you hear what Trump said? Have you seen that guy?” People were glomming to his rallies. They were glomming to televised rallies. They couldn’t get enough. No, I’m not saying become Trump. I’m just talking about what you do with what you know.

How do you raise your kids? You know more than they do, you try to tell ’em things that are gonna help them and benefit them through life. You tell them. If you’re a good parent, you do. Some parents today think, “Well, I’d rather be my kids’ friend. I don’t want to be seen as authoritarian.” Okay, fine. Well, your kid’s gonna grow up to be a mess, odds are. There are exceptions.

But how do you tell your kids things, those of you who do? You try teach them the difference between right and wrong, first and foremost, do you not? And you use the authority of your parenthood to do it. You use the authority that you are the adult, that you know more than they do, you have been alive longer, and it’s coupled with the fact you love them and all you’re trying to do is help them and prepare them. You’re not trying to punish ’em. You’re not trying to deny them happiness. You’re trying to protect them. You’re trying to prepare them.

It’s no different than dealing with other people. That’s what you do with what you learn. It’s what I do with it. Yes, my friends, every day. It happens in different ways with different groups of people. But that’s the value of this. Anyway, the point, let me close the loop. The reason why I get so upset, it’s not that you or people in the audience would fall for the New York Times bogus news story as an embarrassment for the Time.

It’s that professional political people in Washington who are responsible for leading others, who are responsible for informing others about the truth of things still don’t see this for what it is. They think it is the New York Times making a journalism error and that that is big news. The they think it’s bigger news that the Times doesn’t seem bothered by it, which ought to wake everybody up to what this really is. This is not journalism. Therefore there cannot have been a journalism error here.

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